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Friday, January 20, 2017

NYDN: Yankees batting coach’s plan to make Jacoby Ellsbury a productive hitter again

The Yankees would prefer Jacoby Ellsbury hit the ball - not the catcher’s mitt.

As such, batting coach Alan Cockrell has been working with Ellsbury on moving his contact point 3-4 inches more in front of his body.

Ellsbury set a major-league record last season by reaching base an unfathomable 12 times via catcher’s interference.

“I’ve never seen a guy hit the catcher’s mitt like he did,” Cockrell said Thursday. “I think when (Jacoby’s) contact point was maybe three, four more inches more out front from where it is right now, he can stay on balls. We’re not looking for power production, but he can be a very, very productive hitter.”

I’m not sure they should take away the one skill Ellsbury has left.

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Ellsbury issue is his lead leg - I can do a mechanics post if anyone would like to see it.  He’s become a ‘sit and spin’ guy - he wasn’t that way in 2011.

Why isn’t Thames the hitting coach? Is there some good reason that I’m missing?

[1] Is that just a mechanical rut he’s sunk into, or a result of an injury? Something he can fix? He’s young enough to have a little bounce back.

[3] So.. it’s this thing where coaches tell players to “stay back.”

What they really mean is stay back until it’s time to launch the swing, then you have to transfer the energy to the front side. You do that through your front leg - like the transmission in a car.

So, players get stuck in this mind set of “staying back” and the weight never comes off their back leg. They ‘sit’ on their back leg and just spin on it, instead of posting up into their front leg to get the energy transfer to the top half.

It’s like an NFL quarterback ‘throwing off his back foot’. Or, imagine a pitcher throwing a pitch without landing on his lead leg.

These stories come out every spring and most people just say “yeah, new swing, whatever” but I truly believe that there is an exploitable inefficiency in the understanding of hitting mechanics.  Of course, my audience of snark commenters here will surely twist my words in this post to something along the lines of me predicting Ellsbury will turn into a 150 wRC+ hitter.

[1] Go for it.

[4] So you are saying, essentially, that Ells is better than Gardy?

[1,3] I’m curious.

[6] I think he’s saying the Ells is better than Sanchez.

[8] It’s another way of me saying trade Sanchez for Quintana because Jose Montero stinks.

[5] I’ll work on it tonight.

I feel like dred’s comment from earlier this week about Schilling getting in a twitter fight with a fake Snacks Pontoon account has been criminally underappreciated.

Especially since Schilling refuses to acknowledge it is a fake.

In the unlikely possibility that TRO will once again be a productive hitter the total number of posts here will decline by 50%.

[12] I am in no way surprised. But I am entertained by it.

Yeah J, you are on it. It seems like Ellsbury is hitting exactly like you say. Staying back way too long, swinging too late, and not generating enough power from his legs. I guess the reason why he hasn’t gone full Heyward with those terrible mechanics is that his hand-eye coordination still allows him to make a lot of contact and plop some singles into the outfield. (with the very occasional dinger)

If true what does all that say about Cockrell who’s still there and Pentland who’s not?

Trumbo back to Baltimore for 3 years/$37 million.

Will Alex be worth his $21 millions in 2017 ?

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