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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TGS NY: Sources: Yankees eye Michael Morse

The New York Yankees have interest in trading for Washington Nationals outfielder/first baseman Michael Morse, sources tell

Morse, 30, is available because sources tell ESPN that the Nationals just re-signed first baseman Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal. The Nationals have Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth and Denard Span in their starting outfield.

Several teams likely will be interested in the powerful Morse.

Washington’s looking for a lefty reliever, but Boone Logan by himself surely isn’t close to enough for Morse.  So it’d probably take at least one decent prospect in addition, depending on the demand for him and the fact that Washington really doesn’t have to trade him.

I don’t want to see the Yankees overpaying in talent for him.  But I think it’ll take a decent bit of talent to get him.

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Yeah, he’ll be a tough get but he’d also be a really good get. I’d give up a goodly amount for him. I don’t see the current Yankee pitching in the minors as being so hot that I wouldn’t sacrifice one of the top guys for the “certainty” of Morse. He fits pretty much all of the Yankee needs.

Righthanded power bat? Check
DH? Check?
Fourth outfielder? Check
Back-up first baseman? Check

Now if Washington was looking for young outfielders, then I’d worry a bit. But if if is pitching they want, while I wouldn’t deal Montgomery, there’s a lot I would be fine with losing for Morse.

That said, Morse is coming off of a poor season (sub-.800 OPS in the National League).

I don’t want to see the Yankees overpaying in talent for him

Don’t think Yanks should be cavilier about trading Logan. He’s been pretty damn good overall and still young.  How’s Morse on defense? What’s his contract status?  I certainly wouldn’t include the following, Sanchez, Heathcott, Austin, Williams, Banuelos, Phelps.
Not sure about Nova or even Nunez either given age of Jeter and Nova’s potential.

Just sign Hairston and you don’t have to deal propects.  I would give him two years. A decent right handed bat will play well for two years regularly or off the bench.

Maybe trade Joba if Montgomery is nearly ready?

Yeah, he’s a shitty defender.

[3] They get a starting pitcher, we get a fourth outfielder/third RH DH.  Pass.

I don’t think they’d want him, but I’d deal Nova for Morse.

But mostly I’d see if they could get Morse just using minor league prospects.

(5) Joba is not a SP.

Logan and Warren for Morse or walk away

Morse’s down year last season was still roughly the same as Teix’s season on offense (Teix is a much better defender, of coruse) and his previous season he would have had the second highest OPS on the Yankees.

Also Morse has had a lot of injuries. He fits right in!

Isn’t Morse just a one year rental. FA after 2013, no team option that I’m aware of. Still as BC said in [1] he’d be a great fit.

Also, yet another reason I just don’t trust WAR. Morse’s wRC+ was 147 in 2011 over ~575 PAs. Yet he was just a 3 win player, due to bad (but not Manny-level awful) defense and negligible baserunning.

Oh, I thought he was still arbitration eligible for 2014. But you’re right, he is not. So in that case, I’d give up less for him (not Nova, for instance).

But I’d still like to see them try to get him.

Logan and Warren is a fair offer. I dunno if it will be enough, but it is a fair offer.

And his bad defense will be mitigated by being a DH, right?

[13] Just Logan and Warren would be great. Who knows if it’ll be enough to get it done, there seem to be a number of teams interested including Tampa and possibly Texas. And yes, I’m not so concerned about his defense, since he’d probably be DH’ing and only playing OF/1B as a backup.

While I think Logan and Warren is fair, I’d be willing to give up a better minor league pitcher to sweeten the deal.

Trading prospects for a player for just this year is, for fair and reasonable trades, short-sighted. The Yankees don’t appear to agree with me, but they should be using this as their last chance to flex their financial ability, and using their other assets to improve the teams during the $189 regime, since they won’t have the flexibility to spend even if a good opportunity comes along.

