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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Red Sox (65-50) @ Yankees (61-53), Saturday, 8/12/2017, 04:05p ET

Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz (L): (120.2 IP, 3.36 ERA, 3.1 RA-9 WAR) vs. Yankees: Luis Severino (R): (139.1 IP, 2.91 ERA, 4.3 RA-9 WAR)

Red Sox


I have a bad feeling about this game series.

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Gardner LF
Hicks RF
Judge DH
Sanchez C
Gregorius SS
T. Frazier 3B
Headley 1B
Ellsbury CF
Torreyes 2B
Severino P

I guess Tanaka’s not gonna opt out..

Is that so bad?

[2,3] Unless you think Tanaka is totally broken, Tanaka not opting out is great for the Yankees.

Lunch at Yonah Schimmel. Yum.

Jordan Montgomery was hit in the right side of the head by a line drive while signing autographs during batting practice this afternoon. He was helped off the field and reportedly held a towel up to his head in the dugout for a few minutes before exiting back into the clubhouse.

1:03pm ET: Joe Girardi described the injury as fatigue, or a dead arm. There’s no structural damage and the Yankees are essentially planning to give Tanaka a ten-day break. He won’t throw for five days before getting back to it. That’s not so bad, as long as that’s all it really is

[6] fucking hell. This team has dealt with some really tough injuries, but at this point, they are pretty snake-bit. Not Mets level, but still…

Who was hitting? Was it an act of war?

Man, that was borderline at best.

That WAS a ball.

That wasn’t.

Can’t sleep on the middle of the order’s opposite field power, even if they don’t play to it as much as they should.

The guy the townies used to steal Pomeranz still hasn’t pitched this season.

[6] Can we please bubble wrap all our players when they’re not on the field? This is ri-god-darn-diculous.

Uhhh… what’s happening all of a sudden here?

Tipping pitches? How does THAT happen all of a sudden? But the walks first… could the Red Sox have poisoned/drugged Severino?

As soon as UJD goes to a game, this is what happens.

Will we ever have an actual ace again?  Or did Selig put in the bylaws that the Yankees cannot have an ace?

[19] UJD is probably pissed.

That’s more like the Yankees I know.

Yeah once every 3 or 4 weeks the Yankees will actually TAKE ADVANTAGE of a golden opportunity. Bases loaded no out, weak ground ball (what no done play), pop out, pop out. They love the pop outs to kill really rallies.

Only good thing I was watching Netflix while Sevvy self destructed.

I Surrender the season. If Sevvy’s not going to be consistently good dats it. And yeah it doesn’t matter but last night TOE took a pitch and drove the ball, today when they were giving away a run he’s back to hacking away.

The Yankees have had better days than this.

Pomeranz is definitely good enough to stand this score up. Bad time to have a dud Severino.

Oh I see now Todd’s fielding didn’t help Sevvy’s cause.  Pomeranz and Sale gifts of the magi (Selig).

On the vaguely bright side, this is all just one game. These runs don’t carry over to tomorrow. So there’s still a chance at winning 1-0 in the 15th tomorrow.

40-man spots are pretty valuable, why are they wasting it on Gallegos and Caleb Smith? Everyone knows these guys aren’t anything but AAA filler. With Tanaka and CC down, isn’t it time to try Chance Adams? Hell, if they really need mop up duty, pretty sure Adams can do just as well. And if he’s sitting up in the majors, pitching only when they need a mop up guy or a swingman out of the BP, then great! You need to curb his innings any way. I don’t get it. If Chance Adams isn’t a better option than Gallegos and Smith right now, then Chance Adams isn’t a real baseball prospect.

26 The Yankees have had better two months than this. Six under 500 since June 10. And sure Sevvy was bad but I’m much more annoyed with the 4th inning offense’s shitting the bed which is something we’ve seen way too much of already this year.

[31] At least they do something consistently well.

[30] You’d have to think that Adams is the obvious choice now. I get that the Yankees don’t think he’s quite ready, but he’s putting people down in AAA and the Yankees desperately need starting pitching.

Like you pointed out, there’s plenty of fungible players on the 40-man.

33 Obvious but I’m betting against it.

Adams’ GB/FB rate is a real concern.

As much as Judge’s performance declined in July to a mere slump he’s been that much worse in August hitting 132 with a 535 OPS.  I mean he wasn’t just on fire for a month but for half a season and right now he’s possibly the worst hitter on the team and on this team that takes some doing.

Some clutch hitting there from Headley and Els. #Yankees2017.

God that was awful.  I really hate Todd Frazier.  I screamed fuck you really loud after the second misplay which scandalized my daughter. 

Also, Todd Frazier lost the “play a fan in trivia” game which more or less encapsulates him.

[36] Yet he continues to play and bat 3rd.

[38] Your poor daughter. Did she move elsewhere after that outburst of yours? Like home?

39 I guess Binder thinks as Judge goes so goes the team so they’re hoping for his renaissance.

[35] He’s an extreme flyball pitcher. That’s not going to change. He’s probably not the best match for DNYS, but he’s almost certainly the best option the Yankees have.

Ben Gamel .197/.221/.273 since July 24. He’d fit right in.

Judge is 3 games shy of breaking Duun’s record for consecutive games with a strikeout.

Bryce Harper tears two ligaments in his knee.

Ken Rosenthal
BREAKING: Preliminary tests from #Nationals team doctors show that OF Bryce Harper has a torn ACL and PCL. MRI scheduled tomorrow.

That sucks.

Looks like Google mislead me, that is not the real Ken Rosenthal account, yet Google has it on page one of a search for Bryce Harper. Harper was taken off the field and could not put any weight on the knee, so it remains to be seen what injury he did suffer.

This seems to be a real account.

Dan Kolko
Bryce Harper is up and walking around without much of a limp. Had his leg wrapped below the knee but no brace or anything.

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