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Thursday, November 16, 2017

NY Post: Yankees in surprising push for once-celebrated prospect

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Yankees are still trying to make a trade or two before the Monday deadline to freeze 40-man rosters for December’s Rule 5 draft, and one player who has surprisingly caught their attention is Texas’ Jurickson Profar.

The Yankees are deep in infield prospects, so there is no obvious place for Profar – once the top prospect in the game – to play.

But it seems the Yankees would be willing to take on a single player with upside and pedigree in exchange for multiple players who are crowding their deep 40-man roster.

Texas is interested in the Yankees’ excess pitching whether Profar is in a deal or not. The list of pitchers who are at least a debate whether to stay on the 40-man or be put on despite eligibility includes Luis Cessa, Bryan Mitchell, Caleb Smith, Chasen Shreve, Ronald Herrera, Ben Heller, Jonathan Holder, Gio Gallegos, Cale Coshow, J.P. Feyersien and several others.

Sure, why not take a flier on a youngish player with some upside if you can get him for some of the excess players on the 40 man roster?

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Oh, ha! I gotcha.

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Find it interesting Boone is a serious candidate but Cone is not. Any difference in being a national broadcaster v a local broadcaster, like Cone, who has been analyzing and critiquing current players throughout the length of the season opposed to an ESPN game here and there?

I think their demeanors are very different and I think that they are looking more for a Boone type of guy. Personally, I’d love to see Cone be a manager.

Boone’s voice is all wrong. He sounds more like a high school guidance counselor than a MLB manager and Cone’s problem is he understands the game too well.

I’m no Boone fan, but mostly because I would prefer a guy with coaching experience. So I’m all in with Bam Bam.

I’d take the Braves run and it’s not even close.  It’s not like the Braves came up empty, they did win one so it would take a lot more than one extra World Series to trade being great for almost 20 years and a lot of hall of famers for two good runs and a lot of bad.

Yeah I mean being good at analyzing baseball does not equate to being good at managing a team. I don’t think the skills he’s shown from the booth really equate to much except being open to stats, which is good but far from a complete picture. And just because someone isn’t really amped up about stats when announcing doesn’t mean he’s not open to what the stats guys will tell him.

I think we’re just gonna have to be in thw dark on this one until the manager is chosen and we start to have some real info on what he’s like and how he works.

106 Yeah Bam Bam or Woodward

Tonight 8PM 40 man decisions due. Gammons has Yanks and Cubs front runners for Cobb.

[110] I don’t see Cobb making much sense for the Yankees.

CBS Sports Ronald Herrera was traded to the Rangers on Monday for LHP Reiver Sanmartin age 21 2.45 era A/A- 7.6 K/0 WHIP 1.258

[106] Boone would be a horrible manager as far as decision-making.  He may be good with players, but in listening to his attempts to analyze game situations during the ESPN games, it seems pretty obvious that he is a bad strategist.  As far as Cone, has he ever expressed any interest in managing? Or A-Rod? I see these names being thrown around, but nobody has mentioned whether some of these guys have any desire to do the job.

[107] I had a close friend living in Atlanta back when the Braves were a powerhouse, and I visited frequently, much more free time back then.  After the Braves lost in 96, it seemed like the fans sort of gave up on the team.  My buddy would tell me how easy it was to get playoff tickets, that there were always a lot of empty seats, and that the fans at the “new” Turner Field were very much like what we saw at DNYS up until this year - corporate box holders, “clients”, stargazers, but no real baseball fans or people interested in cheering in the big spots.  I went to some interleague games and the two 1999 World Series games down there, and those fans seemed like they were all on valium.  More than that, they already knew they were going to lose before the first game was over, at least the people in the section I was sitting in.  Maybe its the oppressive heat that dulls the senses (although it was cold for the 99 WS).  Long point being made, it sure wasn’t very exciting to watch that very good, very consistent club after they moved out of Fulton County Stadium.

113 Cone indicated an interest I believe.

I guess the Rangers trade makes a Profar trade more unlikely?

