The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Orioles (72-76) @ Yankees (81-66), Saturday, 9/16/2017, 04:05p ET

1. Tim Beckham (R) DH .324/.359/.551, 3.3 fWAR
2. Manny Machado (R) 3B .266/.321/.490, 3.3 fWAR
3. Jonathan Schoop (R) 2B .300/.344/.527, 4.0 fWAR
4. Adam Jones (R) CF .283/.319/.470, 1.4 fWAR
5. Trey Mancini (R) 1B .292/.338/.503, 1.6 fWAR
6. Welington Castillo (R) C .291/.327/.508, 2.5 fWAR
7. J.J. Hardy (R) SS .211/.248/.308, -0.7 fWAR
8. Austin Hays (R) RF—/—/—, -0.2 fWAR
9. Joey Rickard (R) LF .248/.284/.356, 0.4 fWAR
Team Total: 15.6 fWAR

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .259/.347/.423, 3.1 fWAR
2. Chase Headley (S) DH .281/.359/.425, 2.2 fWAR
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .276/.413/.587, 6.5 fWAR
4. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .291/.324/.482, 3.5 fWAR
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B .296/.332/.453, 1.3 fWAR
6. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF .258/.347/.394, 1.2 fWAR
7. Todd Frazier (R) 3B .226/.373/.432, 2.7 fWAR
8. Greg Bird (L) 1B .151/.260/.292, -0.8 fWAR
9. Austin Romine (R) C .224/.281/.299, -0.4 fWAR
Team Total: 19.3 fWAR

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BR still holding out for the Yankees to win the east - 20% chance.

Seriously, Sanchez not the DH? Seriously, Joe?

IT would be a 60% chance if anyone could hold a fucking lead against the Townies from the 8th on.

[3] Yankees, one-run games. There’s the real answer.

No Gary? WTF Joe!

Much more 4 than 3 townies with a 5 1/2 game edge in xtra inning games and a 6 game edge in one run games.

WTF there is isn’t enough football on already.  Man am I the only one who has been bored shitless by football for about 15 years?

Are they still playing football? Good for them!

Monty with a nice start.

[9]  Yes, it’s a sort of a rugby variant quite popular with the Ivy League set.

This is hitting. You could feel that GD really wanted to say not just “Starlin Castro grounds out softly,” but “softly, almost apologetically, as if letting the pitcher know that even to have made contact was contrary to the batter’s secret desire.”

[12]  I guess you didn’t see it on TV.  It was a ground ball that died about three inches in front of the plate.  You are more right than you knew.

Sir Di Di of Da Bronx.

Hey, you remember when we got Didi for Shane Green?

[15] Worst. Trade. Ever. Shane Greene had the potential to be a #5 starter for a long time. Or the #4 guy in our bullpen. Can’t trade that kind of talent for a 25 year old shortstop that will be at worst an average bat and an above average fielder. Can’t do it.

Healthy Bird is big if true.

15 Just thinking the same thing but it’s not like we didn’t have a few very good non Jeter infielders like Brendan Ryan and Luis Cruz and Reid Brignac and NuneEE not to mention Stephen Drew and former Yankee MVP Jayson Nix.

As great as Todd and Head are a healthy 2015 🐦 would be effing amazing.

Meanwhile the most reviled Yankee since Chad Curtis is doing quite nicely filling in for Hixie.

Why don’t they take Castro out and ice him right away as a precautionary measure.

Montgomery being shockingly good was an important part of the 1st half. This was good to see. ALso, who is this guy and what has he done with Kahnle and how do we thank him for it?

Even after those bad starts Monty’s stats are quite good.

Can we wish Chasen Shreeve to the cornfield that Chris Carter went to?

Earth to Shreve ...

Earth to Shreve ....

Mike Gallego to the rescue.

Shreve probably gone after this season, no?

BTW I loved that the Yankees pounded Richard Bleier after Waldling heaped praise on him.

So who would you rather play in the WC game - angels or twins?

it should be obvious who pitches: CC the veteran (not sure if Girardo knows that’s a joke)

Whichever team is better - and beat them.

28 Don’t matter, bet the under and the opponent.  If you can get a price on a 1 run loss take the odds.

A one run loss With Judge striking out in the 8th or 9th inning.

Bases loaded 9th inning 2 out or same scenario Romine up and Girardi doesn’t pinch hit. “Gregorius belted his 23rd homer, moving within one blast of equaling Derek Jeter’s 1999 mark for the most home runs hit by a Yankees shortstop.”

Was 99 the year Jeter SHOULD have won the MVP?

Finished 2nd with 5.5 WAR to Morneau 4.3 WAR in 2006, third in 1998 to Juan Gone and Nomar, 6th in 1999.

35. If he didn’t have that brutal slump in ‘04, he may have won that year because it was a good power season… that’s actually one of his more underrated seasons in my mind—I’ll take it over years like ‘07 or ‘05 with better batting averages. Man I loved Jetes.

I watched the fight. Good fight, terrible decision.

That decision was embarassing. And painful, as all my money was on GGG. Adelaide Byrd is a disgrace

Yanks just hit their high water mark - 16 games over.

25th straight year over .500 (2nd longest streak of all time).

Had they only played .500 in one run games. Sigh.

(24) TZ reference, nice

39 I’m lost in space

In 197 PAs a Yankee, Player S: .228/.376/.449 OPS .825 OPS+ 115 HR 10 RBI 29

If he was a prospect called up, people would be preparing his monument park plaque right now. But hey, he stinks.

9/17 @Yankees lineup vs BAL
Gardner CF
Judge RF
Sanchez C
Gregorius SS
Castro 2B
Holliday DH
Bird 1B
T. Frazier 3B
C. Frazier LF
Gray P

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