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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NYDN: Yankees claim pitchers David Herndon, Josh Spence off waivers

The Yanks also announced they claimed two pitchers off waivers. They snagged righty David Herndon from the Blue Jays and lefty Josh Spence from the Padres.

The 27-year-old Herndon has a 3.85 ERA in 97 big-league games with the Phillies. He had Tommy John surgery in June.

Spence, a 24-year-old native of Australia, appeared in relief 11 times for San Diego last season, going 0-1 with a 4.35 ERA. He has a 3.15 ERA in 51 career major-league appearances with the Padres.

This probably clinches the East for the Yankees.

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Who needs Soria when you have Spence and Herndon?

[1] Improving bullpen depth for basically nothing certainly isn’t a bad thing.  I believe they said the catcher the Yankees claimed the other day, since Yankees are so far down in the order they figure they can repass through waivers and stash in AAA.  Probably do the same with these two.  So basically now, they have some depth in AAA, and they aren’t trying to acquire a 6th and 7th man out of the bullpen in July or anything.

[2] can’t I just make a joke?

[3] Yes, please make jokes, my esteemed and estimable Snuggles.

[3] Sorry, I knew you were being funny, but was just using you for my own nefarious purposes.  That’s what makes you an Unfortunate Porcupine, being used like this…

[5] Damn you sir, damn you!

Is CO for pothead state Colorado? Explains things?

[7] Yeah, I live in CO now, home of legalized pot.

[8] Washington state too.  Anyone surprised?

Of course, it’s still against federal law…

Colorado: In some ways, the best state

How many states has Snuggles lived in now?  Connecticut, Texas, Colorado, am I missing any?

Snuggles is the Mary Poppins for states?

[13] California, I have lived in every state that begins with ‘c’

[12] I’m really enjoying Colorado, and since I live in the shadow of one of the premier ski mountains, I am really looking forward to the winter.

[10] Probably for quite a while.  No legislature is going to tackle it, and I don’t recall the last time a ballot initiative was done at the federal level.  Of course it could have been last year and I just don’t recall it.

[13] I’ve never been though I’m sure I’ll be taking a trip out there at some point.  A good friend of mine lived in Breckenridge a couple of years ago, and said he got out snow boarding something like 180 times.  And at the right time of year could do slopes in morning, and golf in the afternoon.

[16] A lot depends on how much leeway CO and WA are given, if they are allowed to go through with it, I think that there is a high possibility of it changing rather quickly, because of the significant revenues regulation will bring along with the cut in expenses from no longer enforcing and policing marajuana bans.

[17]  I agree it’s a good idea to legalize and regulate it.  I just don’t see it happening any time soon.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there’s a Supreme Court case about this arguing the supremecy clause…but we’ll wait and see.

And for those of you wondering what this has to do with baseball…Jan 1 we’re all trekking to Snuggles’s place to smoke some the objective pipe and debate the Yankees’ offseason moves.

You can do all three at the same time on the lifts

Josh Hamilton rumored to be going to Balt. I imagine his four homer game at Camden left a lasting impression. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this happens.  Not good for Yanks in near future. Since he is more familiar with AL pitchers, I don’t see him going to NL and particlualy Milwaukee.

I saw Spence and Herndon in Vegas they opened for Tony Orlando and Dawn

[17] ...... there is a high possibility of it changing rather quickly

Haha! A pun. Yeah, we’ll tax potheads and balance the budget. The governments at any level will merely squander any additional revenue. Remember the multi-tens-of-billions from the tobacco settlement? They burned through that in no time.

Remember the multi-tens-of-billions from the tobacco settlement?

That cash got smoked.

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