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Sunday, August 28, 2011

NY Post: Yankees storming mad over Orioles game rescheduling

A person with knowledge of the situation said the Yankees hierarchy of Cashman, team president Randy Levine and owner Hal Steinbrenner learned at 5 p.m. Friday that the Orioles had decided to postpone both games of yesterday’s scheduled doubleheader because of the Hurricane Irene forecast. Granderson said he found out about it hours later when it was announced during Friday’s game at Camden Yards.

“We have not agreed to play Sept. 8,” Girardi said.

The person with knowledge of the situation said MLB and the MLBPA should have asked the Yankees about the decision. But both the person and Granderson admitted that fighting the rescheduling would not be easy. Michael Weiner, head of the union, declined to comment yesterday.

If it continues to look like a game that won’t matter, the Yankees should call up everyone on the 40 man roster and send this team to Baltimore on September 8.

SP: A.J.
Bullpen: Lance Pendleton, Raul Valdes

C: Cervelli
1B: Andruw Jones
2B: Aaron Laffey
3B: Brandon Laird
SS: Ryan Pope
LF: Chris Dickerson
CF: Greg Golson
RF: Justin Maxwell
DH: Melky Mesa

Make Burnett pitch all eight innings, just keep a couple of arms in the bullpen in case he gets ejected.

The best case scenario at this point seems to be they would move this game to ‘played if necessary’ status.  Whether that’s a realistic option or not, I have no idea.

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At this point, doesn’t it look like it WILL matter?  aren’t we projected to be within a game of the red sox?  or does playoff seeding not matter for purposes like this?

Both teams will be in NY on September 7, right?  So they should just play this game at DNYS on Monday with the O’s as the ‘home’ team and give Angelos the gate receipts.  He’ll surely jump at the offer, since he’d make about three times as much money that way.

[0] The only thing wrong with this lineup is that it doesn’t feature Posada at 2B.

And AJ should be forced to wear the Trenton Thunder jersey that Jete was sporting that made him look so ridiculous that Minka dumped him. We all have such a shirt, no ?

“Ugh. What is THAT ?”

“It’s for the game. Special jerseys for the holiday.”

“You’re wearing that out in PUBLIC ? You look like a clown.”

“But Sweetums, it’s not up to me. Besides, it’s not that bad. Feel that material, it’s really comfortable.”

“I don’t care. People will see you. I am not going to be the laughingstock of Trenton, buster.”

“Baby, trust me, there’s nobody goes to those games…”

“There’ll be papparazi…pictures…the internet. You can do what you want, but they would never make Al wear something like that.”

At this point, doesn’t it look like it WILL matter?

To win the division, the Yankees have to finish one game ahead of Boston.  In that case, the result of a makeup game with Baltimore is irrelevant.  If the Yankees are 98-63 and Boston’s 97-65, playing that game doesn’t change things.

In the case of an equivalent number of wins the Red Sox win the tiebreaker.  I’m thinking the Yankees would rather skip the unnecessary game and take their chances as the wild card.  If they’re really pissed at Baltimore it’d be a nice FU to them as well.

I was thinking the same thing.  Have the regulars take the normal flight as if this game doesn’t exist, and send the group of September callups to Baltimore.  Hopefully it torpedoes Baltimore’s gate.

[2] The Yankees actually proposed this. It was nixed by MLB, because it would give the Yankees an unfair advantage in home games.

Games on FAN with Serlng and Suzie.

[6] Whereas allowing the O’s to dick around with the schedule in a way that favors the Red Sox is fine.

[6] And yet the Marlins played ‘home’ games in Seattle earlier this year because of a U2 concert.  Besides, Yankees and Red Sox games at Camden Yards have been about 70% visiting team’s fans for the last decade or so.

[9] The Marlins don’t draw nearly as well as U2, presumably.

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