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Monday, October 25, 2010

USA Today: Moving on: Yankees begin mulling offseason upgrades

“I don’t know how you measure, quantify any of it,” Girardi said. “It all stinks.”

My careful and detailed analysis says this is dead-on.

Speaking of Girardi…

NY Post: Girardi deal likely to be for 3 years

There is no chance the Yankees and Joe Girardi announce a

contract extension today when the manager and Brian Cashman will talk at Yankee Stadium.

Eventually, a deal will be struck. Hal Steinbrenner and Cashman think highly of Girardi, who likely will sign a three-year deal.

As for Girardi’s staff, none of the coaches is signed beyond the end of the month.

There’s no backing evidence in the article, so take it for FWIW.  If Girardi does sign for 3 years, it’s good news for Josh Hamilton, because it will give him a very good shot at beating Barry Bond’s career record for IBB.  If it was only for two years, it may have been a bit tight.

In other “news”, A.J. Burnett keeps quiet as Yankees return to Bronx to clean out clubhouse following ALCS ouster.

There wasn’t much action in the six hours the Yankees opened their clubhouse to reporters Sunday, with just lefty relievers Damaso Marte and Boone Logan addressing the media on a futile cleanup day at the Stadium.

A.J. Burnett also made a late appearance Sunday at the Stadium, but the $82.5 million Game 4 ALCS starter declined to comment before cleaning out his locker for the winter.

So two of the three players who showed up, one of whom hasn’t pitched in four months, talked to the media?  This is news?  This is HEADLINE-WORTHY?

I hate the offseason.

Update: Eiland out.

Bob Klapish (and others) are tweeting that At Yankees press conference: Dave Eiland fired by GM Brian Cashman for “private” reasons.

Not sure it’s technically a firing since his contract was up, but either way he’s gone.  Rick Kranitz was Girardi’s pitching coach with the 2006 Marlins and won Major League Coach of the Year from Baseball America, but is currently employed by the Orioles so I’m guessing he’s not an option.  Wonder what Mel Stottlemyre’s up to…

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Not only headline worthy but apparently citation worthy.

Reporters need to eat in the offseason, too!
(Look at Pete Abe.)

I think its a given K-Long will be back, but I hope Pena returns as well.

K-Long for manager! Fare the well Binder!

I assume the notion that the off season has already started even though the WS has yet to be played is meant as an ironic impersonation of an obnoxious Yankee fan.  But I assume to much.

This discussion in the Book blog:

has some scary implications for Jeter’s defensive value.  How confident are we that he’s even as good as UZR et al say?

You know what story I’m sick of hearing?  That as a Yankee fan I should look at this season as a failure because it didn’t end in a World Series victory.  Being knocked out in 6 in the ALCS can’t bee a good run after they won it all last year?  Really?  They literally have to win it every season or I can’t be happy? 

No one I know feels this way.  Most of us are happy they even made it to the ALCS with the status of the pitching staff at the end of the season.

You know what story I’m sick of hearing?

So stop watching ESPN and reading the NYPost. This season wasn’t a failure, but it sure as hell was annoying to watch a team basically destroy their competition, and then all of a sudden suck ass from mid August until last Friday.

Interesting news about Pettite via LH.. apparently he was hurt in the playoffs. Sound like Girardi implied he would have went to Pettitte in game 2 had it not been for the injury.

but it sure as hell was annoying to watch a team basically destroy their competition, and then all of a sudden suck ass from mid August until last Friday.

I was frustrated from April-August as well.  Yes they were winning but they were never playing to their full potential.  The pitching was great in the beginning but not the offense.  I kept waiting for guys like Jeter, A-Rod, Teix to all get going at the same time. 

Last year was a hell of a lot of fun and I would have thought so even if they didn’t win it all.  This year was always frustrating.

I don’t consider the season a failure but not winning the division cheapens making the ALCS to me.

