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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NY Post: Yankees hitting coach: A-Rod was in pain in August

Kevin Long saw the lack of power down the stretch from Alex Rodriguez and was well aware something wasn’t right with the third baseman.

“I knew it in August,” the Yankees hitting coach said by phone Saturday. “I didn’t know exactly what it was, but his lower half was not letting him do the things he’s normally able to do.”

Long also knew there were no easy fixes.

“At that point of the season, there’s not much you can do other than keep grinding,” Long said. “So I wasn’t surprised when I heard about the hip injury. His explosion was gone.”
The option of ending Rodriguez’s season early was not discussed, but Long now concedes it might have been beneficial.

“Knowing now that it didn’t work out, maybe it would have been better to shut him down,” Long said. “But we never would have done that.”

I wonder why the Yankees didn’t run any tests at the time.  I don’t think ‘keep grinding’ was the best course of action, and all they got out of that was a clearly diminished player and three fewer months of Rodriguez in 2013. 

What’s interesting now is that if Rodriguez doesn’t hit the 13 HRs he needs to hit to get to 660 career HRs in 2013 then he’d add another $6M to the 2014 payroll if he gets to 660 in that season.  The horror.  The horror.

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Yeah, I’ve been wondering how the incentives work towards the “cap”, is that confirmed anywhere?

I’m not sure.  According to this article by Jayson Stark, they may not count towards the cap.

The “milestones” payouts, for instance, appear to violate baseball’s longtime ban on bonuses for virtually all statistical achievements. A-Rod’s 2007 contract with the New York Yankees disguised his bonuses as “marketing” money. But “the more they looked at it,” said a source who was briefed on MLB’s thinking, “the more they realized what it was. … He was getting paid to achieve those milestones.”

And personal-services deals create different issues. As Bobby Bonilla could attest, it’s fine for a team to defer money in a whopper contract and pay it out later. But it gets tricky if the team attaches a condition that says the player only gets that money if he shakes 500 hands a week, plays golf with 11 sponsors and spends a month in spring training. And if he gets traded, then what?

Finally, there’s one objection the commissioner’s office would seem to have to both of those creative wrinkles: Because those payouts are not regarded as guaranteed money, teams potentially could use them to avoid luxury-tax bills. And why do we suspect Bud Selig just totally hates it when that happens?

[0] The title of the article is misleading, as no where in the article does Long say that ARod was in pain.  They probably didn’t run any tests b/c he wasn’t reporting any pain or anything.

I think we often get too caught up in the idea that they should do full body-scans whenever a player isn’t performing as well as we’d like, and using anecdotal evidence (see, ARod was hurt!) as reasons why.  There’s a good chance that testing when it isn’t necessary could do more harm than good, I think.

Three months fewer in 2012, and another 3+ lost in 2013.

Denial is a powerful drug.

They likely figured that it was the typical sort of problem that a person heading towards middle age experiences when attempting to play 162+ games of baseball in a year.

“I wonder why the Yankees didn’t run any tests at the time.”


Note also this comment: “Long also knew there were no easy fixes.”

How did Long know what fixes were or were not available if ARod never got a medical evaluation?

How could they not give the best of medical evaluation and medical care to a player still to be paid $150 million?  Especially after both Long and ARod knew something was wrong.  Did Girardi know something was wrong?  Did Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner know? If not, why not.  If so, why didn’t they get a medical evaluation.

If the Yanks were part of the government, we’d be demanding a Congressional investigation.

David, haven’t you heard, just being signed up for an MRI increases the chances of death by 80%.

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