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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NYDN: The Yankees are hoping they found their very own Corey Kluber in righty prospect Chance Adams

As such Cashman didn’t flinch even when I asked if Adams might eventually blossom into the ace the Yankees figure to be searching for in the next few years as they try to rebuild their way back to a championship level.

“He’ll get baptized at Triple-A this year and we’ll see where it goes,’’ Cashman said. “It can happen, though. Corey Kluber was a fourth-round pick who was a late bloomer. He was in Triple-A at age 25.

“Or look at Kyle Hendricks (eighth-round pick by Rangers): he was a throw-in on a trade for Ryan Dempster and he led the league in ERA (for the Cubs) last year.”

Adams potentially profiles more like Kluber, the 2014 AL Cy Young winner, with his power stuff that starts with a mid-90s fastball that has been clocked as high as 98 mph.

Sure, I am hoping Adams turns out to be the best pitcher in the American League too.  But I wouldn’t bet on it happening.

He’s a very fascinating prospect though, and I look forward to seeing what he does this year.

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I’m very curious to see if he can be a big league starter, and also
want him to have a cologne called Succeed, by Chance.

First of many, people.

[1] When he get’s called up the headline is obviously going to be “The Yankees Take a Chance.”

And it will be wonderfully terrible.

The Yankees pitching depth is a bit of unknown commodity, but there is definitely quantity. Even with a significant trade in the next year, they should have a pretty good stable if young arms going forward. That’s definitely a positive. The other thing to like is how hard these dudes throw. Unlike the Phelps/Warren era, guys like Adams, Acevado, Severino, and Abreu throw gas. Sheffield doesn’t bring that type of heat, but that’s a little mitigated by his leftiness. Not that finesse guys can’t be very good pitchers, but if things click right with a big arm, you have a hell of a commodity.

[3] Yeah, the Yankees could be knee deep in pitching by the end of the year, but the MLB-ready depth to begin the season is not great. The Yankees might be pretty resilient by years end (all over the place) but at least to begin the season, they are very shallow and not just in pitching.

4. If Jason Hammel slips into the one year deal territory, they would be crazy not to jump on him.

When the inevitable TJ happens, ‘The Yankees lose their Chance’.

***South Beach Liveblog***

23rd and Collins: There’s vomit on the sidewalk

19th and Collins: Two guys passionately kissing each other before boarding an Uber. Obviously, they’re not married yet

18th and Collins: Surprisingly good graffiti on sidewalk

17th and Collins: Skinny girl instructs skinnier girl to, like, g e t _IN_ the c a r already. Skinnier girl complies, 4 people drive off

Lincoln and Collins: Two straight guys in a topless Lamborghini. Can’t win ‘em all

Lincoln and Washington: More vomit on the sidewalk

Give this guy a lightening bolt, already !

Keith Law just released #21-40 of his top 100 list

#28 RHP James Kaprielian
#27 OF Clint Frazier
#22 OF Blake Rutherford

edit: Judge was #44 and Sheffield #88

Safe to say Torres will be a top 10 prospect.  I guess Mateo fell pretty far?

Yeah, looks like Torres is the last top 100. 


@YankeesPR thank you. One more coming…

4 top 30, 5 top 50 and 6 top 100 - not too shabby!

[10] Unless Mateo fell enough to fall off the top 100, it looks like he’s going to be a top 20 on Law’s list.

[10-12] Wow, Law is REALLY down on Mateo.

Seems very low.  Maybe he means 1 more prospect list coming (1-20)? Doubtful.

[14] That’s sort of what I think he might have meant. Or Law simply has a significantly different opinion than the other prospect listers. We’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m shocked that Chance “The Next Corey Kluber” Adams isn’t on any of the lists though!

Law had Mateo ranked 55th in 2016, so it seems his rankings are pretty sensitive to what happened in the intervening season.

[16] He’s also commonly a divergent voice. No one else has Rutherford or Kaprielian close to that high.

That being said, it still seems like a huge fall for Mateo to drop all the way out of the top 100.

[17] Rutherford over Frazier was striking, too. But it’s nice having a different perspective.

[18]  Except when that perspective disagrees with me.

Jim Callis Blake Rutherford is the 14th-ranked OF on @MLBPipeline’s soon-to-be-revealed Top 100 Prospects list

[15] You know being the next best pitcher in the AL, does not mean your in the top 100. Makes sense to me.
Or maybe he just isn’t the next best pitcher in the AL yet..

Mateo had a self destructive season, cannot see him in the top 20.

I have no problem with Mateo falling off of the top 100. He tanked last season hard. Being just outside the Top 100 is still good. Sanchez was off the top 100 completely, as well, at one point.

[15] I detect a little snark.  Give the guy A dam chance.

(This horrible post is in honor of The Doomsday Clock being moved closer to midnight this week!)

Despite his poor year, wasn’t Mateo killing it in April/May? If so, he really tanked…

It looks like Mateo peaked at a line of .374/.425/.607 through 120 PA on May 7, then hit .221/.268/.313 over the remaining 388 PA of the season.

Hm, my theory was that he was spooked by the Torres trade, but it looks
like he was headed for the glue factory before that.

Yeah, Mateo’s decline started well before the trade for Torres. He also had a suspension by the organization in there.

Mateo is young enough to return to top prospect status, and we have seen this occur with Gary Sanchez, who had several suspensions by the organization.

Gleyber MLB’s top SS prospect, Frazier #9 OF prospect, Sheffield #8 LHP prospect (right behind A.J. Puk).

Torres #3 overall. Yankees with 7 in the top 100.

I really hated that Moncada fell to #17 on Law’s list, behind Devers and the guy Chicago turned down for Sale from Washington. Blech. I don’t even disagree, I’m just annoyed that it happened. smile

The Sox still having 3 top prospects after graduating and trading so many guys over the last few years is really annoying.

The townies are annoying period.

Cellar dwelling every other year will do that.

[32] They have almost zero depth. Seriously, their #4 guy probably wouldn’t make the top 20 on the Yankees. Their system has been Dombrowski’d. What you see now is what you will get. Sure, what you see is pretty good for the time being, but that heavily depends on a lot of their major league players continuing to do things they hadn’t done before last year, and on Dombrowski cobbling together a bullpen.

Boy this is a boring time for baseball.

Boring? Boring?! Chris Davis just said Joey Bats is kind of a jerk. How is that BORING?

Oh god pitchers and catchers are never reporting, are they?

Also not boring:
The Astros get the Cards first two picks in the 2017 Draft.

[38] That’s crazy. Way harsher than I thought it would end up being.

That’s not that harsh, because those are in effect a 2nd and 3rd round pick, since they gave up their first rounder by signing Dexter Fowler. They should have also had to give up their first overall 2018 first round pick, and been barred from signing any qualifying free agent next year. That would have been a proper punishment.

That’s pretty damn harsh. Wow. I can’t even really say it wasn’t deserved, but it is also pretty darn harsh.

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