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Friday, July 14, 2017

NY Post: Yankees hoping this is more than a hot streak for Clint Frazier

Not much went right for the Yankees as they stumbled to the All-Star break, but Clint Frazier managed to impress in his first week in the majors.

Through seven games, the outfielder the Yankees received from Cleveland last July in exchange for Andrew Miller is 7-for-24 with six extra-base hits.

“I just want to make sure I’m still locked in the four days I’m off,” Frazier said following Sunday’s loss to the Brewers in The Bronx.

The Yankees figure to need him to keep hitting.

Though Matt Holliday (viral infection) and Starlin Castro (hamstring) figure to return in Boston this weekend, Aaron Hicks (oblique) remains weeks from getting back into the lineup.

Hicks’ continued absence will likely keep Frazier around as manager Joe Girardi looks to keep Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury and Aaron Judge fresh by using a fourth outfielder like Frazier on a regular basis.

I’m hoping it’s more than a hot streak too.

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What a headline. smile “Oh, really? They’re hoping he continues to hit like he did on the two games he hit two home runs and a triple? Really?”

Pineda and CC won’t pitch this weekend in Fnway, not that it matters because the season is over, but I guess at least one is injured

I wouldn’t want to see Pineda pitching in Fenway, so that’s good if it is not an injury. CC, though, has had some success. Gulp, so Cessa? Gross. Oh, Mitchell instead. Still gross, but less gross, as Mitchell has SOME legit skills.

By the way, Big Panda DFAed!!

Uh oh - the rumor is that it is a season-ending injury for Pineda. Awesome. This might be it for Pineda as a Yankee.

I think the CC thing is actually not a huge deal, because of the doubleheader. I think the situation is that Mitchell is going to just get the spot start on Sunday afternoon so Tanaka can pitch at night (like he likes) and that CC can start on normal rest. In other words, the rotation is set up like

1. Montgomery
2. Severino
3. Tanaka
4. Sabathia
5. Mystery replacement for Pineda.

So even if Pineda was healthy, you might not think of him as one of their top three starters, ya know? So the CC thing might be no big deal. Pineda, though, is apparently actually really hurt.

Adams better be called up over Cessa.

So you’re saying the second half is starting off on a good note?

Plus, not for nothing, for Montgomery to start the FIRST game, that would mean that he had to be recalled from the minors in less than 10 days, which is only allowed in cases of injury, which also suggests an injury has occurred.

So you’re saying the second half is starting off on a good note?

This Murphy’s Law stretch looks to be continuing, yeah.

The hell was Pineda doing during the break that he’s got a rumored season-ender going on? Shouldn’t there be a provision in his contract that forbids spirited rounds of “I bet you can’t smash my elbow with a ball peen hammer”?

My guess is that his recent ineffectiveness was due to a hidden injury that they finally caught. Like a shoulder problem or something like that.

Yeah, Pineda was flat out scratched for Montgomery on Friday, so that definitely suggests an injury (since, again, Montgomery would only be eligible to pitch Friday if there was an injury). Interesting that Pineda was going to open the series otherwise. I would have opened with Severino.

Partially torn UCL for Pineda. He’s almost certainly getting TJS (he’s getting a second opinion now, but come on).

Welp, that sucks.

Honestly, a tiny part of me is almost glad to see him gone. He was too talented to not keep using and yet he was too unpredictable to ever rely on. So I guess he’ll just kick ass for another team in 2019, like the Pirates.

The snakebittedness of this team is exhausting.

The real loss with Pineda is that you lose his theoretical upside, but I was getting tired of waiting for it, when in the meantime, you kept getting occasional shitty starts.

Rumors have Darvish, Hamels and, most intriguingly, Michael Fulmer potentially becoming available.

Fulmer would draw a crazy package.

Bird is dealing with an ailment called “os trigonum” syndrome — an excess bone growth that could require surgical removal. Bird is headed for another opinion on his ankle and will have further discussions with medical professionals, the team and his agents before deciding on a course of action. The surgery would sideline Bird for “at least another two month,” per Marchand. One alternative is a second cortisone shot, per’s Bryan Hoch

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