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Friday, February 1, 2013

TGS: Sources: Bosch injected A-Rod

WARNING, the link plays a video so don’t click it if you don’t want to see it.

MIAMI—The texts, the source said, usually came late at night, telling Anthony Bosch to come to the house. Bosch would then head to the waterfront mansion on Biscayne Bay, through the gate on North Bay Road, to inject performance-enhancing drugs into Alex Rodriguez.

Procedures were different, though, sources told “Outside the Lines,” for the other athletes who were customers of Bosch’s Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables, which Major League Baseball considers the center of a widespread doping operation in South Florida. Those athletes, sources said, relied on intermediaries to transport the performance-enhancing drug regimens Bosch provided.

But for A-Rod, the service was always personal: “Only Tony handled A-Rod,” one source told “Outside the Lines.”

The visits were every few weeks. One night last spring, a source said, Bosch told associates he had been kicked out of Rodriguez’ home after he had trouble locating a vein and infuriated the player. The sources did not say why Bosch would have been tapping a vein, as HGH and testosterone do not require intravenous injections. But whatever he was doing, “Tony said A-Rod was pissed at him,” a source said. “He said he was bleeding everywhere.”

Several sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Bosch spoke openly about his relationship with the Yankee All-Star, and two sources said that documents they reviewed detailed the drug regimens and schedules Rodriguez received.

A spokesperson for Rodriguez on Friday said, “the allegations are not true.”

I’m still holding out hope that all of this is fabricated and Rodriguez will be vindicated but keeping my head in this sand is starting to get uncomfortable.

Seriously, this looks pretty bad.

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The sources did not say why Bosch would have been tapping a vein, as HGH and testosterone do not require intravenous injections.

If there is one thing you can count on from black market doctors, it’s their high quality training.

At this point his legacy is already tainted so there is nothing to lose there.  If he gets suspended for taking PED they don’t have to pay him and since they want out of his contract anyway there is nothing to lose there.  Hell if he is suspend 3 times they do get out of the contract. I know this sounds horrible, but assuming he is smart enough to know how to take them properly I honestly can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t want A-Rod to take steroids.

“She’s like heroin to me
She cannot miss a vein.”

I bet old thurm knows it…

[1] EPO is the only performance enhancer I could find that’s taken in the vein but I can’t see any reason why A-Rod would want to boost his hemoglobin.

You know how in a Roman triumph there would be someone standing next to the victorious general whispering in his ear, “Remember that you’re just a mortal man”?  For his whole tragicomic life Alex has needed someone like that whispering “If you do something idiotic I’m going to hit you with this bat.”

[3] - Thanks to Google I now know it too!

[5] In other words, he has no superego and needs a babysitter 24/7.  As the evidence mounts, I find myself saying, “You’re such an asshole, ARod.”

The injection piece cuts against the veracity of the report, but its specificity weighs in its favor.

[0] IDK it still sounds fishy though.  I mean, I can certainly see why a Miami doc peddling steriods would want to link his name to ARod.  And of course if ARod is the one and only client that only HE gets to handle, well then there also aren’t other people to contradict him so…


[2]  Two cases.  One, ARod is telling the truth.  In which case, I hope he’s vindicated and uses this as motivation and has a great season or three.  Two, ARod is lying and it will come out and he’ll be suspended.  In which case, yeah, use everything he can to be as good of a player for the next 12 months until you get 2 more suspensions and are off payroll after 2014.  I’m still rooting for case #1, but I’m a romantic.

A-Rod never was never an appealing personality, but there was a time when there was almost a rebel’s glee in defending him against a world seemingly determined to take everything he said in the most damning light, however unreasonable.
That period has petered to a close. It isn’t fun to have him on the team; in fact, it’s distressing.  Which has nothing to do with how well or poorly he performs well after returning, if he returns at all.

[5] I think for the last decade Jeter’s been whispering in his ear, “People love me more.”