As far as Jeter, I’m still on the road so I don’t have my CAIRO stuff nearby, but I’ll probably get a post up soon about projecting him over the next four or five years, and I’d imagine it won’t be great. 

A weighted average of the last five years defensively using TotalZone, Zone Rating, John Dewan’s DRS and UZR says -8.  Add in aging and -10 is probably a realistic projection for Jeter’s 2011 defense.

Offensively, a weighted average of his last four seasons is for about 93 batting runs.  He was at 82 this year.  Interestingly, he was at 83 in 2008, so 2009 is the real outlier.  The 2010 number is probably worse in context than 2008 thanks to the whole DNYS thing, and aging probably means he’d project around 88 batting runs in 2011.  80 is about average, SS are generally 7 runs worse than average, so Jeter’s 2011 would project be something like +12 offensively, -10 defensively, +2 overall compared to an average SS, around 2.2 WAR. 

In a vacuum, that’s worth something like $10-12M, then you generally expect about a 0.5 win per year decline.

So over four years, something like 2.2 + 1.7 + 1.2 + 0.7 WAR = 5.8 WAR.  That’s worth something like $29 - 34M.  Total.

That’s not to say Jeter can’t exceed these projections, and I’m not sure if the actual CAIRO projection will tell us something different since it incorporates more specific data and aging components (plus the making the Yankees look better adjustment), but the current outlook is that a four year Jeter contract is almost certainly going to be a bad one.

In theory though, he shouldn’t drop below replacement level, although one never knows about a sharper than expected decline or a catastrophic injury.  And until the Yankees have an at least average SS to replace him with, it should be a non-issue for the next two years.

But the Yankees are going to have to get better play out of other positions to compensate, because the days of Jeter being one of the reasons they’ve been able to be so good are probably gone.

The best bet is Montero providing a boost at catcher. Curtis Granderson hitting more like he did in August and September would also help.  You may get a bit more offense out of Teixeira, but you also may get a little less out of Cano.

Rodriguez may be more valuable even if he doesn’t hit much better than he did in 2010 (although he probably will project to) if he can play more often, but that’s not exactly a safe bet given his hip and his age.

Unless you revamp the OF somehow, the only other place you can improve the offense is the bench, which isn’t going to be that big of boost.  Maybe a fourth OF who can DH some would help too, but I’m guessing a full-time DH is not a consideration.

I think the pitching staff is going to be the place the Yankees can make the most improvement. In addition to the obvious Cliff Lee possibility, I’d actually like to see people like Banuelos, Brackman and Nova in the mix for some spots at some point. 

In some ways, I think Joba Chamberlain’s less than stellar season in relief opens the door for a return to the rotation.  His stuff was pretty good this year, especially as the season went on.  Perhaps an A.J. for Joba rotation/bullpen swap?  Although Burnett didn’t pitch well in the first inning many times, I wonder if the uncertainty of not knowing exactly when he may pitch might benefit him, if there’s any truth to the rumors that his mental state is to blame for his struggles.

Apparently my few days of forgetting about baseball are over…

You know what story I’m sick of hearing?

Then you’ll like this one instead.

I think the season was a success.  Not enough of a success to, say, throw a parade over, but making it to the ALCS was a success.  And I have high hopes for next year, even if *not* moves are made beyond re-signing some of their own FA (caveat that if Pettitte doesn’t resign they’ll need at least an equivalent from out of the organization).

1) I think Jeter will be better.  He won’t be 2009 Jeter, but I can see 2008 Jeter.
2) Montero/Posada/Cervelli will be better for C/DH than Posada/Cervelli/(long list of DH’s)
3) CC won’t be noticeably worse, maybe even a little better
4) Phil will be better, if only a little
5) Hard to do worse than AJ/Javy.
6) New swing Granderson seems better than old-swing Granderson.
7) Bullpen looked worse than it is in the playoffs, and if it is minus Wood but everyone else returning - w/ minor-leaguers filling in where necessary - they’ll be average or better.
8) Better depth in the minors, as some guys who could be more than career-backups will be in AAA and ready to fill in.

