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Monday, December 10, 2012

TGS NY: Kevin Youkilis mulling Yanks’ offer

“Even when he was with the Red Sox, he always said he would love to play here someday,” Edward Youkilis said. “He said it would be an experience like no other.”

According to Joe Bick, Kevin Youkilis’ agent, the 33-year-old is “seriously considering” an offer from the Yankees that Bick and his client consider “very legitimate,” reportedly an offer for one year at $12 million.

Since no one’s offering nearly the same rate of pay I’m sure he is seriously considering their offer.

At the risk of being considered a bad Yankee fan, I never really hated Youkilis.  I didn’t like him, but I didn’t dislike him either.  I just hated seeing him at the plate because the Yankees could never get him out.

He’s not what he used to be, and it seems to me that signing a guy who’s a pretty big injury risk to back up your players that are either injured or at a risk of being injured is perhaps sub-optimal.  But if the Yankees are going to limit themselves to one year deals they don’t have a lot of options, and adding Youkilis should make them better.

Some of us may just have to hold our noses if it happens though.

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The Yankees have been pretty fortunate at getting value out of scrapheap pick-ups.

I’d rather have Youk than another season of Iguana at DH or Nuney holding down third.  He’s not a dead pull hitter, so he can take advantage of DNYS ... eh.  I rooted for Boggs and Clemens.

Root for the laundry, I guess.  But the first time he bitches at a called third strike I’ll likely be cringing in disgust.

“I just hated seeing him at the plate because the Yankees could never get him out.”

And…his face…

I wonder how George would feel about the Yankees having to wait to see if Youkilis will make them competitive for the second wild card.

I don’t mind Youkilis per se.  It’s his face I don’t like.  The first face transplant was performed here in Boston.  If he were in line, I would feel better about signing him.

Ichiro deal almost done, reports mlbtr.

If Youkilis can help us win major league games at the major league level I can probably get myself to think of him as a gritty grinder with his heart on his sleeve rather than a whiny douchebag who is in need of a good fastball in the ribs.

5) I laughed.

Can’t they just bring back Mike Pagliarulo?

Can they bring back Tom Tresh?

This past year we laughed, we cried, we fell in love, we got hurt, we got sad, we got happy, but more importantly, we hated the townies.

9) I laughed again.

“we hated the townies”

90% of success is just showing up.

We all hate TWN but bebop is at a different level.

I’m surprised Edwin Jackson has drawn so little interest to this point.

bebop is at the level of the shrooms and acid he took in college.

I’m surprised Edwin Jackson has drawn so little interest to this point.

He’d be interesting as a big one-year deal and then they could trade Hughes for a bat and hope that someone is ready to fill in for the spot in 2014 (Pineda, you better be good in 2014!).

In college it was nothing stronger then a seven and seven (ugh!).  Later on however the doors of perception opened a mite.

For those of you who don’t know, the “Doors of Perception” was a psychedelic rock band led by the late Jim Morrison.

What was the story with TWN again?  Did bebop come up with that or was it someone else?

If Mel Hall married Annie Hall, she’d be Annie Hall-Hall.  If Mel Hall married Brad Hall, holy shit because who remembers THAT fuckin’ guy?

I thought Pin came up with TWN.  In prison I’m more likely to marry Brad.

I came up with townies, Pin shortened it, I prefer the original.  If Conway Twitty married Kitty Kallen she’s be Kitty Twitty.  Married to Julia Louise L’Affaire Dreyfus.

Can he leave the obnoxious lil beards and bat wiggling at the door at least?

Seagram’s 7 is jet fuel.  I have no idea how it became so popular when Seagram’s makes such a fine VO blended whisky available.

I’m feeling youkilistic that a deal will happen.

Ethanol is hepatotoxic among other unpleasant effects.  I have no idea how it became so popular when nature makes such a fine alternative available.

