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Saturday, March 31, 2012

NYDN: With injury on top of insult, Yankees’ Michael Pineda losing grip on job

TAMPA ­— As he stood in the corner of the clubhouse, surrounded by reporters, a despondent Michael Pineda seemed to be doing everything he could not to cry. He was that upset.

“I tried to throw hard today,” he said softly.

He wanted to end the talk about his unexpectedly low velocity on this night. He wanted to throw 95, 96, 97 mph. Instead the radar gun again showed his fastball to be mostly about 91 mph, and at least partly as a result, the Phillies roughed him up, knocking him out in the third inning.

So Pineda seems to know now that something isn’t right. He admitted to feeling some soreness in the back of his right shoulder while he was pitching, and though he called it “normal sore,’’ it’s the first time he mentioned anything like this.

That alone has to be alarming to the Yankees, who had been publicly downplaying concern about his lack of velocity but worrying about it privately.

You get the sense that a lot of the media have been champing at the bit to write this article, or some variation of it.  Let’s hope the tests reveal nothing serious.

Update: Bombers Beat: Pineda headed for DL with shoulder tendinitis

The MRI taken on Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda showed right shoulder tendinitis, manager Joe Girardi told reporters in Kissimmee, Fla. this morning. Pineda will be placed on the 15-day disabled list and the Yankees figure to treat him conservatively, but all things considered this is good news, considering the worst-case scenarios.

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Boom. That’s exactly why you go into the season with eleventeen starters.

You know, for all the talk of Garcia getting the shaft etc. and this being a discouragement to attracting other starters, I think the Yankees’ inability to develop young pitchers without damaging them may actually work to reverse that. Because any FA pitcher they sign knows that while they may also pull off a blockbuster trade for the next “IT” guy, they’re also likely to wreck him and you’ll still have a spot.

So more opportunities. It’s like there’s an automatic 8-man rotation. That’s gotta help, right ? Right ? {cricketts}

I’m thinking more horde of locusts than crickets.

Perfect.  George King et al obsess over Pineda’s missing velocity, Pineda gets worried and tries to prove them wrong, injures himself.  The media have ruined this trade. At least the grotesque baboon King can celebrate over his morning cocktail.

This is ridiculous

[4] Yeah. I hate the sports media.

This solves the excess pitcher problem for a few weeks, and if his performance doesn’t improve, he still has an intact appendix.

Any reports on Pettitte’s progress ?

If I understand correctly, this won’t help in extending his time under team control, unless he gets stuck for a month in AAA after recovering.

Suddenly, the staff is all figured out, without anyone having to make a traumatic decision—yet.

Man, I was thinking labrum all yesterday. Let him rehab until the all-star break, if he needs. it.

If I understand correctly, this won’t help in extending his time under team control, unless he gets stuck for a month in AAA after recovering.

Right.  DL time is MLB service time since he’s already on the 25 man roster.  Kind of like Phil Hughes in 2008.

Rehab time wouldn’t count against him either.  He’d have to be optioned to the minors to not accrue MLB service time.

(8) I think even the AAA rehab time counts as MLB service time.  Obviously he can be sent down at some point, but basically it would have to be because of performance.

I highly doubt sportswriters caused Pineda’s injury. He was probably concerned enough about his fastball missing seven or eight miles per hour without reading a newspaper. And he most likely was injured very early in spring training, considering he charged out of the gate throwing in the high eighties. All told, this is great news. Dodged a bullet.

[2] Even if you believe that the Yankees don’t know how to develop young pitchers without damaging them, it’s pretty ridiculous to assert that they somehow “wrecked” Pineda in the course of one spring training.

[11] Yes, rehab time does count as service time, since you’re still on the MLB DL while you’re rehab-ing.

What a New York psychodrama. Yes the media are vultures but neither they nor voodoo caused his shoulder injury.  Yes we don’t have the greatest track record developing young pitchers, but Pinata was with us all of five minutes. I just he rehabs well and comes back strong.  I feel bad for him.  It’s easy to forget he’s 23.

It was clearly the media.

I’d be more concerned that he felt something early on in ST but tried to push through it because of expectations. It wouldn’t be the first time a pitcher tried to muscle through an injury.

[4] Please don’t lump those of us who enjoy morning cocktails in with George King. You’re denigrating a fine, proud tradition.

Blaming the media or the Yankees for this is absurd.  Young pitchers get hurt, that’s what they do.

Give the Yankees credit for stockpiling Garcia and Pettitte. Even if Pineda was to miss a big chunk of the season, it shouldn’t hurt their playoff chances much at all.

it’s pretty ridiculous to assert that they somehow “wrecked” Pineda in the course of one spring training

Yes, it is. Satire works that way. But it is no more ridiculous than the idea that Garcia was somehow owed a guaranteed spot in the rotation, or that not giving it to him would sour the market for future FA pitchers.

“Blaming the media or the Yankees for this is absurd.  Young pitchers get hurt, that’s what they do.”

Well, you can blame them for trading a young hitter, unlikely to get hurt, for a young pitcher, almost certain to.

Tendonitis is just a buzzword that means “will need surgery within two years and not be effective in that time”. Trade is already a massive bust.

The one thing arguing in favor of this trade long term is that Jack Z is an idiot.

Shoulda held out for Felix Larry.

Shoulda held out for Felix…

I know this is a joke, but Pineda’s current woes make me wonder if, hypothetically, the Yankees had a choice between Felix and Pineda, whether or not it would have made sense for them to not worry about the years of low-cost service time associated with Pineda and instead go for a more finished product like Felix.

Going for the cost-controlled, younger pitcher would seem to be the smart choice.  I supported the trade.  But we learned the riskiness of this choice:  Pineda had a second-half drop-off in 2011, he still needed to develop a change-up, his velocity was down in spring training, and now a trip to the DL with shoulder tendinitis.

While I’m not panicking yet about Pineda, I’d certainly not support the trade if I knew that this would be how Pineda’s spring would go.  Although, I don’t know, would I have traded Montero for Steven Strasburg even if I knew he’d lose a year to Tommy John surgery?  I suppose I would.  So I guess I should just chill.

Satire works that way.

Maybe.  When it works.

It was clearly the media.

No, it was Miss Scarlet.  In the dining room.  With the candlestick.

[26] Not entirely a joke. I also supported the trade, mainly because it meant we had greater ability to ditch AJ. But it did strike me that once again, the pitcher we want was “too expensive” and we talked ourselves into the one in the next chair. Doc couldn’t be had, so we took AJ. Felix couldn’t be had, so we took Pinata.

I dunno if there was any deal even proposed for Felix, but it had better at least been asked about. Then we could second guess THAT decision.

I highly doubt the M’s even seriously discussed Felix with the Yankees.

I thought I read that the Pineda trade talks started with the Yankees asking about Hernandez and being told that he wasn’t available.

[30] I recall that, in addition to several dozen articles covering several months (or even years) of the Mariners saying Hernandez is not available. I think in one case, the Red Sox offered the Mariners any 5 of their top 10 prospects and the Mariners still said no.

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