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Thursday, November 16, 2017

NY Post: Yankees in surprising push for once-celebrated prospect

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Yankees are still trying to make a trade or two before the Monday deadline to freeze 40-man rosters for December’s Rule 5 draft, and one player who has surprisingly caught their attention is Texas’ Jurickson Profar.

The Yankees are deep in infield prospects, so there is no obvious place for Profar – once the top prospect in the game – to play.

But it seems the Yankees would be willing to take on a single player with upside and pedigree in exchange for multiple players who are crowding their deep 40-man roster.

Texas is interested in the Yankees’ excess pitching whether Profar is in a deal or not. The list of pitchers who are at least a debate whether to stay on the 40-man or be put on despite eligibility includes Luis Cessa, Bryan Mitchell, Caleb Smith, Chasen Shreve, Ronald Herrera, Ben Heller, Jonathan Holder, Gio Gallegos, Cale Coshow, J.P. Feyersien and several others.

Sure, why not take a flier on a youngish player with some upside if you can get him for some of the excess players on the 40 man roster?

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How often do former top prospects, come back with another team and reestablish themselves?  Can anyone come up with a success story?  No, not Josh Hamilton, that was a special case.

I just checked this: Dustin Ackley played a full season for Angels’ AAA affiliate Salt Lake City this year.

[1] Aaron Hicks?  Andrew Miller?  Chris Davis?

I saw Profar play when Round Rock came to Vegas, before he started getting hurt. He was a beast. All over the field, great stroke. He looked absolutely like he deserved the Best Prospect in Baseball tag he was carrying at the time.

The issue would be his injuries and lost development time, but if the cost is low it’s a good risk-reward.

I know it’s all pie-in-the-sky wishcasting, but I gotta admit, I’m intrigued:

Gardner LF
Gregorious SS
Stanton DH
Judge RF
Sanchez C
Bird 1B
Hicks CF
Who Cares 2B
Seriously, Just Take the Outs and Turn the Lineup Over 3B

I care about Gleyber. There, I said it.

Ellsbury, Castro and 40 man roster casualties for Stanton.  Makes Hicks your fourth OF and non-Ohtani DH and move Gardner to CF.

Don’t sign anyone else and they should still make Hal-Cap™ easily.

[9]  That’s wildly unrealistic.

I just saw that Meulens is trilingual, and speaks Japanese.  #Ohtani

They can’t option Profar to the minors so Wade or Toe would likely be a casualty and would it impede Gleyber’s quest for ROY?



Meulens speaks five languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento and Japanese

On the subject of Bam Bam: does the Profar rumor say anything about the managerial candidacy of his Dutch national team manager?

[10] I know.  The Marlins might do Castro+ real prospects for Stanton, but no way they’d take Smells.

Castro and Frazier maybe?

Trading Castro should be a priority for many reasons: He is a bad player who recently had a good year, they need to clear space for Gleyber and no I don’t like 3rd base for him, I like him more up the middle not in the corner, they have Wade and Torreyes to fill in for free instead of spending close to 10 million a year on a second baseman who can’t play defense. Add to that that may get Profar who can play some 2B too.

[17] Right, because why pay someone to give you 2 WAR when you can pay someone else less to give you 0? It’s not like we’re trying to win here folks.

Castro was a 2 win player for the first time in a long time this year. He should not project as a 2 win player again and yes the best prospect in baseball should give to negative WAR right?

Someone who watched this team on a daily basis should know that Castro is closer to being replacement level than average

Justin Smoak had a minor renaissance with the Jays.

Meulens gets the communication angle:

And some more Meulens: “you have to understand, as a coach, you’re kind of a psychologist at the same time. Having an understanding of the player and maybe easing his problems a bit goes a long ways to getting the player ready to play.”

“Steinbrenner said that there have been no conversations regarding Rodriguez as a potential managerial candidate.”

Sorry guys

[22] That just means it is going to happen for sure !

Bubba Crosby is my new manager.

Stanton slips by Votto for NL MVP.

Yankees will go far with Profar.

Well, someone had to say it.

From RAB.

