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Sunday, December 3, 2017

NYDN: Yankees, Mets out of the running to land Shohei Otani

STAMFORD, Conn.—The Babe Ruth of Japan is not coming to New York.

The Yankees already have been informed they will not even be among the teams invited to make an in-person pitch to free agent Shohei Otani, GM Brian Cashman revealed on Sunday following his annual rappelling down the side of a building as an elf during the city’s tree-lighting ceremony. The Mets also are out of the running for Otani, according to an industry source.

Well, that’s disappointing.  I assume this means a CC reunion and a possible look at DHs?

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Well that was a couple of days of irritating news.  I wasn’t a fan of letting Girardi go, but replacing him with Boone, a guy with 0 experience, really takes it up a notch.  Then Ohtani.  Bleh.


If I had to guess as to why the Cubs made his list, I’d bet they had the best presentation of any of the teams and that shouldn’t be a surprise given their management.

We win a WS every 108 years doesn’t cut it.


The fact that a guy who played 5 years in what is commonly considered the second best league in the world is being treated as an amateur because he’s not 25 is ridiculous.

So the NL is third, right?

[79] A Yankees Potemkin Village in Arizona. Quick, tell the Stein Bros.

I am certain the Yankees let Levine write the pitch to Ohtani and it simply said, “Not sure exactly how Girardi Brian our new manager plans to use you, but I know one thing for sure - BETANCES IS NOT A GODDAMN CLOSER! Anyways, enclosed please find photos of my three yachts. XOXO, Randy”

[103] 4th
Dominican Winter League

Maybe the Yanks should have CC DH on his days off.

What did BA say about Torres?  I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Apparently they want “money” for all the hard work they do.

It was less what they said about Torres and more what they DIDN’T say, which namely was that he was not listed as the top Yankee prospect in any non-defensive category.

Off topic, I happen to listen to WFAN yesterday for a few minutes and there was some discussion about Jeter & the Marlins’ ownership being complete douchebags.  They reportedly fired a long-time scout by phone while he was in the hospital awaiting an organ transplant.  I didn’t catch the whole piece but this seemed to be the exclamation point in a long list of firings and changes that an outsider might consider “cruel”.

[110] Yeah, at this point, Jeter just seems like a less likable version of Loria. It’s not a good look.

Is it Jeter though? Or does he just get the blame for anything now since he’s the face of management?

[112] Jeter is part of it, although he may not be directly making all of these decisions.  However, he is enough of a grown up to understand that, since he is part of the ownership group, he is going to be viewed as responsible for ownership’s decisions.

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