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Thursday, November 29, 2012

TGS NY: Source: Yanks’ Rivera deal imminent

The Yankees are finishing off a contract with closer Mariano Rivera and expect the deal to be completed by Friday, according to a baseball official who was consulted on the contract.
The two sides have agreed on the parameters of a one-year deal, the official said, and spent Thursday trying to finish off final details of Rivera’s salary and incentives.

Happy 43rd birthday to the best closer ever. 

Jon Heyman is reporting it as a $10M deal plus incentives.  Whatever the terms, I’m just glad we’ll have him back for one more year.

I guess we’re back, although still on the old host.  I’ll hopefully have things moved over at some point in the next few weeks and apologize for the possible disasters you may see when I get my hands into website managing.

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the website is back!


Russell Dean Martin to PIT, apparently.

A Martin/Burnett reunion?  I know who I’m picking for the NL Cy Young next year.

Can’t say I’m that broken up about Martin leaving.  Hopefully Cervelli works on his throwing this offseason.  He seems like their best chance to get an average hitting performance for a catcher.

Not a Martin fan. I’d try to pry Jaso from Seattle. Solid .OBP.

M’s aren’t really in a position to be giving up OBP.

5. True. There has to be someone out there… Rod Barajas?

Barajas is the reason the Pirates signed Martin.

I’m not shedding tears over losing Martin, but I am pissed if, as seems likely, Hal’s budgetary edict means we can’t acquire a decent catcher.  Unlike Mike K, I’m not sanguine about the prospect of going into the season with a catching cadre of Austin Romine Lettuce, Kristen Stewart and Francesca Cervix.  F*ck you Hal Steinbrenner.

Geeze though, I really can’t get worked up over Martin. Take out his first month with the Yankees and his overall line has to be pretty underwhelming. He looked like he was swinging a shovel up there.

Come on. Passing on Martin has been one of the biggest mistakes in the Cashman era. The guy is an outstanding defensive catcher with a solid OBP and power at the plate. He was one of my favorite players the past 2 seasons.

Really unbelievable that the Yankees did not even offer him a contract. Maybe he would have stayed with a 14/2 contract.


I was promised Evony ads.

Maybe Pierzynski’s interested in a crappy one year contract.

Unbelievable that Cashman traded Montero knowing that he would let Martin go after one year.

The Yankees told Martin they didn’t have the cash to sign him.  Yeah right.

10 Heyman tweeted Yanks offered 2 years at 12/14

Pierzinski’s OPS last year was .827.  He’s going to get a multi-year offer from somebody, even if he is 36.

10. Martin is a good player, but he’s very replaceable, in my opinion. i can understand the Yankees passing on paying him 8 million in 2014, when they can get similiar production at a far lower cost. They could even go into this season with Stewart/Cervelli and hope Romine steps up in spring training.

13—How do you figure Cashman knew he’d have to let Martin go after one year?

[17] Martino is a 2-3 win player without taking in to account his framing skills. How is he replaceable?

19—By luring Jorge out of retirement?

[18] Because he did not even offer him a contract. The guy would have stayed if the Yankees were willing to pay him 16 million for 2 years.

21—That’s speculation.  Even if it’s true, I’d lay the blame at Hal’s feet.

19. Is he going to be a 2-3 win player in 2014 though? .BA, .OPS, .OBP were all down from 2011. And 2011 is propped up mostly from a strong April. Eight million in 2014 may have been a bit of a risk. Also, when a player is not a premium power hitter, home runs can be an extremely fickle stat. That’s the danger in the B.J. Upton signing by the Braves (because his plate discipline is evaporating) That’s also a risk with Martin. I’d hate to see his numbers if he’s only cranking eight or nine homers. Look, I think he’s a good player, definitely not a bad player. But moving on from Martin strikes me more as an interesting move, at this point, then a bad move.

Yankee pitching was significantly better during the Martin years. I do believe there’s something a catcher can do to help pitchers pitch better.  I know there’s something difficult to prove, but by watching 160 games a year I can notice the difference of having Martino behind the plate.

I feel like we’re going back to the Joel Skinner/Bob Geren era.

Revenge of the revenge?

2yrs/16m seems within the realm of reason to me, and we passed on Martin because of the imperative of getting under the 189m cap in 2014.

Other options include Wil “Never Say” Nieves and Sal the Barber Fasano.

Matt Nokes? Flaherty? At least it would get him off YES.

Are any Molinas lurking?

Getting Flaherty out of the booth and back on the field is the best idea yet.  He’s a better catcher than an announcer.

I hear Butch “Oil and” Wynegar is available. 

Tony Pena, if the Sox haven’t hired him yet.

I’m mildly pissed off, my Yankee peeps.  Can anyone spare a klonopin?

I would email you some ativan, but I don’t think the feds would appreciate it.

Thank you, Tree.  It’s just that right now, I’m nonplussed. My plus is non.

[31] Sad but true.

How much do the Yankees have left to spend for the next year? They need a RF at the least. At this point, Napoli is looking kind of nice to split time between C and DH.

[37] Depends on whether the city would miss another few scoops of dirt from the new park where the ghosts roam.