Eiland gone. Yay!

So over four years, something like 2.2 + 1.7 + 1.2 + 0.7 WAR = 5.8 WAR.  That’s worth something like $29 - 34M.  Total.

I think that reinforces why they should limit it to a 3 year contract.  Guaranteed anyway.  If they can really get him down to 3/45, it will only be an overpay of about $5M per-year.  Considering that Jeter *does* have some extra value to the Yankees beyond his play on the field, I’d be perfectly OK with that.  And hopefully part of the 1.2 WAR in 2013 is due to the fact he’s playing less, and they can find another SS to fill in for the time Jeter isn’t playing, and still get above-average production out of the position.

As others - I think sam in particular pointed out - 3/30 would be even better b/c that would be market-rate.  But I don’t think they do that *unless* he tests the market, and finds it wanting.  I’d be okay w/ overpaying in $$‘s - a little - to not risk that.  Since the other options for him in 2011 aren’t that good.

[13] Link?

[16] Thank you good sir!  Hmm…sounds like maybe his issues away from the team (whatever they were) wouldn’t allow him to continue as PC for the Yankees.  Or at least, that’s the way I interpret Cashman’s comments. 

Wonder who they would go to next?  Nardi?  IDK if Aldred (SWB Yankees PC) has done enough to warrent a “call up”.  I wouldn’t be upset w/ Leiter, though IDK if he has any “coaching” experience.  Seems to know what he’s talking about though, and doesn’t appear to have much of an ego.

I wonder if his mysterious June disappearance had anything to do with it.

Damn, beaten.

5th different person to break the site in less than 2 weeks, no?

[18]  Yeah, I had that thought too.

Prediction:  Hughes is 1-3 in April with 6.12 ERA.  We are all screaming for Eiland to be brought back.


[12]  Good link, thanks. 

While all of that is true, I think for me it’s the combined weight of seeing good pitchers fail AND the massive slump and/or bad luck of the batters AND completely predictable player failures (AJ) AND bad management decisions that makes this feel a bit crushing.  I think I’d feel “better” about losing if I felt like the Yankees had put up more of a fight…though maybe then I’d feel worse because they “could have” won it.

Is Girardi going to resign in protest?  No man is an Eiland.

[21] IDK, despite as you wrote ALL those things going wrong, they made it to game 6.  IOW, if one of those 4 things you mention had gone better, perhaps they win it in 6, or at least get a chance in game 7.  Neyer wrote the other day that (paraphrase) he’ll go to his grave thinking the 2010 Yankees that took the field in this ALCS were superior to the 2010 Rangers that took the field.  Not much, but enough.  If one of those 4 goes right, it’s at least game 7.  If two go right, we’re arguing over whether CC should pitch on 2 days rest each time out.

No man is an Eiland.

Good one!

Maybe they should do a Survivor type reality show with a different prospective pitching coach voted out of the training camp each week and the coach who increases the speed of a minor leaguer’s fast ball or the break on his curve the most getting immunity.

[23]  With the notable exception of…Eiland.

[14] Thanks for the mention, good sir, but I don’t seem to recall thinking that any realistic scenario would have Jeter sign at 3/30.

He will get more, and probably will be worth it to the Yankees anyway. I cannot envision him signing for anything less than 15 per.

The key is to be able to limit him playing SS for beyond this year. That, I believe, will be the real challenge. I honestly don’t believe money would be an issue, or that Jeter would seek a 3+ year contract.

Eiland, well, good luck, and hope his personal problems are behind him.

[23] They were outscored 38-19. I cannot imagine many situations where the Yankees could have won that series. They won game one only because Texas bullpen threw it away. Game 5 was the only game that they truly won.

I am not convinced that without the Bengie Molina HR, Yankees win game 4. They were thoroughly outplayed, as Girardi acknowledged.

