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Monday, March 13, 2017

TGS: CC Sabathia after rough outing: ‘The body feels good’

TAMPA, Fla.—CC Sabathia found a big positive during a rocky spring training outing—no issues with his troublesome right knee.

The New York Yankees left-hander lasted just two-thirds of an inning Sunday, allowing six runs and six hits in a 10-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves.

“The body feels good,” Sabathia said. “I was letting some (pitches) go, and I had no problems. As far as the knee, you want to get that out of the way. Make sure you can push off as hard as you can, land and be good. I wanted to accomplish that in the game and I did.”

Sabathia was making his second exhibition start after having arthroscopic surgery in October on his knee. His ailing knee caused him to go on the disabled list in 2014 and 2015.

On Sunday, he was pulled after 10 batters and 33 pitches.

“I’ve got to do a better job of not letting it unravel,” Sabathia said. “I didn’t make pitches.”

The 36-year-old Sabathia is in the last year of his contract and hasn’t had a winning season since 2013. He made 30 starts in 2016, going 9-12 with a 3.91 ERA. He is 223-141 overall in his 16-year career.

We shouldn’t really care about a spring training shellacking, but I’m not particularly optimistic CC can put up another sub 4 ERA this season even if he was lights-out this spring.  CAIRO’s baseline forecast for him is a 4.32 ERA in 155 innings, and that would be worth about 2.0 WAR.  I’d take that in a heartbeat.

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CC’s strategy to stay healthy for 35 starts is to keep them all under 40 pitches.

Quick Question about Harper. Will he get the first 20 year contract from the start, or will the 20 years be an extension negotiated after he opts out in year 2 ?

I remember there was a time people thought CC was going to be the last 300 game winner.

Yeah, now even 250 seems distant. Wins suck though.

Didn’t Smellsbury get the first 20 year contract?  Or does it just feel like he was signed for 20 years?

Why oh why didn’t Smellsbury get an opt-out?

[4] Would it have mattered? If he had an opt-out after 3 years he’d have to have been insane to exercise it.

The club should have gotten an opt-out.

[4] He wouldn’t take it. We’d need a club option, i.e. the choice to Gillooly him onto the perma-DL.

Didn’t the Allman Brothers write a song from TRO’s point of view Whipping Post.

I still remember that offseason, how I was laughing at the team that was going to sign him to a $20 million-a-year long term deal. Only I thought it was going to be Seattle.

The thing that kills me the most about the Ellsbury deal is that it has somehow managed to suck even worse than I thought it would at the time. I thought that they’d at least get a single 5 WAR season out of him before it fell apart. Like I thought he could at least replicate his 2013 season in 2014 before the bottom fell out. But he couldn’t even do THAT much. Ugh.

I know he wouldn’t take it.  Turn up the sensitivity on your sarcasm detector.

[9] Seattle tried so hard to be that team. They offered him a NINE YEAR DEAL!!!!!!!!1!!!1111 but he didn’t want to play there. I hate Smellsbury so farnsing much.

[8] I played Whipping Post with some friends at my wedding, screaming the lyrics at my wife with gusto (I play guitar).  We were supposed to play something with a more wedding-positive message, but our drummer was 13 sheets to the wind and this was the song he was most familiar with.

I went to a wedding once where the groom had the DJ play The Toadies’ Possum Kingdom.

... I assume they’re not married anymore.

13 Cool. I got Darlng Come Home Soon sung by the Rabbi’s wife in my very secular wedding.

Gleyber 2/3 now 421/1271 maybe he’s some kind of a protege like Al Kaline or Mike Trout.

What was Jeter when he started age-wise in 95? 20 years old? Mantle was 20 in 51, I believe. This Gleybar kid is not overmatched. He should at least be at AAA.

I’m ready for some of the dregs to be shipped out. Tired of them replacing our good players. I know-its Spring Training, but this year its been more fun than in recent past.  When I mention dregs that includes Headley, Ells and others.

We could have a pretty good offensive team, but I sure don’t like the starting pitching as it now sits.  We may just to have to take our lumps this year in further hope of development of people like Torres, Frasier, Bird, Sanchez, Judge to name a few.

Is it possible that their other prospects have developed to the point where they could put together a decent trade for Quintana without including Judge, Torres or Rutherford?

Despite the five runs, Johnny Barbato remains my favorite Yankee/Goodfellas Character Cut From the Movie name of the last two years.

(18) Mateo is one guy who just looks tremendously gifted.  I would have to think he’s going to get it all together pretty soon. Question is what degree of interest Sox might have in him at this point and how much value they assign him in a package.
I think he’s a good chip and has looked good in ST. Others:  Maybe Severino, Green, Mitchell, Wade, Andujar, Higashioka. I would be prone to consider Sheffield, but very reluctant to let him or Kaprellian go.  I would like to give Frasier another year of development to see what he might be and I think front office feels same way.

[20] I don’t think it’s likely that the FO makes a move to shore up the 2017 team right now. There’s just too much uncertainty, even a player as good as Quintana still likely only gives them a better chance at a Wild Card spot.

If the Yankees are within striking distance of the division this summer, we might see some win-now moves. But more than likely, we’ll see some patience with the rookies and prospects at least until next year.

Another ST loss.  I call them the TANKees!

I don’t think it’s likely that they will make a move, either, but I don’t think Quintana is necessarily just a 2017 move, ya know? They have three legitimately decent starters and all three of them are free agents after this year and one of them will probably not actually be decent this year (heck, two of them might not be decent).

[18,20] sure, it’s possible. But you’d be giving up everything but them. I’d think Bird, Frazier plus a couple young pitchers or something. Chicago isn’t giving up 4 years of 3-4 wins for some low A lottery tickets. Not 5hat I’m saying it’s not worth it, but acquiring Quintana is going to hurt.

[21] I don’t see Quintana as a 2017 move. This team badly needs pitching beyond the coming season and he should be good for all 4 years he has left. This is why he’s so appealing and why I want him.

[17] I am curious who our “good player” was at 3B that “dreg” Headley replaced ?

[18,20] White Sox don’t need middle IFs (Moncada, plus Tim Anderson who had a solid rookie year and is under team control). They also don’t need RHPs (a million in the pipeline). However they’re very shallow w/ OF bats - it’s basically Melky plus IPK out there - and they’re kinda thin at C too. I imagine that Chicago would open by asking for both Judge + Clint Frazier, and to get Quintana the Yankees would have to part with at least one of those two plus probably some high-upside prospects (Sheffield?) and either Romine or Higashioka.

They could pitch Mateo as a possible center fielder!

[26] If your package is Frazier, Sheffield and Higashioka, I’d do that so fast your head would spin. I imagine the Yankees would too. I’m pretty sure the White Sox would hang up the phone and then call you back to hang up again.

[25]  Solarte, who is a better and cheaper player than Headley.

[29] WAR since they traded places:

Headley: 5.8
Solarte: 4.8

Yes, Solarte is cheaper and younger. A younger, cheaper “dreg”.

[29] Also, like, you KNEW that Solarte, a 26 year old NRI, was going to be an average starter? Even when other teams apparently didn’t?

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