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Saturday, December 8, 2012

NYDN: Robinson Cano could leave Yankees for free agency after 2013

Compounding matters for the Yankees is the fact that Cano is represented by super agent Scott Boras, who was responsible for both Alex Rodriguez’s then-record $252 million deal with Texas before the 2001 season, and the 10-year, $275 milion pact A-Rod signed with the Bombers in 2007. The new fiscal belt-tightening by Hal Steinbrenner — the Yankees have said they will get their payroll to $189 million by 2014 to avoid a massive luxury-tax hit — will be a factor.

Another baseball source suggested that Cano will seek a deal similar to A-Rod’s, one that has become an albatross for the Bombers, who might be hesitant to tie up that much money and that many years in Cano, 30.

“He knows he’s the best player on the Yankees,” the second source said of Cano. “There’s no reason for him not to be paid that way.”

Cano’s the best player on the Yankees, but he isn’t as good as A-Rod was in his prime.  If he can get an A-Rod deal, good for him, but I hope it’s not with the Yankees. 

It’ll probably be with the Dodgers.

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I hope its not the A’s either

Didn’t ARod ditch Boras to negotiate the 2007 deal himself? Kind of a stretch for NYDN to say Boras was responsible for it.

Trade Cano and trade Granderson now for lots of good infield prospects (2B, 3B, and SS). Punt on the next couple of seasons. Try to build a new core with the new prospects plus our existing outfield and catcher prospects. Look to become competitive starting in 2016, with free agency aquisitions supplementing the core as the long-term contracts expire in the 2016-2018 years.

Crazy? Yes. Likely? Yeah, right. Tempting? You betcha.

[3] I think the team is too financially committed to ARod/Tex/CC to rebuild now, if they’re going to keep to the luxury cap.

If Cano really wants ARod money, much better to invest his money in a premium FA now (e.g. Hamilton), enjoy the overlap season and let Cano walk.

Is this still news ? Gardner signs 1/3. I woulda thought they’d go a few years of him at that price, but maybe it’s a wait-and-see on his full recovery.

[4] Well, I think the plan could be to rebuild looking toward 2017-2018 (Tex’s contract will be off the books in 2017, and A-Rod’s/CC’s contracts the following year). The Williams/Sanchez/Heathcott/Austin prospects will be hitting their early prime years (24-27) in 2017 and 2018; hopefully a couple of them pan out as good players. Any FA you sign now may be trending toward diminishing returns in 5 years. I’d wait a couple of years.

But I see your point. If you want to go for it all, 2013 may be your last chance for the next 4-5 years. Maybe offer Hamilton $30 million for one year.

[2] supposedly Boras’ agency still handled the details/paperwork. So he gets it on a technicality.

[6]  If your target is 2017-18, you can still give Hamilton 4/100+, and be clear of his deal by 2017.  Even at 5 years, it’s only one year left.

[7] Not to mention, Boras was the one that set up the original contract with the opt out, convinced ARod to opt out, and announced it in the middle of a World Series game.

I like the idea of signing Hamilton (assuming it’s only 3-4 years), going for it all one last time this season (go out in a blaze of glory), and then collecting draft picks for everyone who walks after this season and punting 2014. They could use Hamilton as leverage in Cano negotiations and as PR to let him walk if the Dodgers offer him an insane deal. Others have worked out the math and technically they could get under $189M with both Hamilton and Cano on the books at $20M+ as long as they are willing to turn over other positions to minimum salary players, which sounds like it would force them to play some of the kids. Or if Hamilton produces and they find they can re-sign Cano, they can also trade Hamilton, which would be a bit of a gamble but worth it to increase their chances of one last title for Jeter, Mo, and BattleCat.

But if Cano ends up on the Dodgers, it’s just another reason to turn this into RLDW.

[7]  No, my understanding was that he fired Boras AFTER the deal because he was unhappy that Boras leaked the announcement during the Series.  Some sports management agency handles him now.  But it’s bogus because Boras still collects the commission since he negotiated it—really just a PR move for A-Rod; he’ll never make another baseball deal anyway and the sports management people are just for endorsement deals and such.

I thought Boras was fired post opt out but pre new contract.

If only there were some way of looking this stuff up.

Boras was fired well after, but A-Rod supposedly negotiated the new deal himself.  In such cases in the entertainment industry, theoretically A-Rod would still owe Boras a commission, but A-Rod may have made him take a cut rate, or even not paid him.

Well I was off. I didn’t remember/realize that A-rod ever formally left Boras, and I would have thought it all happened over a few weeks, not years.

So was Trout more or less better than the next guy than the freshman who just won the Heisman?

