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Friday, February 15, 2013

NY Post: Yankees Keeping Tabs on Former Ace Wang

Free-agent right-hander Chien-Ming Wang threw off a mound at Billy Connors’ Tampa area home recently and impressed the spring training pitching instructor.

According to Connors, Wang, who will pitch for Taiwan in the upcoming World Baseball Classic, is looking for a major league contract.

GM Brian Cashman said he hasn’t had contact with Wang’s representatives. However, the club will have scouts watching Wang during the WBC, despite having six candidates for five starting spots.

It’d be nice to see Wang get a minor league spot just to see if he has anything left in the tank. Gosh darn stupid interleague baseball.

Tip of the Hat to EB for the link.

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Connors is still hanging around? I thought that guy got the sorely-deserved boot.

Spring training pitching instructor is pretty far down the list, I imagine.

I hope that in this era of infinite interleague that we don’t see any extra pitcher injuries from running the bases.

That is interesting - with the new schedule how many more interleague games are there than in past years?  If it is just the same amount, but spread out throughout the year it isn’t as bad, but yes, if there are a lot more games played that would be…unfortunate.

CC appears to be in the best shape of his life.

And Mike Trout got real fat.  That’s awesome.

[4] It’s a comparable number of games as before (20 per team this year, apparently). You could argue both ways if spreading the games out might reduce or increase injuries, but it probably doesn’t make much of a difference.

[6] It’s “Harrison Bergeron” in action - Selig doesn’t want him showing up the rest of the league.

rilke, I think we’ve had this conversation before, but what is the name of the Damon Knight short story about the violent man whose punishment is ostracism from society and a sort of brain short circuit if he attempts anything violent?

[9] “The Country Of The Kind”.  Here is one place to read it.

[9] Wasn’t that the v-chip they put in Cartman in Bigger, Longer, Uncut ?

[10] A healthy, hard throwing Wang always left us satisfied.

Thanks rilke. 

Holy crap, Miguel Cairo JUST retired.

It’s remarkable to look at the list of players that debuted the same year as Cairo (Nineteen ninety freakin’ SIX!) who he ended up outlasting in the Majors.

A few examples:

Jermaine Dye
Edgar Renteria
Jason Kendall
Darin Erstad
Luis Castillo
Tony Batista
Dmitri Young
Trot Nixon
Bill Mueller

Only Ibanez is still going from that season (although Bobby Abreu and Livan Hernandez haven’t given up yet, either).

Andruw Jones, Scott Rolen and Jamey Wright are done, right?

I honestly thought he was out of baseball years ago.  Like five years ago.

UJDC - so here’s the first sentence of page three of the Sebald book you recommended to me, rendered into English in a simplified version of the (as you say) “apparently slightly fussy and antiquated but not a challenge to [me]” German word order:

The in the course of the day of often already in me arisen wish, of the, as I feared, for ever disappeared reality through a glance out of the in an exceptional instance with a black net draped hospital window myself to reassure, was by start of dusk so strong, that I myself, after I managed myself somehow, half on my belly, half sideways over the edge of the bed onto the foot floor to schlep and on all fours to reach the wall, despite the associated pain upended, in that I dragged myself with difficulty above by the windowsill.

What’s German for “lantern” ?

Cairo retiring? Sad day in RLYW history

[18] “Lanterne”.  One reason why Japanese is harder to learn.

[19] I read this as Cano at first. Minor freakout moment. Google’d Cano steroids retirement

Well, rilke,

a. i was trying to flatter you into reading it

b. it’s not my fault you insist on reading in the original

c. Sebald supervised the English translation

d. didn’t you read, like, Goethe in the original?  sack up.

Sebald is great, I missed that thread?  =(

[22] a) uh-huh. b) yes it is. c) too late. d) He wanted to be understood, and that was 25 years ago when I had a plastic non-atrophied brain.

[23] Actually off-list.  Guess I have to read the damn thing now.

We should probably take this over to the RLWGSW.

Wang’s injury likely had nothing to do with the abomination (brought to you by Alan ‘Bud’ Selig) that is interleague play. Probably was going to occur regardless of his base running blunder.

I guess we can hope that a ton of Ranger/ Blue Jay / Rays / Angels player gets hurt in the WBC?

Hey guys! Baseball!!!!!!!!!

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