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Monday, January 30, 2017

Pinstriped Prospects: Yankees Have A League’s Best Seven Players In The Top 100 Prospects List

The New York Yankees had a whopping seven players named in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects list, tying the Atlanta Braves for the most in the majors. This coming from hugely successful trades made in the last couple of years, and also trades that weren’t made. As of now the Yankees’ efforts to rebuild are on the right track and show no signs of slowing down.

That’s seven more than they had last year, isn’t it?

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I know you’re kidding, but they did have two last year—Mateo and Judge.  The Yanks also acquired 4 of last year’s top 100, including Billy McKinney and Dillon Tate, who didn’t make it on this year.

Over time it was revealed that they suck, ehich is why we were able to acquire them.

How hard is it to understand this shit ?

Drunk at work again.  smh

[1] I think Sanchez was top 100 last year too. He had his breakout in AA during 2015.

[4]  I looked at what I thought was the list from before the 2016 season, but I could be wrong because they do update it during the year at least once.

I haven’t seen any news about James Kaprielian. Is he going to be able to pitch this year?

Sanchez was 56 going into last season.

I haven’t seen any news about James Kaprielian. Is he going to be able to pitch this year?

He should, yes.

[1, 4] Alternative facts at work. No matter how many prospects the team has in the Top 100, the answer is always that they have none. Inflated by underlying assumptions, etc.

Yankees re-signed Rumbelow and Donovan Solano. Those are both good minor league roster depth moves.

Solano, Kozma, Tejada—the Yankees are cornering the market on AAAA utility guys.

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