[7] I’m assuming that the Nats aren’t as dumb about this as the Yankees.  And admittedly they’ve got five good starters already, if Haren and Detwiler stay in two pieces.

Did I read above that Morse is a FA after this year? If so, why should we give up jack?  Evidently Grandy has no market due to that very argument/issue.  I’m not enthusiastic about trading Logan. He’s a lefty that can sometime get out the whole side in an inning.  Not simply one lefty and done.

I don’t see any reason to go after Morse if he’s a poor defender.

I’m trying to think about whether or not I’d give Morse a qualifying offer for 2014. If he breaks a 900 OPS again I might, and the qualifying offer matters when it comes to how we value him in a trade.

The Nationals don’t need starting pitching.

I was actually thinking they would try to swap Granderson for Morse before they got Span.

[19,20] Grandy surely has some market, we just don’t know what it is. Even in his down year he had a 116 OPS+ which is quite good. If some second division club were shopping Grandy now, the Yankees would certainly be in on him.

Morse doesn’t need to be much with the glove if he’s mostly going to DH. Having him around to play the field sometimes, even if he isn’t great, is also valuable. But clearly he is a bat-first acquisition who has a 132 OPS+ over the last three seasons.

Logan is a good pitcher and the platoon flexibility is nice. But IIRC the Yankees don’t really use him against RHBs in higher leverage situations, probably because he has allowed them to reach base almost 39% of the time in his career. So that doesn’t matter so much. He’s also a FA after this season.

You know who would be a nice lefty bat for DH, and 4th OF?  Barry Bonds.  I’ll bet he could roll out of bed and go .250/.400/.450.

[22] Grandy surely has some market, we just don’t know what it is.

I’m not sure if this is in response to what I said about Granderson.  I’m sure there is a market for him now - there’s always a market for a guy who can play CF and hit 40 homeruns.  I just remember thinking at the onset of the offseason that a Morse for Granderson swap might make sense with a few pieces added on each side to maybe help it make a little more sense.

That said, now that the Yankees have what looks like a limited offense, I think if you want Morse it can’t be at the expense of one of your better offensive players (Granderson.) And, the Nationals don’t need a CF anymore.

[24] It was actually in response to joeln saying that Granderson had no market. Agree with you, trading him makes no sense now.

[23] Did you see the article about his cycling with a picture of him? He could steal 30 bases again too.

Is it weird that the Mariners are interested? Getting crowded over there with guys who can hit and can’t field. Maybe there’s a Montero homecoming.

It looks like Hairston wants a starting job in the Mets, rather than playing with a wild card contender.
So it’s Morse or nothing for the Yanks.

Kubel is still available!

I wouldn’t mind if they invited Giambi to training camp.

[30] Concur. Old is the new youth.

My thoughts on Morse…

1) Logan and Morse are both FA after this year.  So…I think Morse is more valuable to Yankees than Logan.  I’d imagine if SG ran the numbers, flipping Logan for Morse would probably add about 1 win to the Yankees.

2) Morse adds a needed RH bat now, but ALSO more depth.  Depth for OF (Gardner gets hurt every year, Ichiro is 39), and 1B/DH (Teix has been getting injured, Youkilis as well, plus ARod).

3) I read somewhere that Nats want some SP depth - they’re fine on starting 5 but little thin.  That’s where Warren is useful as he’s obviously ML ready, but still has an option.  And he’s a perfect depth-type starter right now, but also has some upside.

4) Dave Cameron did an article on FG - head over to read - and I think Morse w/ a wRC+ of around 120 seems reasonable.

5) I’d be willing to go a little more than Warren (Logan is centerpiece), but not much.  Either Warren plus something (Betances? Adams?) small, or instead of Warren someone further away than Marshall.

Ten year contracts are such sweet deals for clubs.

2013 equals 1965?

Man, if I still ran this place, I could fix that.

That is pretty damn sweet.

Hey Larry, how goes it?

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