The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Rays (5-2) @ Yankees (2-4), Monday, 4/10/2017, 01:05p ET

Rays: Alex Cobb (R)  vs. Yankees: Michael Pineda (R)

1. Corey Dickerson (L) DH
2. Kevin Kiermaier (L) CF
3. Evan Longoria (R) 3B
4. Brad Miller (L) 2B
5. Steven Souza Jr. (R) RF
6. Logan Morrison (L) 1B
7. Derek Norris (R) C
8. Mallex Smith (L) LF
9. Tim Beckham (R) SS

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF
2. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF
3. Matt Holliday (R) DH
4. Chris Carter (R) 1B
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B
7. Aaron Judge (R) RF
8. Austin Romine (R) C
9. Ronald Torreyes (R) SS

It’s the Home Opener and the first home loss of the season all rolled up into one!  Actually, that’s too pessimistic.  Maybe today is the day Michael Pineda puts it all together.  Really.

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A couple of interesting things.

1. It appears as though Romine is just the starting catcher flat out, which surprises me.
2. Girardi really doesn’t want to bat Gardner/Ellsbury #1/2. He was stressing that this was just for this particular series.

[1] I wonder if 1. is a permanent thing or if Higashioka could play his way into more time (assuming Sanchez is out for a few weeks).

On the plus side, Bird is unavailable today due to illness, not injury!

I mean, if he kicks ass when he is given a chance, I bet he can get more playing time, but I wasn’t sure if Romine would even be the definitive #1 catcher when they first called Higgy up, but it appears as if that is, in fact, his role. production feed has the sounds levels all messed up. Announcers are super quiet, background music is foreground music.

It’s quite pleasant.

[3] Great, the last thing our team needs is an outbreak of avian flu.

They fixed it. And Flaherty is on today. Damn it!

Pineda’s dominance of Longoria amuses me.

Wow 0-2, two outs and Pineda got Longoria.  It’s a Brave New World.

Well done Chris kudos on your first TYM 2017.

Hey John I’ll bet Holiday will have zero influence on Starlin.

TRO with that power stroke we haven’t seen in years.

Man, it’s been a while since the Yankees had a guy who could hit like Holliday. They used to practically have a whole lineups of Holliday-like players, but now, he stands out. It seems like every at-bat, he’s 3-2!

[14] I’ve been very impressed by Gary’s approach, even while the hits weren’t falling, he was consistently working controlled ABs. Bird is generally pretty solid too.

Yankees have full spending ability for July 2 IFA class. Then I also noticed this, has anyone else noted it?

Teams are allowed to trade their pool space once the signing period opens on July 2. Clubs can trade for up to 75 percent of their original pool allotment and are allowed to trade away their entire pool.

From BA

I’ve been very impressed by Gary’s approach, even while the hits weren’t falling, he was consistently working controlled ABs. Bird is generally pretty solid too.

Sanchez strikes me more like vintage Cano. I don’t think he quite has the same approach Holliday does. Bird has the same APPROACH, but he doesn’t get the same results. But yes, BIG improvement overall over recent years.

When your highest OBP is, like, .350, that’s just sad.

It’s Judgement day!

I really thought that Sterling would have gone with “Here comes da Judge!”

Judge with that power stroke we haven’t seen since yesterday.

“Power stroke” was my nickname in high school.

[17] Vintage as in .5XX slugging Cano? If so, then yes I buy that. Yeah he probably won’t OBP around .400, but he won’t rush an AB.

Bird is definitely more willing to take a walk.

TRO was my HS nickname

There is a huge delay between radio and Fox Sports Go much bigger than radio and YES.

Headley… please don’t start this again.

Vintage as in .5XX slugging Cano? If so, then yes I buy that.

While yes, I was thinking more the Cano who was such a good hitter that he still had .380 OBPs, despite that not being what he was setting out there to do.

Should we hate Pineda because of how good he should be?

There is zero fucking chance Pineda can put together a perfect game. None.

[26] The .380 was a byproduct of him learning to wait for a pitch he could clobber. Early Cano would try to hit anything close to the zone. Sanchez seems to have already figured that out.

He’ll go 8 2/3 perfect and pick up the loss.

I think I’m going to give myself credit for Pineda’s success thus far, based on my amateur and unfounded speculation on his psychological problems—I motivated him.

31 Like 5/10/15 but you failed to follow up.

Surprised Binder didn’t go with Clippard to start the 7th.

[30] Your True RLYW Moment.

Good try, Pineda.

Now, to really Pineda this game up.

