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Sunday, December 3, 2017

TGS: Kurkjian: ‘Boonie’ ready to do a great job for Yankees

Aaron Boone had not told them that Bob Boone was his famous father, which tells you a lot about Aaron Boone, who is a normal, well-grounded guy, more like the common man than any major league player I’ve ever met. With a grandfather, a father and a big brother who played in the big leagues—the only three-generation family of All-Stars in major league history—he’d have opportunity to be arrogant, pretentious and condescending, but he is the opposite. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he plays fantasy football and baseball, he loves USC football, he is self-deprecating. You can poke fun at him and he loves to poke fun at others. He is a great communicator and he can, and will, talk to anyone about anything. All of this says that in this new day of managing, where people skills are more important than anything, Aaron Boone is an excellent choice to manage the New York Yankees.

He has no managerial experience, but he has been around the game for his entire life. And for his entire life, he has paid attention, he is one of the most observant people I have ever met, which is a crucial part of being a manager, and partially explains how he can imitate virtually any batting stance, or pitching motion, of any player over the past 35 years. Pete Rose. Larry Bowa, Ichiro. Dave Winfield. Tommy John. Rick Sutcliffe. A-Rod. Rod Carew. All of them perfect down to the last detail, a facial twitch, the pursing of lips. “I’m working on my Joe Torre,” he once told me.

If Boone really does have the people skills mentioned here and elsewhere, that will go a long way towards helping him be a successful manager.  Obviously he’ll need to be up to the job tactically as well, but as the article mentions he’s pretty much lived in MLB for 44 years and he’s probably a learned a thing or two in that time.  You also have to assume he’s going to be taking direction from the Yankees’ analytic group (although we don’t necessarily know if that’s going to be good or bad).  I’d like to think it’ll be good, perhaps with some bumps along the way.

Now go get Shohei Ohtani and trade Jacoby Ellsbury and I’m ready for 2018.

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What would Ellsbury on a three year contract get on the open market?

He wouldn’t get three years at his age.  He has some value though especially because he can play cf.  2/24?

Agreed. But he’s signed for three years. I’m trying to see how much of his contract could be eaten in a trade. I would take 24 MM in a heartbeat. I would have thought it would be much less.

Different circumstances though.  2/24 on the open market maybe, but in trade to a team that knows the Yanks want to get rid of him, maybe less.

This is before getting into the fact that Smells has a full NTC, which he could likely demand they pick up his player option for the fourth year to agree to waive.

I think Ellsbury would be unlikely to get more then $3m for one.

People suggest that Boone must have good people skills, and his ability to communicate…

This dude has been on TV for years, it seems to me that anybody who has listened to him should already have an opinion about these skills.  You shouldn’t need to hear it from a writer or a GM or anyone else.  He has had a platform to speak about baseball and I have heard him enough to form my opinion.  He is wrong quite often about what is happening in a game, or what move a manager is going to make.  And he interrupts his cohosts all the time, often discounting or opposing their opinions or their suggestions for in-game moves.  IMHO, he seems like kind of a pompous dummy who can’t admit when he is wrong, even when it is obvious to everyone.  Jessica Mendoza seems to have a better feel for the flow of the game than Boone does, or maybe she is just better at communicating it.  I wonder if there are any clips of him during that game when Chapman gave up the home run to Rafael Devers on Youtube - IIRC there might be some good examples of what I mean in that game.

Ohtani has told #yankees they won’t sign with them, Cashman says


Ohtani will not sign with the Yankees. Brian Cashman told reporters tonight, including Brendan Kuty, that Ohtani informed them he will not sign with the team.

Apparently Cashman said Ohtani wants to play in a smaller market and on the West Coast.

There were rumors about him wanting to avoid the spotlight which makes me wonder, how many superstars want to avoid the spotlight?


Oakland is the only small west coast market so enjoy that, I guess.

He’s meeting with SF and Seattle. FUCK HIM! What’s Plan B?

Twinkies and townies out. Denver and Arizona sound like good landing spots. He just doesn’t have the heart necessary to be a Yankee.

Pulling for Colorado and Seattle at this point.

Say hello to the Yankees newest bonus baby, Kevin Maitan.

Yankees biggest need a DH part time 1b A/O OF or a starting pitcher or ??

We need a starter, that’s about it. Our 5 man OF can easily handle DH/back up 1B. CC will hopefully be ok with a one year deal.

Would’ve been great to have him, but if he’s not comfortable in a huge city, better to recognize that now. My guess is he will end up a Mariner.

The Yankees should go after Avila to BUC. (Romine was easily their worst regular during last season) They could split catcher innings down the middle between him and Sanchez during the regular season then have Sanchez DH 60 or so games. Keeps Sanchez bat in the lineup and keeps him fresh throughout the year. Use the other 100 games to rest other players and get some of their 5 OFers extra ABs.

CC on a one year deal seems like the best bet. (Or two year deal with club option, maybe something like 2/20 with a $5M buyout on year two) No need to sign a non-elite pitcher to a multiyear deal to block a spot in the rotation when they have some prospects who could be ready to take a rotational spot this season and 4 rotational spots already locked up long-term (Tanaka 3 years, Severino 4 years, Montgomery 5 years, Gray 2 years).

Posted a week or two ago that I did not think Ohtani would sign with the Yankees. I had read a few things about him and it seemed to me he did not want the big spotlight. Now his people say the Yankees cannot make themselves West Coast or small market.

Yeah, good luck with that. Ohtani can toil as the biggest fish in the smaller ponds. Given his preference to avoid spotlight, how much can you trust him when he’s got to start game one of a post-season series?

If he chooses the Rockies, good luck with that. High altitude, different ball.

Avila actually said he would take a backup job, which I took as directed at the Yanks.

Did Ohtani’s agents explain to him that MLB teams are on the road half the year, and that he will have to play nationally televised games in big cities? And that there are a couple sports only channels that broadcast games and highlights all day & night?

You can’t hide in this game.


[7] I mean I think it’s mostly that announcing and managing aren’t at all alike? I mean your argument is literally: I’ve listened to him do some announcing so I know him better than these people?

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