I really want the Yankees to reevaluate the pitching philosophy promoted by Nardi Contreras. I think he is the one responsible for all Yankee prospects throwing a curveball and eschewing the slider, and this continues with the next generation of prospects as well.

Plus, they need to teach prospects a change-up when they are in the minors. I don’t think it is an easy thing to master a change-up when they are playing for the New York Yankees in the big leagues.

Is there a single Yankee prospect who has a good change-up?

Are players allowed to sign incentivized contracts?  I think not, right?  I know there can be clauses that vest for innings/games played & bonuses for All-Star awards and awards like the Gold Glove but I think it’s against the CBA to give bonuses for say 25 HR, 30 HR, etc.

[29]  I don’t know about the change, but I like the curve more than the slider if thrown well.  I also seem to remember hearing (years ago) that the Dodgers refused to teach the slider to minor leaguers because they thought the curve was easier on young arms.

On a tangential/Phil Hughes note, I heard something on NPR about the curveball—if I am paraphrasing correctly, here’s the reason the curve can be so devastating:

The batter sees the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand, and extrapolates a trajectory.  He keeps the fovea—the section of the eyeball with the most cells for seeing—lined up where he expects the ball to arrive at the plate.  But the ball drops out of the fovea’s line of sight (if that’s the right way to put it), so that he sees the ball from a section of the eyeball with fewer cells and therefore doesn’t see it as well and can’t react to it as well.

So if the curve stays up, it’s staying where the batter can see it best.  Maybe that’s common sense also, but hey, this is science, man.

[30] - A-Rod did it so I’d assume it’s ok.

[29] Nova’s change is pretty nice.

I’m pretty sure Banuelos has been praised at times for his change.

[27] I thought I remembered you mentioning last week you thought 3/30 was a *fair* contract.  Not so much that would be what Jeter got, but just what was fair.  Good chance I’m forgetting.  It was, after all, last week!

[28] Well, maybe not *any* of the 4 going right for them.  But the starting pitching being better (Hughes mostly, but CC burned the bullpen, too) or the offense playing up to it’s standards (should have scored closer to 30 runs in the series by regular season standards), by themselves, would have likely resulted in another win.  BOTH those things happen, and I think they win the series.  Some of Texas’s runs after all were scored later in games where the outcome had been decided.

[29] W/ Hughes they did it for his arm.  He had a bit of an injury history IIRC and they decided it was the slider.  Joba throws a slider.  IDK off the top of my head any others, but some pitches I thought of as cutters in AAA could have been sliders.  In addition to Nova, McAllister I think had a good change.  I say, “had” b/c I’m not sure why he failed last year.  Perhaps he lost his change, or it wasn’t enough to get AAA hitters out.  Or he would have been even worse w/o the change.  Or it could have just been a SSS fluke why he did poorly.  Seems to me Phelps has a change but I can’t recall for sure.

So Eiland’s battling substance abuse or going through a rough divorce or trying to keep his son from joining the Latin Kings, plus now he’s out of work?  Hope that turns out ok.

“He had a bit of an injury history IIRC”

Would be news to me.

[32] ARod has *marketing* bonuses, not performance bonuses.  Pretty sure you can’t have performance bonuses.  You can get bonuses for winning awards, appearing in the AS game, and playing time.  Marketing bonuses I guess are OK too.  Jeter for example, they could give marketing bonuses for 3000 hits, passing certain players on the all-time hit list, etc.  They may do that, which would be OK.  Even if he would likely hit many of them (and cost Yankees a lot of $$‘s), it *does* help protect Yankees against him collapsing entirely.

[35]  I hope it’s the Latin Kings thing.  That could pay dividends.  And substance abuse, well, at least you’re high!

The Latin Kings?  Not that either one is the case but I’d go with the Aryan Brotherhood.  Maybe he was hiking the Appalachian or has an innamorata in Argentina(don’t cry for him.)