But that may have had the oppositive effect.

[8] - Agreed.

[9] Agreed, to a point.  Since he’s still on the team I’ll root for him; though if MLB/MLBPA ever allows amnesty buyouts I’ll be rooting for the Yankees to use it on ARod no matter how well he’s been performing or how poorly Teix is.  If he gets back just to what he was in 2010-2011, I think I’d still rather have him in the lineup than Youk (starting 2014 that is), or most anyone else they could get and stay under $189MM.

[9] I share most of these sentiments, although there was a time where I actually thought he was trying to be a better person.

Two things about this offseason continue to rankle me: re-signing Ichiro for two years and letting Martin go.  If the Yankees had retained Martin, I’d feel pretty good about this team.

I agree with most of these sentiments, except… except that… well, actually, I just agree with them.

[10] He might look at Jeter and think that people would have loved him like that if he had spent his career in Seattle. (He also would have been a couple hundred million poorer).

edit: and honestly, coming one season off from being on the 2001 Seattle Mariners would be kind of heart breaking.

[9,12,13] Yes. After the initial steroid stuff came out in 2009 he was, to me, something of a sympathetic figure. That’s likely my homerism talking, but if you squinted hard enough you could see a misunderstood, uncomfortable superstar who would do anything for acceptance.

That’s gone now. Now A-Rod is a merciless yet dumb T-1000 who has no regard for rules or laws.

If the Yankees had retained Martin, I’d feel pretty good about this team.

Eh.  They might be a win better with Martin instead of Ichiro, if that much.

Taking their replacements into account, SG?  And might it have affected their approach to other signings (e.g., is there a particular player they might have obtained to replace Ichiro, since that’s presumably a lot easier than replacing a catcher)?

Taking their replacements into account, SG?

I’m assuming they had $n to spend and could have spent it on either Ichiro or Martin and that’s it.  Although I suppose then they could have kept Chris Dickerson who projects about the same as Ichiro so then the comparison becomes Martin/Stewart vs. Cervelli/Stewart and maybe now you’re looking at what, 2 wins?  I suppose it could be 3 wins, but I’d be surprised if it’s that high.

They’d still likely project worse than Toronto.

I was thinking two wins better.

I forgot about Dickerson(aka Dickey).  So yeah, two wins is probably closer to the truth.  Not a trivial amount given all the teams clustered in the 86-90 win area.

At this point I think we just have to have faith in the diamond mind simulator of life, or maybe Jeter’s calm eyes.

Is it safe to say at this point that every player since the late 80’s has used steroids at some point? At least the successful ones?

They’re all suspect.

It’s not safe to say that they’re suspect in the same degree.  The fact that we might be surprised by the truth in certain cases does not mean that we were wrong for making the most reasonable guesses in the circumstances, or that our guesses would be closer to the truth if we threw away our own judgment in favor of some external criterion (such as the presumption that everyone is guilty).

[24] - No but at the same time I’ll never say a player is clean again.  Not even Jeter.  Honestly, would it shock anyone at this point?  I’m probably the biggest Jeter defender here and if you told me he did steroids in 1999 or hell, even last year, I would be disappointed but I’ve known all along it’s a possibility.

And I know a lot of people don’t like that but I don’t want to hear Biggio or anyone else crying about being “lumped in” with anyone. The MLBPA has always been the biggest obstacle to testing so if they players don’t like it they have no one to blame but themselves. You were there, you let it go on. Your union protected them. Shut it.


A common side effect of testosterone use are raised RBC and hemacrit levels that require blood letting regularly. I would suspect, if this was the case with A-Rod, that he would rather have this guy draw it than showing up at blood drives once a month, where one of the questions they ask you is if you’ve ever injected steroids.

Wtf? They DFA’d Canzler.

Jeter is credited with coining the term “steampunk.”

OK, he is a god.

What can one say, except in A-Freud’s own immortal words: Ha!

