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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NY Times: Ibanez Is Going to Mariners, and Swisher to the Indians

The Yankees are essentially fielding the same team from the end of last season, now without the substantial contributions of Nick Swisher, who on Sunday agreed to a four-year, $56 million contract with the Cleveland Indians, and the less substantial, but still important, contributions from Ibanez, who agreed to a one-year contract with the Seattle Mariners on Friday. And while Alex Rodriguez, who is expected to miss half the season after he has surgery on his left hip that is scheduled for next month, is a favorite target of critics, his production last year (.783 on-base plus slugging percentage) bettered that of Youkilis (.745).

On paper, the Yankees, who also lost the defensive-minded but home run-capable catcher Russell Martin, are a worse team offensively than last year.

Is it too late for the Festivus Airing of Grievances?

I’m not that broken up that Ibanez signed with Seattle and it was pretty much a given that Swisher would not be back.  Some of the loss of Swisher can be mitigated by a healthy Brett Gardner, even if the shape of the value he provides is different.  But I do agree that right now this team is not as good as last year’s, and I’d be surprised if they’ll make a combination of moves that will change that by the start of the season. 

But they’ll be a contender, and that’s better than not being one.

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Shockmaster wasn’t that good, I’ll give you that, but he was clutch.  Now while we shouldn’t sign him and expect him to repeat the same clutchness, it still happened so losing Ibanez and his clutchness from last year is still almost a two win shift. Good bye Lord Voldemort.  Your sorcery was fun at times.

As for Swisher… I never disliked him as much as so many around the league do, but I never had any real affection for him either.  I’m sorry to see his production go, but hopefully they can find it elsewhere.

I am happy that Ibanez left. I really like the guy, but hate the player. Low OBP guy, can’t hit on the orad and can’t field. I rather have Dickerson.

As for Swisher, I never liked the guy that much and while the Yankees will mis his offensive production, they can replace his overall production as his defense and baserunning was well below average.

I wish the Yankees had sign Gomes and not Ichiro. Gomes and Dickerson would have made a very nice platoon for a low salary.

Swisher’s defense was average to above average, which more than made up for his below average baserunning. 

I sure won’t miss watching him in the postseason though.

[1] “Now while we shouldn’t sign him and expect him to repeat the same clutchness, it still happened so losing Ibanez and his clutchness from last year is still almost a two win shift.”

If you believe (as I do) that Ibanez’s clutchiness was mostly luck, then it doesn’t follow that the Yankees will lose that degree of clutchiness in 2013.  Presumably, somebody else will be randomly lucky instead.

[4] I think he was just making a statement that Ibanez - if you include clutch - was probably worth something like 2 wins last year, and that’s gone.  Not that signing Ibanez would have kept those two wins.  And certainly, someone else *could* get those two wins, but we can’t count on it.

Sad to see Swisher go, hope they can replace him.

I think we get our fill of randomness and luck whenever Nunez is in the field.

Andruw Jones arrested on battery charge.  I’ll leave the jokes to others,...,for now.

[6] Nunez’s upside is this guy:

[3] I know that most defenisve metrics suggest that Swisher is an average to above average in RF, but I just don’t buy that. Maybe the fact that he played at the DNYS helped him have good numbers, but the guy is very slow and doesn’t have a good arm for the position. From what I’ve seen the last 4 years, his defense is declining and I think he will be terrible playing in a big RF, like Cleveland.

3. I sure won’t miss watching him in the postseason though.

So are you saying that the Indians and/or Yanks won’t make the postseason going forward? Just kidding.

I’d like to think the Yanks should have re-signed him if it guaranteed them making the postseason over the next four years.

9. He is slow, but made some good plays at times and had some adventures as well. Arm was below average as you noted.

Yanks ink Matt Diaz to minor-league deal.

Yesterday our troubles seemed so far away

I hated watching Swish climb walls to try to catch HRs, but have his back tunred to the ball so he had no idea where it was…not that he would have caught em anyway, but it annoyed me.

I also hated him in the post season.  And if all of us think “WS win or bust” it is more likely we win the WS without him than with him. (kidding, sort of)

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