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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 50 Worst Postseason Hitters in MLB since 2002

Using OPS, with a minimum of 100 PA.

Chone Figgins130.
Alfonso Soriano123.
Pedro Feliz112.204.232.324.556
Nick Swisher172.
Placido Polanco108.242.303.283.586
Orlando Cabrera162.228.288.302.590
Casey Blake109.233.275.320.595
Bill Mueller127.230.315.283.598
Juan Rivera113.238.292.314.606
Juan Uribe109.208.264.347.611
Reggie Sanders142.194.264.349.613
Derrek Lee120.243.300.324.624
Elvis Andrus153.271.331.300.631
Morgan Ensberg109.224.300.337.637
Rafael Furcal262.233.307.347.654
Michael Young146.248.272.383.655
Garret Anderson152.245.266.395.661
Vladimir Guerrero187.263.324.339.663
Mark Teixeira169.225.345.324.669
Gary Sheffield131.216.336.333.669
Russell Martin126.217.341.330.671
Scott Rolen158.220.302.376.678
Edgar Renteria142.256.322.357.679
David Eckstein195.278.345.335.680
Kevin Millar107.242.327.358.685
Jimmy Rollins206.250.314.372.686
Pat Burrell114.186.307.381.688
Kenny Lofton211.278.335.371.706
Robinson Cano204.230.278.440.718
Josh Hamilton146.227.295.424.719
Craig Biggio120.283.322.407.729
Yadier Molina215.286.347.383.730
Ivan Rodriguez127.252.318.417.735
Jason Varitek200.240.300.443.743
Evan Longoria106.194.255.490.745
Jorge Posada301.261.355.391.746
Johnny Damon256.264.312.439.751
J.D. Drew168.268.333.418.751
Mike Lowell129.252.326.426.752
Bengie Molina142.273.324.447.771
Shane Victorino194.269.338.446.784
Carlos Ruiz171.254.380.408.788
Victor Martinez107.274.355.442.797
Dustin Pedroia131.252.344.461.805
Jim Edmonds204.260.356.452.808
Alex Rodriguez260.247.373.447.820
Raul Ibanez124.263.323.500.823
Bernie Williams170.293.341.484.825
Curtis Granderson144.242.345.484.829


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Isn’t it weird that the Yankees are in the ACLS again and the only member of the “Core Four” still playing is the guy who retired two years ago?

Granderson must have been the best postseason hitter ever before this year.
I’d seriously take Figgins over Swisher in every at bat right now.

Wow, Cano, Grandy and Alex are making a charge towards the top (err, bottom here), and Raul is trying to get off this list. Swish is consistent.

Also, how can clutch god Pedroia OPS lower than choke-artist Alex?

LoHud: “It’s something the winter will take care of and he’ll be ready for us in spring training,” Cashman said.

Expect Jeter’s press conference to announce his retirement around February.

how many players have 100 PSAB since 2002, SG?
less than 100, I assume:  how many of our guys wd also show up on a top 50 list?

76.  Here are the top 26.

Carlos Beltran: 128 PA, .375/.488/.817, 1.305 OPS
Albert Pujols: 300 PA, .345/.455/.631, 1.086 OPS
Manny Ramirez: 266 PA, .338/.442/.604, 1.046 OPS
Nelson Cruz: 137 PA, .278/.336/.683, 1.019 OPS
Lance Berkman: 208 PA, .328/.431/.557, .988 OPS
Jayson Werth: 205 PA, .264/.374/.586, .960 OPS
Kevin Youkilis: 124 PA, .306/.376/.568, .944 OPS
Hideki Matsui: 233 PA, .312/.391/.541, .932 OPS
Jermaine Dye: 105 PA, .330/.400/.521, .921 OPS
Jason Giambi: 130 PA, .280/.408/.505, .913 OPS
David Ortiz: 287 PA, .283/.388/.520, .908 OPS
Miguel Cabrera: 148 PA, .276/.378/.528, .906 OPS
Ian Kinsler: 146 PA, .311/.422/.484, .906 OPS
Chase Utley: 203 PA, .262/.402/.500, .902 OPS
A.J. Pierzynski: 112 PA, .300/.372/.520, .892 OPS
B.J. Upton: 110 PA, .267/.324/.554, .878 OPS
Larry Walker: 101 PA, .233/.343/.523, .866 OPS
Darin Erstad: 124 PA, .339/.368/.492, .860 OPS
Torii Hunter: 145 PA, .305/.370/.489, .859 OPS
Trot Nixon: 116 PA, .290/.345/.514, .859 OPS
Derek Jeter: 378 PA, .311/.371/.480, .851 OPS
Jhonny Peralta: 115 PA, .295/.353/.495, .848 OPS
Ryan Howard: 197 PA, .259/.357/.488, .845 OPS
Matt Holliday: 150 PA, .273/.360/.485, .845 OPS
Jeff Kent: 150 PA, .272/.338/.493, .831 OPS
Mike Napoli: 108 PA, .272/.373/.457, .830 OPS

Everyone up to Cano gets on the top 50.

