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Saturday, December 15, 2012

NY Times: Youkilis, 33, Adds Youth to Yankees’ Acquisitions

Remarkably, Youkilis becomes the Yankees’ youngest major signing of the off-season, joining Mariano Rivera (43), Andy Pettitte (40) and Hiroki Kuroda (37).

The appeal to the Yankees with older players is short-term contracts that do not limit what the Yankees can do in 2014, the year they are aiming to be under the $189 million luxury tax threshold. For the older players, even a former Red Sox fan favorite like Youkilis, the appeal is the chance to play for a contending team.

Hey Cliff Lee, see, the Yankees aren’t old.

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I guess we just have to start calling him “Babyface”.

Babyface Killah—long-lost member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

I saw this band last night:

My first exposure to black metal.  It didn’t last long, I retreated.

oh god. oh god.

(3) Holy white folks. I thought you meant Metal by black folks. 1.3 seconds in I knew better.

[3] I’m guessing their drummer needs rotator cuff surgery.

Troy Glauss wants aboard.

Watching some late 90s dynasty DVDs I realize how much I miss OYS. The crowd was sooooooooo loud. The bleachers would go absolutely ballistic on critical HRs. Glad I went there, if only for a couple games. Magical place.

[8] best place ever.

Donnie’s HR in game 2 ALDS 95 might be my favorite moment in all of history. It looked as if the stadium would fall apart due to enthusiasm. Piniella pulled his team off the field due to people throwing stuff on the field and it seemed entirely due to how much people wanted a title for Donnie.

And maybe Gary Thorne’s greatest call, “This one by MATTINGLY! OH HANG ONTO THE ROOF! GOODBYE, HOMERUN! DON MATTINGLY!!” As someone is sooooo jacked in the bleachers they opened their umbrella as others threw everything near them into the air.

[5] Ha, old thurm, I knew you would appreciate that.

OYS was the best place ever. Truly animal kingdom.

I used to have a friend with season tix.  In 1999 he took me to a Division Series game and I couldn’t believe how loud it was.  In 2000 I went to an ALCS game, and it was louder.  In 2001, he took me to the first Series game—started with some kind of Air Force flyover and got louder from there.  Just nuts.  I loved that place.

Shit, just realized that the last OYS game I went to was Phil Hughes’s debut. He sucked. Torre got booed.

[14] IIRC, it was against Toronto and he went like 4.1 IP right?


Final season of ODNYS2, I went to a day game against Toronto. Wang pitched, uninspiringly, Melky dropped an easy fly ball in center, Betamit hit a home run (for us), Farnsie turned a 1-run lead into a 2-run deficit, and Giambi hit a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth.

My ears rang for hours.

Worth the airfare.

I only ever made it to one game at OYS. Igawa started and was mediocre. pre-zombie Matsui hit a bomb off of Neshak (during his really good year) in the 7th to put the Yankees ahead. Mo closed it out. And after arguing with 2 friends about how Jeter was not a good defensive shortstop, he missed an easy ground ball AND made an error.

It was a great time.

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