Alex immediately lawyered-up with a top defense attorney, making it likely, IMO, that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Never liked the guy, but he does have the right to his day in court. Heck, so far it may look bad, but it isn’t anything that anyone can move on from what is in the public domain. 

All this is at the feet of the dreadful Bud Selig, a man obsessed with Jackie Robinson (retired his number, first and only time in BB history; every April 15 a holyday… errrrr…... Jackie Robinson day; Negro League uniforms, it never ends this guilt trip that I refuse to partake of). Selig is the face of the PED scandal in MLB, no mistake about it. He had to know, as many of us did, what was going on in the 1990’s and beyond. Useless far as I am concerned.

What does Jackie Robinson have to do with PEDs?

Guilty or innocent, what is Rodriguez seriously expecting the next time he steps to the plate for the Yankees in Yankee Stadium? He’ll be booed mercilessly for every mistake, and booed mockingly for every success.

[30] I know when I have over a hundred million dollars and am accused of a crime, I get my lawyer out of the yellow pages.

(Comment re-done)

[32] Yeah, it’ll be totally different from the last 3 (9) years.

In honor of the mention of the Lebowski thread, I guess, I watched Miller’s Crossing again. The “Danny Boy” scene is spectacular, and the opening speech on ethics could have come straight off RLYW.

[34] are you being sarcastic? I think it will be way worse.

Wtf? They DFA’d Canzler.

That is the appropriate response. This makes no sense. The dude had options! Could they really find no other way to clear a spot on the 40 man? Seriously?

If Arod is good not necessarily great the home crowd will largely forgive him.

[35] love that film, every minute of it.

[3] Aye. I do. Great tune.

[29]  Please to explain.

[40] old thurm, you and I need to hang out.

I kind of admire Tex’s openness here (and it pretty much confirms what we had heard previously, that he’s admitted he’ll never be a good opposite field hitter):

[43] Does this mean he hasn’t been working on his bunting?

I don’t love this.  The league adjusted to him; it worked; the next phrase is - you make your own adjustments or suffer the consequences.  He tried to make an adjustment for a few months.  When it didn’t produce immediate results, his answer was to simply give up and, in a nobly fatalist voice, accept his mortality.  (And, to me at least, his tone at least raises the suspicion that he may have attempted the adjustment no more than half-heartedly.)
Well, go out and accept your mortality by the woods on a snowy evening, not on somebody else’s nickel.  Millions and millions of nickels.
The lack of belief in his ability to make the kinds of adjustments we expect of lesser players will leave him with skills highly dependent on his aging physical body, since he’s determined that he’s incapable of compensating for becoming an older player by becoming a smarter player.
I’m more comforted and inspired by a player who rages against the darkness and does something to make himself better. [Yes, I know the PED jokes will now ensue, and - no, that isn’t what I mean, of course.]

[45] We could have kept Giambi this entire time for a lot less money if this was acceptable.

Notice he’s not writing any checks, or renegotiating his contract down in order to help the team afford things like better catchers, left side infielders, etc.

One doesn’t have to be an opposite field hitter to very occasionally slap one to the other side o r lay down a bunt.  Even old “eye drops” has bunted a couple of times.

[42]  Thanks.  I like steampunk.  I just read “Declare” by Tim Powers, which is not really steampunk but very good.

It is a little concerning, but I won’t criticize Teixeira for being honest and (possibly) modest; talk is cheap. All he really mentions is average, and hopefully someone in the organization reminds him that runs scored are as important as RBIs.

Very silly, but kind of funny.
Could the Yankees steal Fenway Parks?—mlb.html

[48] I didn’t much like _Declare_, though I love _The Anubis Gates_ and especially _Last Call_.  He and James Blaylock (and Jeter) were students of Philip K. Dick; Blaylock’s _The Last Coin_ is very good and _The Elfin Ship_ is one of my favorite fantasy novels.

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