[37]  That was my understanding—a player can get some kind of consideration for a milestone.  I’m not clear on how “marketing” bonuses are paid though.

[35] If he’s been smart with his money - or hired someone to be smart w/ his money for him that isn’t defrauding him - he may be better off having a year to deal with his issues.  Also, I doubt that the Yankees won’t have a job for him *somewhere* in the organization if he really needs a job.  E.g. roving minor-league scout for some area.

[36] Nothing major, but I think he had elbow tendinitis or something similar back when he was in low-A, and they shut him down for the year.  I also seem to remember a minor shoulder issue as well.  Again, nothing to raise huge flags, but enough that they had concerns.  I’ll do some research…maybe tomorrow.

[42]  I would like to think that if he really is having a drink/drugs problem that the Yanks would at the very least be generous with the COBRA.  They do have a history of treating people with these problems gently, though I can only think of players at the moment—Howe, Gooden, Strawberry.

Well, Dave Duncan re-upped with the Cards.

[43] The Boss, for all his issues, seemed to have a “once a Yankee, always a Yankee” mentality.  I have a feeling his sons will be the same.

[39] I’m not going to worry too much about a tweet w/o any context behind it.  But that isn’t very encouraging.

I’m not clear on how “marketing” bonuses are paid though.

Probably by check wink

[39] I cannot imagine Girardi made that statement without that being Cashman’s evaluation as well.

I think Joba is done in the Bronx. At least, starting pitcher Joba is. If he starts, it will likely be for a different team.

As for Joba throwing a slider, and other Yankee prospects not, I think the reason is Joba was a college guy who shot through the minors. And he had three above average pitches when he joined the organization.

I have heard Phelps has a slider, which is a good thing. Hopefully, Betances/Brackman will pick up another off-speed pitch other than curveball. I think curveball is pretty difficult to throw for strikes, and none of the Yankee prospects to date have shown the ability to consistently throw it for strikes.

As Kyle mentioned the other day, Hughes inability to put away hitters is somewhat disappointing. While the year itself has to be considered a success, what I think is problematic is he was not able to rely on change much. He needs another true off-speed pitch to be effective.

[37] - Performance bonuses and milestone bonuses can easily be one and the same.  Unless there is a hard standard for what is an acceptable milestone.  Technically, every hit Jeter gets is a new Yankee milestone.

Some speculation on FAN that AJ’s black eye and Eiland were related.

[48]  If so they should have retained Eiland.

[48] - By a caller or by a real source?

Caller-Francessa didn’t shoot it down however; probably total BS

AJ got beat up by an old man

[39] I’m pretty pissed about this. If the Yanks aren’t going to give Joba a chance to start they should just trade him.

[46] Phelps may throw a slider but every report on him says his off speed stuff is average at best and be’s gotten by so far on a strong FB.

AJ got hit by one of Hughes’ errant curveballs.

Baltimore Sun columnist thinks Krantiz could head north

If they are gonna keep Joba in the pen, might as well trade him.

52 Don Zimmer?

58 John McCain?

“[39] I’m pretty pissed about this. If the Yanks aren’t going to give Joba a chance to start they should just trade him.”

Declaring you think he’s a (non-closer?) reliever before trading him is the negotiating strategy that got us a public option in the PPACA.

So. Here we are. The real competition begins.

Any rumors about Yankee bullpen targets? I suspect this is one of the battles between our respective teams that will go horribly underreported and wind up determining a lot next year. We’re desperate for setup guys. This is an area that didn’t pan out too well for the Yankees in the ALCS. But hey, look over there, it’s a guy who knows Cliff Lee’s housekeeper! And he’s willing to talk!

[58]  Freddy’s last act as a Yankee fan?

[60]  I’m not so sure the Yankees need bullpen help.  I would like to keep Wood but not for the money he wants.  The rest of them are fine, or the Yankees can find somebody somewhere.

fgas—cool by me. I’m personally hoping Theo treats Tampa’s pen like Sherman did South Carolina.

