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Monday, February 18, 2013

NYDN: Joe Girardi says Travis Hafner will be strictly DH for Yankees

The Yankees’ new lefthanded DH said he hasn’t taken part in defensive drills in roughly five years, and while he might have a couple of gloves in his locker during the season, they won’t see much action.

“Usually people that need first base mitts will usually call me because they know,” Hafner said Sunday. “I haven’t really thrown much over the last five years or so. It would be something that, I don’t know, maybe just try it out and see how it goes, but I’m not sure at this point.”

Joe Girardi ended any suspense over Hafner’s role, saying he considers the 35-year-old a DH and nothing else. Hafner is slated to play against righthanders, while Derek Jeter and others will likely rotate through the DH spot against lefties. He last played the field in 2007.

Thanks to Girardi for ending the suspense.

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In related news (only b/c it showed up on the same update on RAB as the above), Hughes has officially abandoned his cutter.  Of it he said, “it died a loud death.”  Good to see that he both has a sense of humor about it, and also that he isn’t stubborn about keeping it.

RAB also had some information that they didn’t discuss a long-term contract with Hughes (understandable, if not ideal), Rothschild had Hughes do some exercises in the off-season meant to improve flexibility, and that they made some minor mechanical changes to hopefully make Hughes more consistent.

What does this have to do with Mindy McCready and the evil spirit?

[2] I was hoping that wouldn’t thread-jump…but the evil spirt apparently jumps threads as well as bodies…

I thought they’d at least give ‘ol Pronk a fighting shot at one of the catching spots… What gives?

[3] We were talking about steampunk lately, so I should mention that Tim Powers’s _The Anubis Gates_ treats the above topic in macabre and even moving fashion.

Nunez will get a lot of starts against LHP while Jeter DH’es. That could be 50 games. Although my guess is Nix will get a few of those to stay loose.

[5] Groovy, baby. Yeah ! Behave…

Pin is watching the Prisoner.

Well then who is going to pitch the 8th?

Who’s number 1?

[10] Yankees!

[6] If Nunez can get his defense under control - not even be average but like 5-10 runs below average in total per 1000 innings combined (2B, SS, 3B), he’ll be the primary UIF this year, AND can be talked about as a (short term) replacement for any of ARod, Cano, or Jeter.  I think Nunez on offense (adding in he’s a good baserunner) is probably about average offensively for 2B/3B, and above average for SS.  Of course, if he makes any advances in either offense or defense above and beyond that, he could be an average 2B/3B for a few years, or a good SS.

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