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Friday, March 23, 2012

TGS NY: Not all “doom and gloom” for Joba

* “I think it is too soon to be speaking in total doom and gloom terms,” Bell said.

* “I think the window is still open, it is going to be a matter of how he heals,” Bell said. She thought September or August was possible.

* A lot will depend on when after the ankle bone heals in six-to-eight weeks, how much range of motion he will have.

* The fact that he is a pitcher and not a hitter could help. Kendry Morales took two years to comeback from the injury. Rounding the bases were the toughest thing to return from.

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The NY Daily News headline said Joba lost a life-threatening amount of blood.  Yikes.  I wish him a complete and speedy recovery, and like rilkefan said, I hope his kid is okay too.

“a life-threatening amount of blood.”

Jeez.  That’s not going to help the kid either, huh?  Hopefully Joba’s back on the mound pitching well this year…

BTW Mal, thought this might amuse you.

[1] Damn, it takes a week plus to recover fully from simply giving blood, and they really don’t take that much. AT this point I’m just glad that Joba survived and that there is some hope for a successful recovery. I highly doubt we will see him in the majors this year though.

Thanks for the new thread. Not sure I could go back to the old one after #64.

[3] Thanks rilkefan.  That “argument” is largely self-referential.

[5] Thankz, yankz!!!

It was [62] that blew me away.
Had to read the article because I was sure Mal was making that up.
What an utter moron.

[7] Drunks say some funny shit when they’re pulled over, I remember from the police reports I read when I was a prosecutor.

Thread violation, but in light of [5] I’ll do it:

The 31-year-old Jenks agreed to a field sobriety test but said, according to the report, “I’m going to fail it.”

I think if he warns them he’s going to fail, they can’t use it against him, right ?

Also, “Life threatening” takes all the fun out of it. Here’s to wishing Joba recovers normal good health, baseball is a bonus after that.

[9] well he’s not admitting he’s drunk, my guess is that if he did not take the test, but only said that, then he’d probably be able to get out of the DUI, but he did admit to the hit and run. So there’s still that.

Baseball headlines on foxsports:

Yankees’ Chamberlain injured playing with son, has surgery
Red Sox’s Bobby Jenks arrested on DUI charge at strip club
Clemens prosecutors plan to have Pettitte testify on HGH use
Royals closer Joakim Soria to undergo surgery, miss season
Ex-MLB No. 1 pick Matt Bush arrested after violent DUI crash
Cards’ Chris Carpenter sidelined indefinitely with injury

As some guy I know might say - Jaysuz.

As some guy I know might say - Jaysuz.

Be careful around that guy. He’ll start trouble and get you thrown out of the stadium with himself.

Final Score:

Surgery 3

In the interest of Homerism, I would like to point out that Clemens was probably using in Toronto and Townie-Town, not just NY, and in any case Pettitte was an Astro at the time.

Also, Joba was playing with his kid, who probably has large doe-eyes and curly hair.

[11] Today was not a good day in baseball.

Pin, would it make you feel better if I said I heard Joba’s kid was plastered at the time?

[14] Don’t bait me. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I’m pro-ManateeJoba at the moment. At least until the stitches come out. Then I’ll probably turn on him again, and things could get ugly.

But until then, I’m solidly in his corner.

[15] Thanks, Pin.

Get well Joba. A few months ago I was horsing around with my dog, landed hard, and suffered a elbow fracture. And I was lucky. A worse break and I would have been in a cast for five or six months. I’d still be in cast! Life can knock you down when you least expect it. Things are usually way, way better for you than you can even perceive. (usually)

Jaysuz…take a day off and all fenway breaks loose..

You’re so damned irresponsible, Matt! Clearly you could never handle the burden of being a professional athlete.

[11, 12] Reds closer Ryan Madson getting TJS.

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