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Friday, November 2, 2012

NYDN: GM Cashman not worried about adding age to Bombers as source says Torii Hunter is target

Despite a roster that included 10 players age 35 or older, Cashman insisted he wasn’t averse to bringing in older players if he thinks they’re the right players.
“I just want the best,” Cashman said at the time. “We’re going to gravitate to the best choices. I don’t care if it’s old, I care if it’s good. There’s some old guys that are good.”

One of those “old guys” has already piqued the Bombers’ curiosity -  the Yankees are interested in 37-year-old Torii Hunter according to a source.

The source said Hunter is not expected to receive a $13.3 million qualifying offer from the Angels before Friday’s midnight deadline – Los Angeles is rightfully afraid Hunter would accept the $13.3 million offer – so the Yankees would not have to surrender a draft pick to sign the four-time All-Star.
Hunter hit .313 with 16 home runs and 92 RBI for the Angels last season, scoring 81 runs in 140 games. He would add a much-needed righthanded bat into the outfield, where the Yankees are expected to lose switch-hitting free agent Nick Swisher.

As long as he can be signed for one year and as long as his salary reflects the fact that he’s not likely to repeat his 2012 BABIP of .389 that was .082 points higher than his career BABIP, I’m fine with this.

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Torii only makes sense if its 2yr deal. I imagine he’ll get at least one three year deal.  I do like getting a rh bat into the outfield.  Its been quite a while since Gardner has proved himself at the plate and he has a lot to prove to carry a pretty powerless bat in the lineup. Signing Ichiro only makes sense if he’s part of a platoon as once again there’s not enough power for both him and Gardy. Hunter if a FA would cost a pick, no?

It’s time for Yankees managment to put down deadlines on Rivera and Andy so that the GM isn’t hamstrung on making plans for 13.

Did Robby Cano actually only have 3 hits out of 40 abs in postseason? Wow, wow, wow. How can that happen with a hitter of his caliber?

Hunter if a FA would cost a pick, no?

No, only if the Angels qualify him, which they probably won’t.  One of the things that makes Hunter attractive as an option; Swisher will cost them a pick (not getting the supplemental), Upton would likely cost a pick (Tampa probably qualifies).  I doubt Pagan is qualfied but SF may roll the dice.  Ditto for LA and Victorino.

As long as he can be signed for one year and as long as his salary reflects the fact that he’s not likely to repeat his 2012 BABIP of .389 that was .082 points higher than his career BABIP, I’m fine with this.

Outside of last year, he’s been between 2.7 and 5.0 bWAR, and 2.6 and 3.9 fWAR as an Angel.  I’d guess it’s a pretty good bet he’d be somewhere in the 2.5-3.5 WAR range as a Yankee for 2012, and if he’s a .7 win downgrade in 2014 that’s 1.8-2.8 WAR.  Worth 2/20?  Or better off overpaying at 1/12?  Both are bargains (I think) if he does what’s expected, but the 2nd has some risk built in.  Be willing to overpay a bit (like 2/22) if 2nd year is a $2M buyout or $12M contract?

joeln: anything can happen in 50 ABs.  And I think things can snowball on a guy.

I think 1/12 would be ideal for Hunter, and I’d maybe even go to 1/15.  Or add a second option year as laid out in [2].  And I’d probably prefer 2/20 for Hunter than a four or more year deal for BJ Upton or Swisher.

I don’t think there are going to be any long-term values in the FA market this year, so I’m for loading up on one-year deals in 2013, overpaying if necessary.

[1] It’s time for Yankees managment to put down deadlines on Rivera and Andy so that the GM isn’t hamstrung on making plans for 13.

Good idea, means they probably won’t do it.

Good job by Bloomberg, allowing the marathon to go ahead. Needed generators and personnel for the run instead of for the people who need help. Meaningless marathon more important than helping the Citizens.

Nice too that Alabama non-union utility workers were forced out by union thugs. Where’s Bloomberg, Cuomo and Christie?

Brooklyn Borough President asks for the National Guard and the answer is no.

Obscene what is going on in our own backyard.

Thoughts and prayers to Don and all storm victims. I live in heartland and we get our share of tornadoes and ice storms. We have a lot more room to get around and obviously not nearly as congested. Hope things improve greatly in coming weekend.

Some people wonder why Yanks don’t trade for Haren or for Alex Gordon. When is the last time Yanks worked out deals with either team? Neither team has any use for Yanks and if approached the price would be exorbitant.  Treading water for a couple of years with the oldsters is the way to go but we have to hope that the class A allstars are as good as the projections.  Tyler Austin, Heathcott, Montgomery at some point have to replace some of our old guys.  The problem is some of these guys seem to plateau the higher they get in the system.  I hope our evaluators are right on their potential.

[7] Thanks joeln, but where I am in Westchester I never lost power, everything is okay thank God. But in Staten Island, parts of other Boroughs and in New Jersey and Long Island, things are going to get worse with a cold front and rain with a possibility of frozen precipitation coming.

Hurrah! Just heard on radio they’ve cancelled the marathon. The pressure folks brought on the mayor worked.

[9]  Good decision.  Once the recovery is further along, they can turn a rescheduled marathon into a full-on benefit for the city that everyone can get behind.  You’d think that whatever money was lost by canceling now, they’d be able to make up and maybe even exceed.  Give runners an option to submit an additional amount to their entry fee to aid the recovery, get extra sponsors, etc.

Power and heat back 430 am.  Woke me to clock radio playing static loudly.

[6] The resources needed for the Marathon aren’t going to make much if any difference. A few generators aren’t much. The police overtime,etc. much more of a factor. But this is all offset by the reported $350 million in business the city makes on taxes, increased business, etc. So I can understand going on with it. The politics of symbolism however…. can I use “shit storm” as a technical term?

[12]  But if they would have been able to overcome the logistical nightmare of putting on the marathon during a hurricane recovery, can’t they just overcome the logistical nightmare of rescheduling the thing?  This is the part I don’t really understand.  Why did it have to be on or cancelled?

[13] For the pros at least, marathon training is very, very specialized and periodized. If the Marathon was significantly delayed, most pros would probably just pull out, so I understand why they would cancel the pro part, no idea on the “normal” person marathon being cancelled.

Mariano wants to come back.

The race is on again.  The race to the bottom of the AL East, that is.

[16] Cue Tony Womack signing.

[6] Could you please find a different site to spread political disinformation and stick to baseball here?

[6] [13] [14] I’m more a waddler than a runner, so I’m not sure, but a rescheduling might have to be more than a week, to be after most of the repairs and cleanup. Then, you’ve got the Thanksgiving parade in 2 weeks, etc. And then it gets too cold. So much for the window of opportunity.

[18] Hey, it’s the off season, we have to diversify.

18 Amen and seconded.

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