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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NYDN: Increasing risk of injury for Pettitte, who will pitch in the WBC, is asking for trouble

Andy Pettitte hasn’t thrown a full, injury-free season since 2009. Over the last three years, including the one he spent in retirement, the lefthander has pitched a total of 204 innings, or approximately what the Yankees are counting on him for in 2013.

So the odds already were against Pettitte staying healthy from April to October, as he turns 41 in June. But now he is pushing the envelope by agreeing to pitch in the World Baseball Classic, considering that he’ll be throwing at his regular-season intensity level by early March.

For a team counting on so many old guys, increasing the risk of injury for someone as valuable as Pettitte is asking for trouble.

Not that the Yankees can do much about it. The WBC is Bud Selig’s baby, and the baseball commissioner demands that teams cooperate in allowing players to participate.

I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with this.  I don’t see this ending well.

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Andy’s crazy to do this. Perhaps Joe Torre is trying to mess up 2013 season playing on Pettitte’s loyalty to him.

Still thinking of overhyped prospects.
Oreste Destrade, Rusty Torres (circa 73), Willy Mo Pena, the pitcher who was traded to Blue Jays for David Cone?, Rickey LeDee

Drew Henson.

what is the Cashmanian devil up to?

“I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with this.  I don’t see this ending well.”

Has anyone here ever thought something would end well?

We have thought a bad ending would end well.

Has anyone here ever thought something would end well?

Ninth innings with a lead from 1997-2011.

2013 Budget:

Night in Park Ave $1200+ including local transportation and cocktail attire

Yankees $0-$4 depending on accounting (Yankees @ Rays ticket: probably $4 lol)

[6] Except for a dozen or so WWWMWs

[4] I once thought the mediocre Swedish horror film I was watching would end well. I was wrong (the unexpected ending was far superior to what I thought would happen).

It’s January 16 and do you know what the Yankees roster is?


Daniel Boone Logan Airport
Rapid Clay Rapada

Constant Gardner

Kristen Stewart

Who is the DH? Canzler? Diaz?

That’s 24 spots.  Whom I am missing?

[4] I did.

[6] I think a number of people started doubting after 2001, and many more after 2004.

[10]  Yes I do.  “Unfinished”

I just have that espn sort of feeling that Cash is working on a major transaction or two stealth bomber style.

[8] And when Scutaro was at the plate.

[9] And the name of that Swedish horror film…?

The Yankees had a string of poor luck from 2001-2004.  They really should have won in 2001, the Angels were not that good in 2002, they should have beaten the Marlins, and who knew the playoffs would be canceled 3 games into the ALCS?  Really, the Yankees should have had at least two more titles from those four years. 

Now I know these are first world problems, but still.  The Bills crushed my football fandom by losing four in a row; I think I get extra credit for sticking with the Yankees!

[11] I think you have too many pitchers.  You have 13 and typically the Yankees only carry 12.  They could of course go 13 at some points depending on health and usage, but to start the season I think they’ll go with 12.  I think Eppley still has options left and will start in the minors if everyone else is healthy, but alternatively the loser of the Nova/Phelps battle will.

So now you’re down to 23 including “DH” who I think will be Canzler.  I think - unless they find one - you’ll also see Mesa and either Nix or Adams on the 25 man.  Mesa extra OF and PR off the bench, Nix/Adams to back up 2nd and 3rd, Nix can also handle SS in a pinch.  I’d bet on Adams since he’s already on 40-man and has options, but there’s a good chance he’ll twist an ankle getting off the plane.

[11] Mel, it strains me to figure out who those people are.  You’ve gone too far this time!

4th OF? Canzler (the new Calzone, perhaps?)?

Okay, I’ll just take over the commenting, you guys can have a day off.

Also, that lineup if Youk doesn’t bounce back and Tex continues his descent into mediocrity…

The Bills crushed my football fandom by losing four in a row; I think I get extra credit for sticking with the Yankees!

I give you more credit for dumping the Bills than sticking with the Yankees, says the lifetime NY Giants fan.

cool smirk

[0] Honestly, I don’t think the injury last year has anything to do with having more chances of getting hurt.  He’d have just as much a chance of breaking a leg on that type of ball in a warmup game against University of Florida.  The injury 2 years ago is…two years ago.

[16] If I remembered I would have put it in my post. It was on Netflix and involved a strange combination of zombies, canabalism and bikers.

I’ll see if I can find it when I make it home tonight.

Morse is still out there,no?  And Upton?

From a name perspective I’m rooting for Ronnier Mustelier.

[27] Yes and yes.  Given their failure to trade him to Seattle, I’m hoping for Upton now.  Reports (from RAB) are Yankees are willing to match the price for Upton, but are concerned about adding the salary.  I think that should ONLY be a factor if they have concerns about his performance going forward.  That is, if they feel some of the injuries have put his ceiling more like 2012 than 2011.  Otherwise, hopefully it is just posturing to try to get AZ to come down in price or eat some salary.

However, if Upton is unattainable, I still think getting Morse if the price is something like Logan/Warren, is very doable.

Mustelier I think has about a 5% chance of being on the big league roster come April.  4% of that is if there are multiple injuries.

I saw 28 comments up from 11 an hour ago and hoped the Yankees made a 4-team trade for Upton and Morse or something. Thanks Mike K. and UJD.

They really should have won in 2001

The funny thing is how they did win in 2001, although they had no business doing so whatsoever.

I don’t get the Morse love.  He’s a 6’5” right handed batter. Don’t a lot of tall lanky (mediocre talent) right-handers turn into pumpkins as soon as they turn 30?  He’s 31 next year.

He’s played one full season in his career.

He’d be moving to a tougher league, and into a ballpark built for strengths other than his.

He doesn’t show that much of a platoon split, it’s not like he’s going to destroy left handed pitching.

I don’t know much about him, but in the playoffs last year, once Cano stopped hitting, the only Yankee who could get close to catching up with a fastball was Nunez, all these other old guys were looking stupid against heat, and hoping to catch up with an off speed pitch. 

If you could assure me that he would remain on a steady diet of steriods for the duration of his Yankee contract, and the good steriods, the kind that took Mark McGwire to a DFA candidate in 1991 and 1994 to a potential HOF by 1998, or the kind that Ryan Braun is on now that they can’t even catch you for when they know you are taking them, well then Morse should be considered.

But assuming Morse is clean, with that long swing and his 31st birthday looming, he seems to be a bad fit.  Another chump in the lineup who can’t react to a heater won’t help much.

I don’t think the Yankees are going to get Morse, so I don’t really care, but I do expect him to suck from this point forward regardless of where he plays.

Morse is also a butcher defensively and supposedly doesn’t want to DH.

I’m not sure he’s all that much better of an option than Canzler or Diaz if you take the whole package.

[31] Was McGwire a DFA candidate in 1991 and 1994? In 94 he had a 138 OPS+ and was coming off some pretty phenomenal seasons. Also, he led the league in HR his rookie year, so there had to be some natural power there.

Also, this is just insane. For 9 seasons in his andro peak, McGwire maintained a 188 OPS+. He had 4 seasons with a .720 SLG or above. In what world is a .720 SLG normal? How did no one see it at the time? Our 3B can’t even get it up past .500 anymore.

Neither can our 1B, and probably never will again.

I’m probably in the minority for this, but I have faith in Pettitte to not do anything stupid, and it’s not like spring training is risk free. Playing in games that “count” might be better preparation for the season anyways.

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