Also, did I miss the definitive Ichiro! signing ? Or are we still in limbo ?

Someone on RAB posted this great pic: aNFPP.jpg

Honestly it’s either that or Jorge, considering Hal’s 2014 edict that we have to have the oldest team in baseball.

I hope this link doesn’t kill the server.

Wow look at the negativity!  What are the Yankees now after signing Kuroda, Pettitte, and Mo?  Maybe a 90 win team on paper?  Probably at this point projected to win the AL East?  But we’re freaking out?

Do I think they should have offered Martin the same deal?  Yes I do.  But I’m more with Mr. Waters; it’s interesting.  A little disappointing.  But it isn’t the end of the season.  Maybe there’s a trade out there to get a catcher for the next couple of years until Sanchez is ready.  Hundley from SD is a possibility.  Maybe they feel good about Romine.  Heck, maybe they even feel good about Murphey - not necessarily in April but by June.  IDK.  I do know, Martin wasn’t the key to this offseason.

I think this was a bad mistake.  I do not believe the Yankees know something we (and the Pirates) do not know.  I do believe that WAR underestimates catchers’ defensive contributions, which wind up looking like pitching instead.

I also find it “interesting,” but, although I have higher hopes for Cervelli and Romine than many do, I doubt either of them will ever be the defensive catcher (which will show up as pitching) that Martin is.

I am willing to return to this post two years from now and know I was right.

[41] I think it was a mistake, but not a bad one.  Martin is a good player, but he’s a non-elite catcher with an extensive injury history, who is turning 30.  There is some risk there, especially in 2014.  He may not be able to catch even 80 games in 2014, and Yankees can’t afford to spend $8.5MM on a backup catcher.  So I can understand why they are risk adverse there.  I think the risk is low enough - with a high enough reward - that it was worth-while.  But I don’t think this is a horrible mistake.

Here and RAB both - and with RAB I’m including Mike A not just commentators (which I rarely read) - a LOT of people have already given up on 2014.  So now the idea is, they should be going all-in for 2013.  That includes potentially overpaying for guys even if that means being LESS likely to pay players in 2014.  The idea being they’ve already consigned the Yankees to being at best an 84 win team, and that isn’t any better than a 78 win team.  It also sometimes includes blocking potentially useful players (such as Romine, some on RAB are happy to send Phelps back to AAA) from getting significant playing time in 2013, since the extra .5 wins by the veteran in 2013, are now deemed more important than the potential extra .5 wins in 2014 for cheap.

Really…this team as built is going to be competetive in 2013.  They already - ALREADY - have as good a chance as anyone of winning the WS.  So why not let the spare parts and fringe-starters be young, cheap players who can potentially contribute in 2014 and beyond?

I rather see them rebuilding this year than building a 90 win team. This was the last chance to have a 95 plus win team in a while. This is the end of the Yankee dynasty, not 2001. The Yankees won’t win 95+ games in the next decade

They’re already basically a 90 win team.

[43] I don’t think 2014 will be that bad, but fielding a 90+ win team is looking prettty remote if they don’t get some serious steps forward from the farm system.

Here and RAB both - and with RAB I’m including Mike A not just commentators (which I rarely read) - a LOT of people have already given up on 2014.

I haven’t seen too many people here even worrying about 2014, and we shouldn’t.  A lot can change in a year.  Oakland was supposed to stink in 2012, as was Baltimore, and neither team had the resources in 2012 that the Yankees will have in 2014.

They’ll lose Granderson, sign Cano, replace Mo with Robertson and Robertson with Joba and Joba with Montgomery.  The starting rotation is more nebulous, but can be fine depending on Nova, Pineda, Phelps and whether they keep Hughes.  Hopefully one or two of Tyler Austin, Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott force their way into the 2014 lineup.

Maybe none of those things work out and then it can be time to be concerned.

I’m not really worried about 2014.  I actually think it’ll be kind of fun.

While I think it’s good to establish some budgetary discipline to force some roster turnover and an injection of youth, it’s disconcerting to see the Yankees get outbid by the Pirates for a guy they seemed to genuinely want back. Still, if I accept the whole austerity plan as a given, I’m okay with letting Martin walk.  As Mike K points out, he’s got an injury history that has yet to hurt the Yankees, so it seems smart to quit Martin while they’re still ahead.

[46] Well yes.  I think specifically, the major-league ready players from the farm.  That would include Romine, Phelps, Warren, Nova, Joseph, Adams, Montgomery, Marshall and Whitley.  Even Nunez and Mesa.  And in the 2nd half of the year, it could also include Murphey, Segedin (needs to bounce back) Turley, either Almonte, and a few others.  These are players that have the potential to help in 2013 - if only a little - and could be looking at taking on major roles in 2014.  I think the team needs to get a better idea of what roles those will be soon, and where there is potential overlap (Adams and Joseph), which it makes sense to keep, and which to trade.

Definitely beyond that, they also need some of the older players to bounce back or at least not slide further, and potentially one (or more) of the high-impact minor-leaguers to take a leap and be ready for 2014.  Austin being the most obvious, but any of them *could* do it.

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