According to Jon Heyman, the MLBPA has set a Monday deadline to settle the ongoing dispute regarding Shohei Ohtani and the posting system. If MLB, NPB, and MLBPA can not come to an agreement in four days, Ohtani will not come over this winter, and will instead return to the Nippon Ham Fighters next season.

Judge only gets two first-place votes. Slump narrative in full effect.

There is no way they prevent Ohtani from coming here now.

[27] Lame but at least the Yankees will know if he is able to come over. If not, they can try to find someone to fill a spot in the rotation on a one year contract, preferably an innings eater. But who do they know that likes to eat?

Not that it matters but Judge should have been closer than that.

Rosenthal, explaining his vote:

Judge’s final numbers — a league-leading 52 home runs, and a 1.049 OPS that was second only to Mike Trout’s — certainly were MVP worthy. But for nearly one-third of the season, a 52-game span from July 14 to Sept. 9, he batted .182 with a .711 OPS, at times looking overmatched. During an overlapping stretch, he tied a major league record by striking out in 37 straight games.

That’s horseshit. To say that he accumulated the most value in 2/3 of a season is an even stronger reason to vote for him.


Yeah the voters show their ignorance by saying counting the slump twice. First they count it in buying into his WAR/ overall numbers, but then they arbitrarily penalize him again for having had a slump. Stoopid.

[19] Torres shouldn’t break camp with the team. If he’s pushing the issue halfway through then you trade Castro. Or you bench him. Just because he’s not that good doesn’t mean you have to get rid of him right away. If you think you want Torreyes and Wade and to just assume Torres will be ready go ahead but you’re throwing away wins for unnecessary salary relief. Keep Castro until something better is available.

The anti Yankees vote on full display in the MVP vote. The slump narrative was dumb. Same thing with Suzuki winning RoY then voters denying Matsui because he played pro in Japan. Anti Yankees.

I don’t mind Altuve winning but the vote should’ve been way closer. BTW is Altuve’s defensive prowess overrated? He makes spectacular looking plays but don’t the numbers suggest otherwise?

Not that excited about Profar.  I get the rationale behind trading players you’re going to lose anyway, but Profar seems like the Yankees taking the risk that he stays healthy and turns into Starlin Castro.  The Yankees already have Starlin Castro.  Who’s excited about V2?

They should do a sophomore season award as well as ROY.  Who would win it this year?  Severino, probably.  He and Sanchez would probably be finalists, which is cool to think about.

(37)  It’s hard to get excited about a bust, but if he can turn players who are going to be lost anyway into something, that’d be swell.

Why does everyone hate Castro so much?  He’s an average player getting paid like an average player.  He’s in his 20s and has 2 more years left.  That’s valuable.

That’s horseshit. To say that he accumulated the most value in 2/3 of a season is an even stronger reason to vote for him.

That was my reaction too. “He was the best player over the entire, full season. But there was a part of it that he wasn’t good in.”

What? Not that Altuve didn’t have a strong argument, but why would you point out that you are looking at the data and then picking against it?

I think if we’re being honest and objective we have to admit that Altuve has a far higher WAR/lb.

I keep going back and forth but think I’d be okay with a Stanton trade, depending on the parts leaving. It will be a bummer to trade off the remaining top prospects after spending so much time building the farm back up, and Harper will be available for a similar price next year anyway.

But the goal is to the WS. And I’m salivating at a lineup of


I mean seriously. Stanton-Judge-Sanchez sandwiched by Didi and Bird? Who themselves are sandwiched by Garder and Hicks? With a potential postseason rotation of Tanaka, Sevy, Gray, CC/Gumby/Otani? And the bullpen?

Oh, and everyone in that lineup is under 30 minus Gardner and Headley, who will have expiring contracts, with replacements in the system pending who is given up in the potential trade (Frazier, Torres).

Altuve had a good case. They were close. This isn’t like Morneau winning.

[44] I’m not upset by the result so much as the explanation.

It’s the margin not the result that’s off.

Yeah the AL award should have been just as close as the NL.

Maybe it was close. You had two virtually tied candidates. The slump is as good of a tie breaker as any. I mean there is no reason to point to for Altuve being #2. In the end, almost all voters had Judge as 1 or 2.

