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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rays (63-54) @ Yankees (71-45), Friday, August 12, 2011, 7:05pm

TBR: David Price (25, LHP, 9-10, 3.89) vs. NYY: CC Sabathia (30, LHP, 16-6, 2.81)

Tampa Bay
Jennings LF
Damon DH
Longoria 3B
Zobrist RF
Upton CF
Rodriguez 2B
Kotchman 1B
Shoppach C
Johnson SS

Jeter SS
Granderson CF
Teixeira 1B
Cano 2B
Swisher DH
Jones RF
Martin C
Nunez 3B
Gardner LF

Heading into tonight, the Yankees have a nine game lead on the Rays (in the loss column) with 45 games remaining.  The Rays have 46 games remaining and it’s not very likely that they’d be nine games better than the Yankees over a bit more than one-quarter of the season.  That being said, the Rays do have a trump card, and it’s the fact that of their last 46 games, nine are against the Yankees.  Unfortunately for them, six of those nine games are at DNYS, starting with tonight’s.

So basically, the Yankees can probably make it just about impossible for the Rays to catch them by winning five of those games.  Can they start that with a win tonight?  Hopefully, unless it becomes a save situation.

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Cash: ““The stuff on A.J. is well overblown ... A.J. Has been solid for us this year.

Must be some other AJ he’s been watching. Where is that AJ and how can we get him in pinstripes?

Cashman’s probably trying to show A.J. they have confidence in him.  If they think there’s anything to him being a headcase, it probably doesn’t help anything to critique him.  I’m guessing Cashman doesn’t really believe it.

Then again, in terms of value, Burnett hasn’t really been that bad until recently.  He did suppress BABIP for most of the year which kept his RA/ERA down, but now that the correction’s come it’s been ugly.

Honey Badger IS the strikezone

I like how SG saved the snark in his lead in till the final sentence.

Always keep ‘em guessing.

Honey Badger IS the strikezone

Unless he’s facing Boston.

When did Gameday start playing 30 ads?

Arod rehab watch. 1-1 HR.

Arod rehab watch. 1-1 HR.

His MLE is 0 for 1, 1 K.

Wow, tough crowd, these SABRmetricians.

HA ! Now he’s 2-2, HR, 2B. Beat that !

[12] 2-2 2 1B: playing the game the right way.

[14] Yup, even in rehab games, Arod likes to paddle his stats.

[13] Quoted for truth.

CC both looks and pitches like Forest Whitaker.

Can we score any runs off the ghastly Vincent Price?

What the Fuck is happening?

Man, CC sucks.  And he’s doing it at such a perfect time of the year…..

We’re losing and it’s not even a save situation.

Has CC ever allowed 3 HR in one inning ?

Seems like an odd time to ask that question.
(Oh, you meant - before this?)

According to GD, that was a HR by Nyunyeyey.

Sorry, meant of course before this fiasco. Honey Badger my ass.

And some say you can’t predict baseball.

Has CC ever allowed 3 HR in one inning ?

Once, before tonight.

May 1, 2007 vs. Toronto

He’s allowed three HRs in a game six (now seven) times, but never more than that.  So he’s got a good shot at setting his new career high tonight.

At least we won’t have to see WWWMW™ tonight.

The Angels scare me a heck of a lot more than the Rays. So them winning 4-0 is irritating.

I mean, eight game leads in mid-August are usually safe, so I shouldn’t be worried, but still…

[29] Interestingly enough, CC won that battle of aces.

Swisher wants to learn how to catch.

Pepper Leach:You want me to go get him?
Lou Brown: No, keep him in. Let’s see how he reacts.
Lou Brown: Interesting.

CC to the pen?

I’m glad CC didn’t pitch that well, because it means he’s in a funk and that the Red Sox aren’t necessarily his Kryptonite.  Right?

Strong start to the bottom of the sixth.

Plus D Martin, minus D Nuney

39—was thinking the same thing….

CC knows this team is making the playoffs and can’t catch the Red Sox. He’s just bored.

CC Hughes but solo HRs never hurt you

Well, we all knew CC’s HR rate was due for regression. I just didn’t think it would happen all in one game.

Not to worry Hughes going tomorrow and Sunday Garcia/Shields so we’ll at least split the next two.

Did Sterling really just say “the closer on Tampa is Kyle Farnsworth”? How is that true??

I assume we’re back on the “Let him walk, I dare him” bandwagon again.

Montero HR, Betances strong game.

[52] Montero is making a strong case to be called up. Betances’ last several starts have been low walk affairs. I approve.

[53] Does CC have options ?

CC could be our back up Loogy

Season Over. Thank Cthulu the NFL strike is over.

How’re the Jints looking ?

If Hughes pitches well I might skip Fredo and Bart a turn each to keep them healthy.  Big if.  Hate the NFL.

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