I love all these little moves Cash makes. I’ve become so accustomed to them working out well that I now treat them all with great excitement. WTF is Reiver Sanmartin? I have no idea. But I already love him.

Who was Ronald Herrera?  I thought I knew everyone on the 40 but no.

A-Rod has not indicated any interest and Cashman brushed it off when asked.  It’s mainly a joke.

117 He even pitched for us. Came here for Pirella and pitched three innings, allowing two runs with three strikeouts against one walk. Fangraphs’ Eric Longenhagen tweets that Herrera is a potential back-of-the-rotation arm, featuring a low 90s heater with an above-average changeup and fringier breaking pitches.

SB Nation “So, the MLBPA set up a deadline of 8 p.m. ET on Monday for themselves, MLB, and Nippon Professional Baseball to come to terms on a new posting agreement, or else, Ohtani isn’t going to be posted. The MLBPA wants a deadline in place to announce posted players, so that potentially posted players don’t hold up free agency at home. They also want to scrap the new system that allows an NPB team to cancel a posting if they don’t like the contract the player signs: Under that rule, NPB teams receive a percentage of a player’s contract, rather than the current $20 million maximum.”

I think it’s interesting that a number of the guys the Yankees got back are not big velocity guys. I wonder if they fit the mold for the kind of player the Yankees have been successfully adding a few mph to over the past few years.

[121]  I was thinking the same.  I imagine him in 2019 mowing down guys out of the pen.  We will call him “The Reaper,” of course, or maybe Reivery.

Shocking!  I read something from Dave Cameron that I agreed with completely.  Of course, it is also refuting Bill James, the noted Pete Rose and Joe Paterno defender.

Still would rather be the braves than the marlins. B.B. is a 6-7 month season. And on a daily basis you want to see wins. Yes the WS makes you feel better than a regular season win but how much better? Is one WS worth an extra 100 or 500 miserable days over the course of say 10 years? The caveat is they did win 1. Rooting for a team that never wins the WS is sad. (I refer of course to met fans)

[123] Unsurprising that Bill James used the Altuve - Judge MVP story as his attack. He seems quite comfortable attacking Yankees players, he way underrated Don Mattingly too.

Garret and Caleb to Jeterville for Miami’s 2016 11th round pick Mike King not in Miami’s top 30 prospects and some Intl bonus money. Yankees add Albert Abreu, Domingo Acevedo, Jonathan Loaisiga,  Billy McKinney, Thairo Estrada and Gleyber to the 40 man.

Smith makes sense for the Marlins, but does Cooper?

Interesting, I thought the Yankees couldn’t add any bonus money.  And very interesting that they protected Estrada.  They’d be sure to lose him and I bet he’d stick with a bad team, but he never seemed like more than a utility player.  Maybe his stock has risen, or maybe Torreyes has done his last dugout “interview.”

Also I’m surprised there’s anyone with the authority to make these deals in Miami.  Jeter seems to be running things and this is the kind of shit he knows nothing about, I guarantee it.

[129] Yeah, the coming Stanton deal is going to be ugly. Everyone is going at the Marlins like Stanton has minimal value. And outside of the reported “astronomical” price they were looking for, it doesn’t seem like there is much push back from the club,

I forgot Denbo is running the Marlins system now.  Makes total sense.  Denbo likes these guys and so he and Cashman worked out the deal, Jeter just had to nod.

Re Stanton, everyone except Jeter seems to realize that the Marlins have to eat money to get prospects, or settle for trash if they get to bail on the whole deal. 

I bet the Dodgers get Stanton and pay almost the whole freight plus maybe Joc Pederson and a non-prospect.

128 $250, 000

Ohtani decision postponed 24 hours earlier.

Even if Ohtani is not posted that Money could be very useful to reload the farm system

Is it possible this Marlins firesafe is posturing? As in, they say they want to shed salary but then balk at the offers and keep the core mostly intact? A moment of easiness before trying to say that they value these guys more than anyone else and they’re open but not going to get jerked around?

What if Jeter is a savant?

I can’t see how that kind of playacting would make the players or the fans feel better about the team.

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