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Thursday, October 26, 2017

NY Times: Joe Girardi Is Out as Yankees’ Manager

After a decade in the job that included a championship season in 2009, Joe Girardi is out as manager of the Yankees.

The 53-year-old Girardi announced his departure in an emailed statement on Thursday morning, saying, “With a heavy heart, I come to you because the Yankees have decided not to bring me back.” The statement went on to thank everyone from the Steinbrenner family to General Manager Brian Cashman to his coaches and other team personnel, and it concluded with Girardi saying that the “passion and excitement” of the 2017 postseason would “remain in my heart forever.”

In a separate statement, issued by the Yankees, Cashman said that he wanted to thank Girardi “for his 10 years of hard work and service” and that the team had “decided to pursue alternatives for the managerial position.”

This postseason was both exhilarating and painfully disappointing for Girardi and the Yankees, ending in a loss in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. Two other managers — the Washington Nationals’ Dusty Baker and the Boston Red Sox’ John Farrell — lost their jobs this month after their teams were ousted from the postseason. Girardi becomes the third.

I’m shocked.  Not that Girardi is leaving, but that it’s because the Yankees have decided they didn’t want to bring him back.

I hope they have a good replacement in mind, because for all his faults Girardi was probably in the top 10 of all MLB managers and it won’t be that easy to replace him.

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Is page three the rally page?

The Rally Cream Car Wax page.

I’ve read your attempts to rehabilitate Ty Cobb.

What are you going to do with this?

“Ty Cobb, a member of Trump’s legal team…”

[203] - Holy shit, I just saw this same thing. Did you see his picture?

The Steins wouldn’t let him be their lawyer.

No relation I believe.

207 Beard.

Wow this ump is bad.

This ump’s strike zone is ridiculous.

Take notes Yankees and future Yankee hitting coach.

It is supremely irritating to watch another team knock around Keuchel.

I find it refreshing!

Cameraman just showed one of the Road Warrior freaks in the Houston dugout.

Kershawc giving it all back living down to his rep.

Are we ENTIRELY sure they can’t suspend Gurriel for his stupid hair?

For the best pitcher of his generation he sure sucks at the worst times. 22 post season games, 7-7, 4.21 era before today. Sandy Koufax he’s not.

Dodgers 100-1 when Kershaw has a 4 run lead so I think letting the Stros tie it up was simply a gambling coup to get a better price.

This umpire is incredibly bad.  Literally any pitch could be called a strike.

This game will go longer than 2:28.

Kershaw really can’t pitch in the postseason.  And Roberts
waited way too long to lift him.

[219] Dodgers were a -150 favorite ON THE ROAD tonight. I took the Stros. That was nuts. Of course, I also took the damn under ...

OK, I guess Altuvo has me convinced.

224 No doubt.

This is completely bonkers. Like ... over the FDA maximum allowed parts per million of bonkers for a baseball game.

Roberts not having a great game.

Wow, launch angle 48 degrees on the Correa HR.

This is why you take Hill out after four innings. So you can blow the World Series. Duh!

Dodgers pen certainly is great.

229 Yep.

231, why can’t we find a hip young manager like this?

I’d take Dallas Green or Grady Little or this pinch running. putz. Good move firing Donnie.

The Pixies in a Citibank commercial???

I bet the kids from the little league commercial could take the Dodger pitchers deep.

Kershaw’s worst era for the season past his rookie year was 2.91. His lifetime postseason era after tonight must be close to 4.5. This year he set a record for most playoff home runs allowed in a year at 8. If he’s the greatest pitcher of his generation he’s also the biggest choke artist ever.

And LA’s vaunted pen is a disaster, even Kenley faux Mo. Of course Roberts showed that you can lead a manager to raw data but you can’t make him use it correctly in context.

This game is unbelievable

Seems to me Sunday games at least should start earlier.

Mo 2003 >>>> Kenley 2017. What a great pen!!

I got 20-1 on Kershaw start, Dodgers score 12 and lose.

This postseason has featured a shit-ton of closers completely choking in the postseason. Jansen, Kimbrel, Giles. I can’t remember a postseason with so many bullpen meltdowns.

Mo .99 era in 36.1 WS IP. Kenley faux Mo 4.77 era in 5.2 WS IP. If that were Chappy we’d be killing him.

Man Kershaw and Kenley totally sucked.

[242] I remember 2009 had a bunch. Seemed like every closer in the postseason, save Mo, of course, blew a game. Nathan, Fuentes, Lidge, of course, but also Papelbon vs Anaheim, Street and Broxton vs Phillies.

Dodger pitching with -1.320 WPA (!) for the game. For that matter, Houston pitchers had -.820 WPA.

HOU 1-5 batter WPA:
Springer: .309
Bregman: .421
Altuve: .546
Correa: .163
Gurriel: .239


[234] And the one that’s about evil hobos, no less. From the Carnival Cruise Line “Lust for Life” dept. of “Just because a song is jaunty doesn’t mean it’s upbeat.”

I wouldn’t sweat over taking Chapman opposed to Jansen.

(248) But Chapman would certainly sweat.

Last night is why you don’t bet on sports. Couldn’t even enjoy one of the best games ever played.

Also, Kershaw letting his haters continue the “postseason choke-artist” narrative was more painful than any joy could have brought watching that game.

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