Doesn’t Madonna handle his contracts now

Yes I’m wasted

Greinke to Dodgers.  Don Mattingly can’t believe how hard he scored.

They really are Yankees West. They added something like 100 million in payroll since the start of the year.

[20] I’ve got a fire going if anyone wants to join me in the cleansing to start anew.

I expect RLDW at the top of this site by Monday morning.

[20] They’re up to almost 206 million in payroll for 2013, according to Cot’s. Probably need to add another 7-8 million on top of that for guys without contracts.

The best part is they’re already locked into at least $115 million in payroll obligations through 2017.

Maybe they WOULD have taken Alex and Teix if we’d tried.

bebop, did I tell you I went to the Breeder’s Cup?  Lousy day of handicapping but I scored in the Classic.  Nice price for a winner.

UJD Cool, for me the power had just been restored at 4am so I never got involved.  Bad week for ghat to happen for the business.

It’s my turn to be drunk. Which is worse, emailing witticisms to an ex about her last name, or the A-rod contract?

Was the motive revenge of flirtation?

[27] Are we talking Mal-type witticisms (I mean in tone, not quality - strike that, I mean not the former but the second, or otherwise)?

[27] We already talk too much about the A-Rod contract.

The Quality Move is to email the ex, then post a transcript of the exchange here.

I spend a lot of time drunk, and if you want my advice, I’m absolutely certain this is the best thing you could do.

I really love you motherfarnsers. I can’t do the Dodgers thing. Steve Garvey… can’t do it.

[31] Mariners, dood. Legal pot. The Jesus. Garlic fries.

Plus, their stadium has a retractable roof.

What if Tree is fronting for Arod’s ex who actually sent the email but was too embarrassed to post here herself.  That would explain everything.

And there’s Bop checking in from Seattle. Or maybe Denver.

Indians to sign Reynolds.  Does that mean we get Useless?
34-26 says East Coast.

Will Myers traded to the Rays for Shields and Wade Davis. The Rays plug a top prospect into their starting lineup, and could actually have an above-average offense next season. Losing Shields will hurt in the short-term if Cobb and/or Archer can’t replace his innings, but it’s a move they had to make.

both. all of the above?

The Rays just got better and cheaper with more upside.

Edit: By better, I meant the “more upside.”  Sorry for the redundancy.  I apologize for the repetition.

Wow, what a ballsy move by the Rays. Good for them. Archer looked great in the games I saw him pitch, so I think he’s ready to step up big time.

SUCH a bold move and such a GOOD move. I mean, how often do you get a chance to get one of the best offensive prospects in the game without even giving up a cost-controlled young asset?

This reminds me of Adam Jones/Erik Bedard, although Shields is more reliable than Bedard was.

I didn’t know they ALSO got three OTHER prospects, including a very good starting prospect (possible #3 stuff) and a decent lefty for the pen. This is looking to be a really dumb move for the Royals.

[25] Dammit, I almost made the road trip to Santa Anita that day. Never been to a BC and really wanted to check it out, but I couldn’t make it happen. I was on the Ron the Greek/Fort Larned exacta and liked Ron outright. I’ve never been on the right side of a Mucho race. I take him, he bombs. I avoid him, he hits it. I was in love with Shanghai Bobby in the Juvenile. Too bad he got bet down to even, but a win’s a win.

39, 40—I don’t agree.  The Rays have taken a step backwards for 2013, in a move borne of economic necessity.  I’m not ready to hop on the bandwagon of Shields et al. simply because they’re rated highly because of the uncertainty inherent in projecting prospects.  The Rays are the team bearing more of the risk in this deal.

[39] I mean, how often do you get a chance to get one of the best offensive prospects in the game without even giving up a cost-controlled young asset?

Wade Davis isn’t a cost controlled young asset?

[42] I agree, losing Shields alone is a pretty big blow and Wade is a pretty good player in his own right. They got plenty back, but it will mostly likely help them more in the following 5 years than in 2013.

I meant to write Myers, not Shields, in the second sentence of 42.

The thing is, the Rays are replacing some Sam Fuld and Brandon Guyer PAs with Wil Myers so Myers doesn’t have to be great to be an upgrade.  They replace Shields with Alex Cobb and probably some sixth and seventh starter innings which isn’t really a huge down grade according to CAIRO (it had Cobb projected to a 4.25 RA and Shields to a 4.06 RA).

Wade Davis isn’t a cost controlled young asset?

He was the Rays’ Noesi. He was, like, their 7th starter. Nice to have, but not anything you miss giving up. And the pitcher they got from the Royals could likely plug right into Davis’ spot.

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