38 Top Stories on MLBTR about recent player acquisitions, Yanks are the acquiring team in none of them. Do something.

[19, 20] Yes, that’s how it happened. “Townies” was catching on and not only because of the quality and quantity of anti-Boston rants from bebop. I pioneered replacing BOS with TWN in the box score, and references to Townie-town (ht to Jesse Jackson).

Youklis mulls whine

I have a bit of a problem with townies as a derisive nickname. Doesn’t it come from what the people who go to the fancy schools in New England call the regular people who live and work in the towns where those schools are? So I always feel weird using the same derisive nickname that some elitist Ivy League douche uses to describe the everyday joes who serve him coffee on the way to school (note - nothing against Ivy Leaguers in general, by the way, just the douches who treat the regular people around them badly).

There’s a blog or column or whatever in the NYT called “Townies”, about life in NYC.

I think everyone at Cornell referred to the townsfolk as “townies”, including the townsfolk.  Though on reflection the only locals I knew were classmates who were the children of professors.  I didn’t realize it was considered negative - dunno if “townsfolk” would be better, and “Ithacans” seems a bit clunky.

rilke, I’m pretty sure “townies” was at least slightly condescending.  Ithacans may have re-appropriated it, but still.  We are the people Cronin hates.

[28] In the case of Boston, it’s a reference to Charles Town—immortalized in the movie “The Town.”  Not a town/gown thing AFAIK.

And speaking of Affleck-directed movies, “Argo” was really excellent.

Yeah Argo was terrific, the best “action” movie in years.
Another really good underappreciated one is End of Watch.  As for townie its as UJD said in #31

A while back I was on IMDB chasing down the cast from Leverage and ended up going through Timothy Hutton’s filmography to Taps. There are cast members called “townies” which were the locals that started the fight where the kid gets shot. Taps was set at the fictional Bunker Hill Academy in Boston.

So it seems to me to be fairly common usage for locals, perhaps not limited to being Ivy League in-speak. I see it being as derogitory as folks down the jersey shore calling non-locals “bennies”.

In the interest of egalitarianism, I’d be willing to drop the term, on the condition that a more derogitory name for Boston fans can be found and agreed upon.

Townsfolk makes me think of villagers with torches in a horror movie.

[30] We have met the enemy…

Ok, I thought in Boston context, Townie was more about the people there calling it the “Olde Towne,” and Peter Gammons relentlessly romanticizing it. In that case, I have no problem in it being derisive. It probably deserves all the derision, and then some.

Although I liked living in Boston, actually. My hatred is confined mainly to Red Sox, and to a smaller extent, Patriots. I found them relatively harmless as they played almost in Rhode Island. And I don’t mind the Celtics all that much except for Rajon Rondo and Krazy Kevin Garnett.

Via the urban dictionary, the #1 usage is a British slang term to describe…hmm…I’m trying to think of the American equivalent. White trash, perhaps?

But the #2 usage was:

Outside of England, this is a term used by students who have went to a new city for school to describe the natives of that town. It is often seen as derogatory by those who use it, but townies themselves often embrace it as a badge of honor.

That’s how I understand the meaning. Like the kids in Breaking Away. They were called “townies” by the University of Indiana kids.

I heard the term used frequently in State College to describe the population of local gomers who had no connection to the school. It’s considered derogatory and is used in the manner of “I’m just living in this crumb town for now to get my degree, what’s your excuse?”

Funny how no one who lives in NYC ever got called a townie, though.

Both meanings exist—the broader elitist use of the term townie that pricks Cronin’s conscience, and the Boston-specific meaning.  As for me, I have no morality, because morality just gets in the way.

[28] I went to a mid-sized PA State School, and we called the locals “townies”, e.g. “that’s a townie bar”.  It was meant derisively, just like they refered to us as, “those mother$*@! bastards on the hill!”  They started it.  Surely.

[32] Agreed.

Is Argo based on Jason Giambi and the Argonauts?

True story: I went running around Fresh Pond in Cambridge with Ben Asslick in 1997.  It was after the release of Chasing Amy, on the eve of the release of Good Will Hunting, and before my indictment.

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