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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rays (5-3) @ Yankees (3-4), Wednesday, 4/12/2017, 01:05p ET

Rays: Blake Snell (L): (6.2 IP, 5.40 ERA,-0.2 WAR,  vs. Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (L): NR

1. Steven Souza Jr. (R) RF .370/.485/.593
2. Kevin Kiermaier (L) CF .267/.371/.367
3. Evan Longoria (R) 3B .241/.343/.483
4. Rickie Weeks Jr. (R) 1B .250/.333/.375
5. Corey Dickerson (L) DH .310/.355/.586
6. Derek Norris (R) C .190/.217/.190
7. Daniel Robertson (R) 2B .300/.300/.300
8. Tim Beckham (R) SS .125/.160/.167
9. Peter Bourjos (R) LF—/.286/—

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF .348/.375/.565
2. Aaron Hicks (S) LF .300/.417/.400
3. Matt Holliday (R) DH .364/.533/.591
4. Chris Carter (R) 1B .154/.250/.308
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B .310/.310/.414
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B .375/.483/.667
7. Aaron Judge (R) RF .261/.320/.565
8. Kyle Higashioka (R) C—/—/—
9. Pete Kozma (R) SS—/—/—

I still have no idea how the Yankees have opened a 40 man roster spot for Montgomery, but we should know soon I guess.

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Even is hilariously just listing 41 men on the 40-man roster. smile

Looking at all of the names, I think it has to be Johnny Barbato. They’re stretching him out as a starter, so it is unlikely that they would call him up to pitch in relief this year, and if they’re not going to do that, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of value. I think he’d probably even sneak through waivers.

It is Barbato.  Remember when the Yankees traded Shawn Kelley for him?  The Shawn Kelley who has since struck out 148 in 112.1 innings with a 2.80 ERA and 2 bWAR.

That trade annoyed me at the time since it seemed to be motivated out of saving cash.

I thought it was also 40 man roster related?  Does that make this move ironic?

It was. They wanted to free up a 40-man spot (and cash, of course). Actually, looking back, I think I’m confusing Kelley with Wilson. Wilson was totally a money move. Kelley was stuck behind a bunch of guys going into 2015 and then he was going to be a free agent, so I didn’t actually mind that deal at the time. Barbato was always a lottery ticket, but since Kelley was going anyways, I was fine with a lottery ticket for him.

Of course, Cash totally nailed the Wilson trade, so I was wrong about that one in retrospect!

What a depressing inning. It looked perfect and felt apart like Pineda.

Yeah, that was a real shame.

Whoa, I was away from my PC. Checked in on gameday - 2 swinging Ks and a walk to Longoria (was he squeezed? 4 straight balls seemed odd). Looking good. Get back to my machine: 2 runs.

Ah, HR. SSS says that Montgomery will not be able to continue his extreme HR suppression in the ML.

[9] Gameday says that pitch 3 to Longoria was a clear strike. Shit happens though.

[11] Yes it was, but he was ahead 0-2 to Weeks and did not throw a good pitch after that, that cost him

[12] Solid bounceback inning though. Montgomery isn’t the kind of guy that flashes dominance. But, he seems like a guy who can come in and perform at a sustainable acceptable level off the bat. I remain optimistic.

You guys have GOT to read this insane drivel Mike Lupica got paid to post on

[13] I am optimistic too. I hope he gets the chance to start 10-15 games regardless of the results.

Lots of swings and misses so far. I am more depressed about that HR now than when it happened.

I really wish the offense steps up and comes back to win this one just for Monty’s sake, this team is going anywhere still

[15] Do you think he was paid on a total word count or an “Ace” word count?

You know, I more or less agree with what he’s trying to say an Ace is different from a number 1 (I disagree that every team has a number 1). But he’s so terrible and inconsistent about what being an Ace entails that the entire article just sounds like he’s 4 beers deep trying to explain the concept of an Ace to some guy at a bar.

Oh yeah, “Aces” are definitely different than #1 starters, but then he just goes through the teams with just “Ace. Not ace. Ace. Ace. Not ace. Not ace. Ace” without anything to back it up other than his determination. It’s hilariously bad writing.

13 Yankees have not had much luck with guys who flash brilliance maybe a crafty LHP is what we need.

Helluva throw. Out or inconclusive.

Castro is one of the worst defensive 2B in my life. He is no bnetter than Kozma as an all around player, let alone Torreyes who is at least 1 WAR better than him.

[20] Crafty, sure. But not nearly hefty enough.

[19] Back, and to the left.

Monty’s getting hit hard this inning, big test here with 2 on and 2 outs

Yay Montgomery!

I bet Montgomery accumulates more career WAR than Matz.  Who’s taking?

Are all Yankee games day games now?

They’re being owned by Blake Snell. Not good.

[28]  Was just going to say that.  Ninja’d!

Huge K. Thought that was the 3rd out. I guess 89 pitches is a lot for a rookie but I’d have left him out there.

