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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NY Times: Jeter Fields Grounders and Questions

Jeter spent five minutes answering reporters’ questions while signing for the fans, then signed for another two minutes before driving off. Jeter laughed heartily when told that Randy Levine, the Yankees president, had said that his Labrador retriever that he had entered in the Westminster Dog Show reminded him of Jeter because of his calmness. If Jeter had a snappy retort, he kept it to himself.

And Jeter offered a nugget of news: besides playing long toss, hitting in the batting cage and fielding ground balls on the infield grass, he ran on a treadmill Monday for the first time since breaking his left ankle last October in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium.

Maybe a few hours on the treadmill will help Jeter get rid of that spare tire.

Pitchers and catchers report today!

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OF COURSE Randy Levine enters dogs into the Westminster Dog Show.

I heard Jeter got a new endorsement deal from Carvel ice cream. Read it somewhere on the internet.

Randy Levine has to be one of the most dislikable people in the history of ever.

Maybe not top 10, but I think top 100 is reasonable, and there have been a lot of people, so that’s quite an accomplishment.

Levine just makes my skin crawl.

[3] Youkilis could make the top 50, easily

I don’t know; making fun of Jeter makes me like Levine a little bit.

Isn’t that a compliment?

If he was speaking in jest, then that’s pretty damn funny. If he actually meant that statement, he’s despicable beyond salvation.

Labs do have calm eyes.

Via twitter—Girardi is saying there are currently no plans to flip Granderson and Gardner in the outfield.

[10] Sometimes I really fucking hate the Yankees.

Eh, why would you want to improve your outfield defense, really?

Not switching Gardner and Granderson is plain stupid, but in line with what I expected from this team.

[10-13] Interesting b/c I just read an article on NYPost where Granderson said he’s fine moving to LF.  IDK why you would take a Twitter post influence your opinion that much.

Edit: I found the (a?) Twitter post from a beat writer Erik Boland. 

Girardi said “right now there’s no plans to do anything” insofar as flipping Granderson to LF and Gardner to CF

So the quote actually is, “right now there’s no plans to do anything”.  Don’t know the actual question.  Also, it could be as simple as he hasn’t spoken to either Gardner or Granderson yet and doesn’t want to tell the press what they’re doing until he talks to the players.

I am willing to bet that Granderson will play CF and Gardner LF.

I actually think they will DH Gardner and play Hafner in CF.

[16] Not a bad way to save Gardner legs for next season.

I like Randy Levine.

[15] I’m certainly not willing to bet on it.  Heck they could have every plan on moving Gardner to CF but he sprains an ankle in ST and though he’s playing opening day, they decide to stick with Granderson in CF since he played there all spring training.  Or they could trade Gardner tomorrow for something that makes the team better.  I really don’t know.

I just think taking a Tweet from a beat writer watching Girardi answer questions at the first press conference of ST is not convincing to me of what the Yankees’s plans are.  Especially since we’ve been hearing all off-season that they’re considering it.

Apparently MLB Network is getting into reality tv, with Tim Wakefield teaching a bunch of quarterbacks how to throw a knuckleball. It debuts tomorrow, and I almost want to watch it.

[18] From my understanding, there are some things Randy Levine is quite good at.  These are things that make the Yankees money, and (usually) that will help make them a better team.  There are also some things that Levine does not appear to be good at.  Building rosters is one of those things.  If he sticks to the financial side of things and leaves the roster building to Cashman, Oppenheimer, etc, I have no problem with him.

[20] That sounds like the kind of reality TV that I would watch.

Randy Levine USED to like the RLYW, before we all started going off on him.

Randy Levine = the guy who brought us Raul Mondesi.

And that’s pre-mayor Mondesi.

[21] I just meant from a personal perspective.  He helped me get my internship with the team.

[27]  Then I love him.

[26] Levine might be a stand up guy, but when he makes public statements regarding the yankees (or is involved in baseball decisions) it is generally a bad thing.

Getting you an internship drops him into the top 250. That’s as far as I am willing to go unless he is Batman.

Bill Simmons hates Randy Levine.  What does that tell us?  Nothing, not a darn thing.

Randly Levine is like the bad guy in Karate Kid! Malcom Gladwell! pop culture, boston boston puke.

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