How about “Despite a 52 game slump, Judge outperformed the league in HR, Runs and RBI counting stats, and still had rate stats like OBP and OPS above Altuve, who was consistent but never as dominant or feared as Judge was for the great bulk of the season, and whose WAR value relies more heavily on defensive metrics that are themselves less well agreed upon.”

Someone voted for Jose Ramirez over Judge. That’s just bonkers.

49 But are his defensive metrics that good? UZR -1.9, Aaron Judge 6.0.  Of course admittedly I don’t know waht the hell those numbers mean.

They were gonna use whatever excuse to vote for Altuve if they could find one.

Yep, pretty much.

Remember, people were trying to come up with reasons to give Magglio Ordonez the MVP over A-Rod in 2007. You have to be far and away the top player to get an MVP as a Yankee (like A-Rod in 2005 and 2007) and that rarely happens, so they rarely win them.

[51] Negative numbers are better, I think. Unless it’s the other way around. Then they’re worse.

You’re welcome.

Negative number means he gave more chances to his teammates. What’s more valuable than that kind of team-first attitude?

[55] I expect nothing less from a true magician.

Believe it or not I have to coach my son’s baseball team this morning… on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to give people something to read.

I’ll be at work and wishing I had Suzie and Serling to miscall a game for company.

It’s kind of funny that Altuve gets extra credit for being short—in my opinion—when you could make a case that being a tall guy like Judge brings its own set of disadvantages.

Looking at Michael Pineda on FG.

He pitched a lot better when healthy then I remember. I totally don’t recall his first season, after missing TWO WHOLE YEARS, he had about a 1.9 ERA and 2.7 FIP in 80 or so innings. And how his WAR/200IP was about 4 each season.

Obviously injuries are the story of his career, but his numbers are a lot more solid than people realize. Almost tempted to give a 1 year option deal to him.

60 When he was good he was very good. Remember that Baltimore game?

[60] He was ridiculous when he first came back. No one could square him up at all.

A one year deal doesn’t make much sense, because he probably won’t be available for much aside the last ~month of the season.

I forgot Pineda was ever a Yankee.

My daughter was interested in learning to hit so I let her try swinging at tennis balls.  She put ‘em in play so at the end of the day I let her try a few swings at a hardball.  She put 4 of 5 in play and nearly took my head off with one.  So the next weekend I bought a dozen cheap baseballs and on Saturday and Sunday she took around a hundred swings each day, I’m guessing put the ball in play about 30% of the time—some fouls, some dribblers, but a few legit hard hit balls that would probably be hits in little league.  And the bat she’s using is probably too heavy for her.

Is there any chance she could play little league starting at 10?  Or is she too old to catch up on skills?

[62] They would also have to waste a 40 man roster spot to sign him and wait until the start of the season to move him to the 60 day DL. Unless he would take a 2 year deal mL deal with a team option on the second year.

[64]  Sure, he could even sign a split deal for year one with an MLB option for year two.

[63] If she is interested, let her play. Find a league where all the kids get to play and let her go. I still think sports for kids should be fun first, maybe a place to learn a life skill or two second, and winning somewhere down the line. A lot of leagues still feel that way. I believe Little League is still that way—the “select teams” will vary.

The soccer team (shudder) my wife signed my daughter up for after a few years in a YMCA league did not feel that way, though, so we’ll be going elsewhere. There was one girl who never got in for a single second. This is a team for 9-year olds.

[63] Also, Lorenzo Cain didn’t pick up a bat until he was like 16, so there you go!

63 Do you have a relative who’s left handed?

[63] She could probably get a minor league contract from the Mets.

[66] Soccer leagues are all insane.  Soccer people have something wrong with them.

Nick Rumbelow to the Mariners.

40 man spot cleared.
Two low minors pitchers added— JP Sears 51 K’s in 27 2/3 innings in A Ball in his first year as a pro.

Thanks for the input guys.  I am only interested in non-insane teams—just want her to have fun, get some exercise, learn teamwork.  But I’m also concerned about putting her in a position where she’s doomed to fail against kids who have been playing since 5 or 6. I talked to a pretty friendly Little League guy who said Maria could try practicing with them, maybe I’ll see if she wants to do that.

71 One down.

I liked this sentenced in the MLBTR Yankees offseason piece:

“If the Yankees do go with a rookie skipper, it will be baptism by fire in every sense of the cliche.”