Jason Giambi is above David Ortiz? SG, throw your stats away to the Hudson River.

[4] With one year guaranteed and an additional player option, nobody but Japanese players walk away from that.

If you had the ten worst with RISP with 20 PAs all time.

9 - Pretty sure you’d only need the One Worst to get Swisher on that list…

This is all on me, folks. I made the mistake of abandoning my Spiders, at a time when it really counted. I’m a bad fan. Terrible. I’m like, the Casey Blake of postseason fandom.

But unlike seeing the Theisman injury (which was awesome), I’m glad I didn’t witness Jeter’s fall.

Holy shit.  I went to bed during the top of the 9th, totally disgusted with the offense and too damn tired to stay up hoping for the impossible.

Apparently the impossible nearly happened, but they proceeded to lose in the most agonizing way possible. 

I guess I made the right decision.

[12] I tried to convince my wife that we should leave in the 7th. Didn’t take. For a while it looked like we would see a Yankee postseason classic and she was riding high. Turns out we got the Jeter Ankle game instead. Looong ride home last night…

Does Kingman have that exaggerated deer in a headlights look lately.  Reminds me of the way Michael Spinks looked coming out of his corner in the 1st against Tyson.  Still I find Nick the Strangler’s its all good more troubling.

This team has had to cope with injuries all year.  If there’s anything positive in the Jeter injury, maybe it will catalyze the team to start actually hitting.  I remain optimistic.

Except for Swisher, who should ‘accidentally’ break his leg in the shower and be replaced by Andre Dawson, recently pulled from the Wrigley ivy.

I stayed up until 0345 listening to great blues tunes. Did not help one bit.

I think Swish has been more unlucky than hapless this postseason, as opposed to Grandy who’s aggressively trying to get himself out.

That said, Swish’s “bro” shtick is seriously starting to piss me off royally.  I want to point at him and say “You.  Never speak again.” 

Cano, on the other hand, has me really depressed.

[16] I went the other way.  I popped in a DVD of Sinatra and Martin in concert and it smoothed my way to sleep.

Again Arod is in the lineup, along with Swisher and the Kingman. And Jeter won’t be at the stadium today.

It’s sad that I don’t even care about the game. This season is just a reminder of how this team will suck without Jeter, Mariano and Pettitte.

We have talked about how this is 1964 for months. They made the post season, and actually won a post season series; I guess that exceeded expectations from where we were back in late Aug.

We can thank the Ibanex for giving us some of the the greatest “OMG” moments since the 2001 WS (and a couple of Arod shots in 2009).

But all good things must come to an end and I think this is the end of the Yankee dynasty. (Buster Olney was only off by 11 yrs.)

Personally, I let Swish walk…and try to trade Grandy.

Not that it matters but I would’ve batted Arod 2nd then Cano then Tex then Ibanez.  I’d also play Chavez sit the strangler and roll the dice with Ibanez in the OF.  Can he be any worse then Smith king Nick?

If its 1964 can we hire Leyland? Where’s the harmonica?

The harmonica incident got the team into the post season…they still lost then too.

and if Swish fields like he did last nigth, (two misplays in my opinion) we may as well use Ibanez in the OF.

Klong will straighten everybody out just like he did Jeter in the first half last year.  And look how he turned Granderson into Kingman.  And Cano is the model of consistency.  BTW like the idea of Paulie working with Cano.

Cano to the #2 slot, Rod Grandy & Swish 6-8
—based on career value that could be the best 6-8 in mlb postseason history…

They should put Gardner in the lineup, at least he makes contact. Kinda shocked that Jeter won’t be at the stadium, would have thought he’d be on the bench cheerleading. Maybe he’s working on an Ibanez disguise so he could sneak into the game.

Can anyone logically explain why Dickerson can’t be a part of this Yankee team going forward? Why can’t Yankee management give up on guys like Swisher and play cheaper, more eager, “less talented” players? The few chances Dickerson had to play in the bigs, he has shown that he is a capable player.  And there is more value right now to be had from a guy who can hit .240 in every situation than a guy who can hit .330 bases empty and .110 with RISP.

If only Big Stein were alive to clean this house… of course he’d probably go out and get older, weaker, more expensive players… but some of those guys would be welcome additions.

BTW, I know OPS is a good measure but Swisher is the WORST based on average, which here is a better measure.  Because so many times a little old single would score loads of runs.

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