[63]  Which brings me to my next point, the need to reconquer the South and enslave white people.

64 I’m down.

65 Sure! Will you guys pay his salary?

With 6 future HOF starters and the 2 best closers in the ML why does Boston need a setup guy?

We don’t literally need one. It’s more about the roster spot, and making sure Scott Atchison never throws another pitch in a Sox uniform again.

none of the Yankee prospects to date have shown the ability to consistently throw it for strikes.


[69] Won’t his astronomical walk rate suggest otherwise? If he could throw his curve routinely for strikes, he would be the heir apparent to Mo.

[70] Maybe? I’ve seen Robertson ‘throw his curveball for strikes’ is my point. Do you have any evidence to suggest otherwise?

unless eiland said that they should get burnett he should still be the pitching coach.

[63] - Cool by me.  I’d love nothing more than for the Red Sox to throw a ton a free agent money at the bullpen.

Maybe Robertson has trouble with his curve, I didn’t see enough live games to know that—but I do know that I saw him drop some nasty ones in the games I did see.  So the pitch is there, if consistency is a problem that’s exactly what a pitching coach should help with (keeping the delivery consistent).

With 16 future HOF starters and the 2 best closers in the history of the ML why does Boston need a setup guy?


75 because we will not settle for anything less than 162-0. At a minimum.

[76] That season would be a total failure if you didn’t go on to win the WS.

Also, we should consider a PNW Chapter Nerdfest next season. If we can settle on how to select the game amicably.

[71] Robertson has generally problem throwing strikes. And he has problem commanding both his fastball and his curveball.

According to fangraphs, each year, his curveball has been a below average pitch, although this year it was close to average. I don’t have access to cumulative pitch f/x data that would have resolved this issue, and frankly, don’t feel like going through the installation and SQL coding to compile his data (Mike Fast has a good tutorial in case someone wants to do it; plus Jonathan has the awesome heatmaps), but I am more or less certain that he did not command his curve particularly well. Yes, when he got hitters to swing at it, they missed, but more often than not, when they didn’t swing, my recollection is they did not drop for strikes.

Looking at the results of Robertson’s curveball in isolation probably doesn’t tell us much.  The reason pitchers throw multiple pitches is to keep hitters off-balance. 

I don’t know if Robertson’s curve looks ineffective in terms of percentage of strikes thrown or whatever.  However, I’m fairly certain it helps make his fastball more effective. 

This is the issue with looking at something like pitch-type linear weights.  First of all, I assume those work only when a pitch is put in play, which is only a small subset of all pitches thrown.  Second of all, it completely ignores the game theory behind pitch sequencing and changing speeds and all the other stuff that goes into being a pitcher.

I’m sure there are pitchers who do throw all their pitches well.  I hear one of them closes for a certain AL East team in fact.  But I’d guess a lot of successful pitchers will have pitches that appear sub-optimal in isolation, but are an important part of their success.

[79] SG, agreed. But would you say that a pitcher who walks approximately 5 hitters per 9 innings shows any consistent ability to throw any of his pitches for strikes? If he did, why would he fall behind and walk hitters?

Like I said: if Robertson had Mariano’s command, he would be in line to replace him with the stuff he has.

[80] Mo didn’t have the same command at 25 that he does now.  Mostly as a starter, he walked 4.0/9IP at age 25 (first year in the big-leagues).  As a reliever, he generally had good-but-not-great command (if measuring in BB/9IP), as he was between 2.3 and 3.0 BB/9 from age 26-30.  Not until age 31, and 3 of the next 5 years he was above 2.0.  Age 36 was where Mo truly started showing the great command, by that measure.  Mo’s command in the minors was better than Robertson’s, but I don’t think a lot, when you consider age and level.