I’d have left him in too.  He was having a good first start, let him get through five if you can.  It’s more about learning than winning here as the Yankees can’t touch Snell anyway.

Me too, Mitchell’s not exactly a world beater.  If he can pitch to Longoria he can pitch to Weeks.

Was that error as bad as it sounded?

Fuck Castro

Not the greatest line, but an overall solid debut.

So… when does Torres replace Castro? July?

I venture to say that Dead Fidel Castro would be better at 2B.  Plus a great clubhouse presence.  Imagine the hortatory speeches!

[36]  Absolutely.  I think the Yankees and MItchell both have to be encouraged.  I am.

Yeah, if the offense had done its job, he’d have gone through five and might be in line for a win. So I’m fine with his performance.

Why not PH here for Kozma???

Why not PH here for Kozma???

Come on man, you can’t let Kozma hit here.

I don’t see how you let Kozma bat here.

Hey, anyone else have some thoughts on Kozma vis a vis this AB?

I’m a little surprised Snell is pushing 115 pitches in the fifth in April.

Good at-bat by Kozma, but yeah, no way he should be allowed to hit there. What. you’re helping the confidence of a bench player who will be cut as soon as Didi is healthy? What’s the point?

I’m shocked by that result. I really thought it was going to be a GIDP.

I do not like Girardi like I used to

Ellsbury has seen, like, 4 pitches all game.

Just when you start to have some kinder feelings towards this team, they pull this bullshit.

[48] Sucker. 4-6-3 gets a run in.

This at least gets Snell out of the game. There’s still a lot of baseball to be played.

Oh man, those last two Hicks drives were brutal. JUST foul each time. Good hacks.

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

best possible outcome?

130 pitches through 4/23!  That’s crazy.  He was still throwing gas, but still.

[56] Your count may be a tad off there UJD.

56—I’d like a graph of MLB starting pitchers over the past 50 yrs or so, with one line for number of innings thrown and the other for number of pitches:  would the divergence be as large as I think?

58—Heh.  Both guys were on pace to throw 90+ through 5 tho…

Oh I see…I thought those numbers were strikes and balls, not total pitches-strikes.

Well, it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong, but it will be the last.*

*Second half of sentence is incorrect.

Thank god for Tampa’s bumblefuckery.

Who thinks this will be Carter’s TYM?


Chris Carter is so strong that even his pop-ups look like home runs. It’s nuts.

Wrong kind of rally-killer Carter…

Such a typical Yankee rally - walks, error, WP. They were just a catcher’s interference away from tying the score.

Anybody wonder why Bird didn’t hit for Carter? If Snell was the reason he didn’t start, then why not play him once he’s gone?

He was too busy not hitting for Kozma.

He’s had the flu.  Maybe he’s still sick.

It might not have been the reason. Bird might still be ill.

It’s sounding more and more like Otani will be posted. But he’ll still be limited by IFA spending restriction (which is fucking criminal), so the Yankees will be limited to 24.75 MM (includes the 20MM posting fee) - the same as every other team.

I get that Otani wants to compete at the highest level. But it’s straight up insane for him to choose to come over until he can put his services on a truly open market. He’ll be making less money that the club selling his rights. shows it stuck on two outs? What’s status?

Igf Bird is “ill” since Saturday, when is the wake?


If Bird is “ill” since Saturday, when is the wake?

Update please, using Gameday and it’s stuck.

68 Binder cleverly did not hit Gardy for Kozma bases loaded no out so he could hit Gardy for Kozma here.

Judge with a laser back up the box for the ribbie. 3-3, 1st and 3rd 1 out, Tampa changing arms.


Judge might turn out to be a good baseball player.

Castro singled, Headley singled, Judge singled (RBI), Higashioka bunted to advance Headley (Judge out at second, Kyle reached).

Coney notes Judge’s liner came off the bat at 116.

[80/2] Before today, Judge had 4 of the 10 highest exit velocities in baseball this season. His single adds another.

Gardner and Weeeks collide at first. Gardy safe, but banged up. On the ground cradling his head.

Gardy out for life?

Weeks came up on the ball and speared Gardy in the head/neck with his dome, like a flying cornerback.

Thanks for the PBP, my GD is now working again. 

Here comes Dustin Fowler…

Concussion protocol I would guess.

(88) ditto
hows Gardy doing?

[90] Looked like he got the wind knocked out of him and probably got his bell rung a bit. He came off the field OK (I thought he might have jammed his shoulder a bit on the hit), was moving freely.

[88] Probably Mason Williams (40-man and all).

[92] If that happens, how many games until Williams get injured.

Thought Fowler was on as well?  I’m really having a day.

Fowler’s clearly surpassed Williams though, any reason not to dump Williams?

[93] 0, he’ll tweak his neck on the bus ride.

[94] Fowler has only played 5 games at AAA. He still needs to work on his patience. Might be an option midseason.

I feel like I’ve turned into the kind of fan who knows nothing.  It’s a weird but maybe not unpleasant experience.

Wow, Weeks was really dumb on that play at first.

Nobody at home is missing him Coney


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