Hadda know that was coming once it reached 2 outs. Of course.

Holy crap, not only did he not fall apart he struck the next batter out.

I’m not such a fool as to think this is the new normal, but SOME well pitched games would be refreshing.

BTW I’m not surprised that Romine is the everyday catcher for now.  He’s been around and knows the staff better.  My guess is Girardi wants Higgy to work with a specific pitcher or two and have him start those games.

Two comments on this…

1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation like this where I had no doubt at ALL that he was not going to actually throw the Perfect Game.


2. At the same time, because I knew he wasn’t going to throw the perfecto, I just embraced how great he pitched today. He was amazing. This is why you put up with his garbage, because he CAN have games like this, games where he’s like, “Oh, hey, you know how I normally pitch? Today I’ll pitch 180 from that.”

[39] You know he looked pretty dominant for much of the game in Tampa too. But then he had to get 5 outs in an inning and he sort of fell apart. The lesson here is that no one should have to play in that hell hole.

Attaboy, Chase! So last year was about getting the defense back on track, so maybe this year he gets the offense back on track!

You know he looked pretty dominant for much of the game in Tampa too. But then he had to get 5 outs in an inning and he sort of fell apart. The lesson here is that no one should have to play in that hell hole.

Man, does that place suck.

5/5/15 I annointed him an ace.

Should have extended him last week.

What a dope, swatting at that ball with a glove that wasn’t even on.

Hell of a performance. Surprised Girardi didn’t let him finish the inning, he was only at 93 pitches.

Pinedas next start - 3 innings 6 runs

I was thinking three outs, six runs.

Gardner stole 16 bases last year. He has FIVE already this year. That’s some crazy shit right there.

There’s no way Cobb should have been still pitching. What the heck?

Trade Pineda and Gardner now.

Trade Pineda and Gardner now.

Ellsbury is also hitting over .300. Package all three for Clayton Kershaw ASAP!

Carter coulda ITP’d that if he didn’t dog it out the box.

Pineda leaves and the offense explodes.

The Pythag is gonna eat good tonight.

Well, THAT escalated quickly.

[47] Hopefully Girardo learned from allowing Severino to pitch one batter too many, even if it was only the 5th inning.

[58] That’s a tough one. Severino had been making Machado look foolish all day. But he’s still Machado.

They should let Higgy hit here, just for fun.

A double, triple, and homer run, all with RISP ?

2 SB for Gardner without 3 weeks separating them ?

The headline should be “Man Bites Dog” on this one.

I thought we weren’t allowed to have nice things.

Torreyes’ batting stance always looks like someone handed a bat to someone who’s never heard of baseball before and sent them up to hit.

Bring on 3-159.

Hey Austin Romine, you might have a career on tv as an analyst when you’re done playing.

[63] Like Teixeira running. I’ve never seen someone look so incapable of running as Tex. His technique wasn’t bad per se, but it was just… OFF.

I’ve seen people with crazy, wild and awkward running mechanics, but they still looked more natural than Teixeira. I once described it as how someone would run if they had a slightly clinical descriptions of running provided to them as their only reference on how to run.

Watching him run was like watching some of those Boston Dynamics robots: - there was just something oddly terrifying, in an existential way, about his gait.

Teix runs like Tina on Bob’s Burgers does.

[59] Severino had a high pitch count at that point, the final pitch was number 89.

Today’s game, 1 BB between both teams. That helps explain a 2:37 game time.

Sanchez 4 weeks

Pretty happy after the first week. Injuries suck, but team should be whole by mid-May. And we get to see another prospect get plugged into the roster on Wed.

Montgomery with the 5th spot to start the season. I’m excited for that.

Less excited for Sanchez being out for a full month. Blech.

Interesting to see Girardi choosing to push everyone back a start instead of waiting for when they would next “need” a fifth starter.

So what’s the corresponding 40-man move for Montgomery?

A month is better than expected with Sanchez.

Shrevie sent down.

That’s the corresponding 25-man move, but what about the 40-man move?

Anybody know about this [post #16].

[77] That rule has been around for a few years. It’s an interesting idea, but in reality pretty useless. In general, teams have blown past their limits and taken the signing restrictions. It really only matters if a team is planning to stick very close to the limits. An extra few hundred thousand doesn’t mean much when you drop 15+MM on a signing period.

A month is better than expected with Sanchez.

So… expect more?

Today on what should have been a good baseball day, I found myself getting irrationally angry at the fact that Jacoby Ellsbury is on the Yankees and Robinson Cano is on the Mariners. How the hell did that happen?

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