Is that normal?  Should we expect Robertson’s command to improve as he goes forward?  IDK, but I don’t see why he can’t get his BB/9 down around 3.0, while sacrificing a few K’s - maybe down to around 9.0 - which would still give him a better ratio.  Not necessarily next year, but over the next few.

And I’d submit that if Robertson had Mo’s command, he’d be in line to replace Mo as the greatest closer of all time.  One of the reasons Mo has been the greatest, is because of his command being as good (or better than) any other reliever.  Add Robertson’s curve (presumably w/ some better command) to Mo’s command?

[81] This is not really a commentary on Robertson’s abilities, which I think very highly of. He certainly can improve his command.

This is in response to what j said, that he believes that currently Robertson (as one of the Yankee farmhands) throws his curve consistently for a strike. That is something I don’t think is true.

I agree with your assessment of Robertson, and indeed hope that he can command his pitches better as he progresses in his career.

“One of the reasons Mo has been the greatest, is because of his command being as good (or better than) any other reliever.”

Part of that is, I imagine, throwing one pitch (and having done it for a long time).  Which he can do because nobody else throws that pitch, so batters aren’t tuned for it.

This is in response to what j said, that he believes that currently Robertson (as one of the Yankee farmhands) throws his curve consistently for a strike. That is something I don’t think is true.

I guess the problem is what the definition of “consistent” is?  And there is intent.  For example, at 2-2 Robertson may throw a curve that bounces in the dirt on purpose (and it may be taken for a ball).  He had perfect command (or control if you prefer) of it, but it wasn’t a strike.  Then of course if he throws a fastball out of the zone it’s a walk, but had nothing to do with his curve.

IIRC the original premise of this was throwing off-speed pitches for strikes, and that the curve was hard to do so they should teach other pitches, yes?  I guess then we need to go back and define what the league-average is for throwing diffrent off-speed pitches for strikes, where the curve fits in that spectrum, and then how the Yankees do compared to others.  My impression was always that curves where the off-speed pitch you threw for looking-strikes, and changes, sliders, splitters, and others you threw out of the zone to get swinging strikes…

Cashman is apparently dressing up as Nacho Libre for Halloween.  Then again, I’m dressing as a rainbow, so I can’t really point fingers.

Pinstriper, you’re out here? I have at least one other Sox friend, we catch a game or two a year. Never been to Ms-Yanks, though I’m sure it’s fun. Food for thought later.

[84] Well, in that case, it doesn’t seem like he has enough deception to make it appear like a strike. Or if he is too predictable trying to throw it in the dirt, it doesn’t seem like too many hitters are biting.

Consistency doesn’t need to be defined. If he can repeatedly throw it for strikes when he needs to, I would consider that consistent. Watching Robertson, that certainly didn’t appear to be the case to me. His curve has terrific bite, but it is not located well.

I am not expecting that he paint the corners like Cliff Lee, or even Andy Pettitte, but the last thing that I think of when I think David Robertson is control.

[86] PDX. We can flip coins as to whether its M’s-Yanks or M’s-Sawx.

88 OK. Hey, if anyone else is looking for a summer getaway, maybe we can get a quorum. Warning, don’t come out before July 4. It might still be winter.

How much are flights from the Bay Area?  Rilkekindstrich is two, so we’re paying four adult fares.

[90] Southwest, United figure in the $100 each way range. Maybe keep an eye open for the $79 “wanna get away?” fares. Be open to flying out of Oakland or San Jose.

Teddy is also a local - at this point in time - can’t speak for him.

I will here and now 95% commit to a Yanks-M’s game if Rilkevolks are coming up for the game - so long as its a weekend. 3.5 hour drive each way doesn’t happen on a “school night”.

[89, 91] I’ll check the schedule next year and run the idea by Dr. Mrs. R.  Not a cheap weekend with $800 airfare plus hotel and rental car and taking you and yours to dinner somewhere good, but Rilkekind starts kindergarten next fall which should save us ~10k/y.

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