So they’re actually going to engulf Meulens in flames?

Baptism by fire is Roy Moore’s solution to homosexuality.

At least he has ideas.  Possibly not good ideas, but ideas.

I love how the Mariners’ strategy just seems to be wait for the Yankees to have a 40-man roster crunch.

I am bored. The Giants stink; basketball is blah; and nothing has happened yet with the Yankees. I want to take my son to a ranger game tomorrow night but it will cost $250 plus parking and food. For not such great seats. Sigh.

Politics sickens me; college football befuddles me; anything on TV worth watching?

79 $250 for a stinking hockey game? Showing my age, last time I went and paid it was like 50 cents with a G.O. card for seats in the rear of the upper deck where you had to stand on your seat to follow at least half the rink.

Heyman “Word is that Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens aced their interviews with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, and, if anything, may have enhanced their chances to get the coveted Yankees managing job.” Is it wrong of me to think that Boone’s voice is just not commanding enough to be a manager? It’s just wrong.

250 is for two tickets..but still it’s just a regular season game in November. Crazy. Or not - they are selling out every night.

I vote for Bam bam!

Bam Bam!  Better tabloid headline fodder.

Follow Follow @KyleAGlaser
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Then was maybe the highest upside pitcher in #Mariners system. Sears was a lefthanded strikeout machine. They were traded for a 26 year old with 17 big league appearances - all in 2015 #Yankees

I think we should know by now to trust Cash on all of these 40-man crunch trades. He always seems to get better players, just further away from the Majors (without a need to be protected on the 40-man).

I’m pulling big time for Meulens. Boone seems like an odd choice. Meulens has the coaching background that you like to see.

[84] Without any inside information, Muelens does seem to be the best fit so far. Him or Rob Thomson.

I hope they can at least get Beltran to take a meeting

POMA Bam Bam or Woodard. Bam Bam Flim Flam. I’d prefer someone who’s coached or had some minor league managing experience.

I am bored. The Giants stink; basketball is blah; and nothing has happened yet with the Yankees.


I paid 250 for two halfway decent Golden Knights seats. The NHL aint cheap. Im hoping they hit the skids by january like a true expansion team so games will get cheaper.

IMHO we’re stretching to find something good about these managerial candidates. They all look OK to me, but none of them has a record comparable with Girardi’s, when he was hired.  He was a proven effective major league manager, since he had chosen as Manager of the Year.

Maybe Meulens is the best, but what happened to the story that we need someone with numerical expertise?

The manager doesn’t have to be a mathematician, he just has to be open to acting on what he’s told by people who are.  Though Bam Bam has been coaching for the Giants who for years were notoriously analytics-unfriendly.  Maybe that’s changed, I don’t know.

AJ Hinch also wasn’t a big stats guy before he got the Houston gig (he was better known for his communication skills), but what he WAS known for was his willingness to follow the lead of the Houston stat-driven front office (an area where Bo Porter reportedly lagged). That’s all you really need, someone who will follow the stats if you tell him to, and Bam Bam made it clear that they talked about his willingness to do so and that he was up for it (as he noted, “This is just facts”).

If you had to chose one of these two results for the Yankees, which would you go for?

Be the 1990s Braves - win every division that you were eligible for for 14 seasons, but only win one title.

Be the late 1990s/early 2000s Marlins - suck for five out of seven years, but win two titles in the two seasons you don’t suck

Considering the current state of both of those franchises…*shudder*.

[93] Are those the guaranteed outcomes? Or general “planning” of the franchise?

93 A no doubt!

A no doubt!

Yeah, you’ve always been a big “winning the division is huge” guy.

[93] Guaranteed outcomes. I just saw people discussing the Braves on MLB Trade Rumors and someone tossed out that hypothetical and I thought it was interesting.

From 91-03 they had 6 100 win seasons plus a 98 and a 96. So yeah. BTW what went wrong in 94?

They had the third-best record in baseball in 1994 when the strike hit. So they might have ended up winning the division anyways. Six back with 41 to play.

99 Oops forgot about the strike the year the Yankees, the Expos and Paulie got fucked. Looking real quick just so 68wins which made no sense.

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