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Thursday, December 7, 2017

NY Post: What Aaron Boone wants from his right-hand man

“We already have Larry Rothschild so that is all kind of experience [43 years as a player, coach and manager],’’ Boone said. “Experience is certainly a factor and something that should be of value, but it’s not the end-all for me and not a prerequisite.

“I want smart sitting next to me. I want confidence sitting next to me. I want a guy who can walk out into that room and as I talk about relationships I expect to have with my players, I expect that even to be more so with my coaching staff. I want smart guys capable of connecting and impacting players. Whether that is guys with all kinds of experience or little experience, I am not concerned about that.’’

Rothschild, the Yankees’ pitching coach for the past seven years, is the only coach officially announced. It appears bullpen coach Mike Harkey will return. And Carlos Mendoza and Reggie Willits, minor league coordinators, are being considered for spots on Boone’s staff. The status of hitting coaches Alan Cockrell and Marcus Thames and first-base coach Tony Pena hasn’t been revealed.

I do think it would benefit Boone to have a bench coach with MLB managerial experience, although I suppose it’s true that Rothschild could fill that role.

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Why would experience matter? The manager doesn’t have any experience.

Maybe they should just pull a guy out of a sporting goods store for bench coach.  Someone who handles gloves and bats all day.  A guy like that is certainly ready to jump right in and run a ball club.

Wanted: Experienced baseball savant with good communication skills?

[2] Alex Rodriguez?

[3] ARod: Bench Coach would be amazing.

Hope they bring Cockrell, Thames, and Pena back.

Alex does seem to be able to connect with other players*, especially younger players. He’s completely socially awkward with the media etc. but when he talks to youngsters, they listen.



*non-Jeter division

He wants smart, confident, and able to talk about relationships with subordinates?

Harvey Weinstein for bench coach. He’s got the time.

They should definitely bring back Cockrell, Thames, Willits and Pena. I suspect they’re probably setting up Beltran for bench coach.

And then for third base coach, I dunno, some dude, I guess?

[8] Teams have been bringing in ex-players as special advisors before setting them up as coaches a lot recently. I wonder if Beltran will spend a year doing that before joining the coaching staff.

Who do the binders belong to Girardi, Cooperstown or TNYY

Good call, Clay. So then who gets to be the fill-in bench coach until Beltran is ready, then? Maybe Wedge?

[9] The Yankees have had lots of advisors who have never become coaches though.  Reggie Jackson for example.

Jeffrey Maier for bench coach?  Seems fitting with Boone as manager.

It’d be funny if Chris Chambliss was his bench coach. The two guys who hit home runs to send the Yankees to the World Series.

Scott Brosius. He even played the right position.

I would love Beltran to coach here, but I don’t think it’s the best idea to put a rookie coach who applied for the manager job and wants to manage, right next to your rookie manager.

Not that he would want it, but Cone would be an awesome bench coach.  He wouldn’t have to deal with all the time-consuming crap that the manager has to deal with, so he might have more time for the nightlife that he (allegedly) loves.  And everyone here knows that he has a great baseball IQ.

[16] How about platoon managing?  Or have Beltran relieve Boone after three times through the opposing team’s batting order?

I would love Beltran to coach here, but I don’t think it’s the best idea to put a rookie coach who applied for the manager job and wants to manage, right next to your rookie manager.

What if, say, you’re okay with Boone getting fired after one year? wink

[17] Cone is going to have a difficult time getting a job.  He was a major pro-union guy during his playing days and I’m not so sure ownership is ready to forgive him for the audacity of trying to take some of their money from them.

[20] Do you think the current Yankee ownership even remembers this? And couldn’t you say the same about every ex-player, especially star players who had big contracts?

Unrelated, I saw Coney stand in the rain and sign autographs for almost an hour one day, while other players were ignoring fans or quickly singing a couple and running away.

Unrelated, I saw Coney stand in the rain and sign autographs for almost an hour one day, while other players were ignoring fans or quickly singing a couple and running away.

I am now envisioning Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Clint Frazier and Aaron Judge singing a couple of bars of “Lida Rose” before then running away.

Bucky Dent for bench coach. He has experience, and at least in Boston, the same middle name as Boone.

[21] Maybe not, but did it seem odd that he mentioned his interest in the job but he wasn’t given any consideration?

People.  Please.  MIGUEL CAIRO.

[24]  It’s hard to know—maybe he slept on it and decided he wasn’t interested and let Cashman know.  Or they specifically wanted a position player.  Or Cashman reminded him how time-consuming managing is and Cone decided he’d rather stick with broadcasting.

[22] D’Oh!

[24] If I had to guess, I would think it has more to do with his legendary partying than anything else.  Not that he is Billy Martin or anything, but you get the feeling that few managers, if any, spend all their free time in nightclubs hooking up with chicks.  Even the drinkers just stay at home, drinking, while they quietly do their paperwork.

The rumor was that that was what got Billy Connors re-assigned back in the day. That he was boozing around and having affairs and Buck wasn’t having any of it.

Vernon wells as hitting coach. He can give lots of advice to players in slumps since he knows so much about that.

Mrs don Zimmer as bench coach. She was around baseball even longer than Boone.

Bah boom! I’m here all weekend.

[22] I think you mean ‘Lida Rose’.

[29] Vern should really be an agent. He get those young players to take that big contract ASAP. You never know when you’ll fall off a cliff. Better to be an albatross than never get that dough.

[30] Ha! I did, indeed. I actually thought that that’s what I had written, but I guess not! Fixed it.

Speaking of stealing the owners’ money, maybe they can make Ellsbury a player/coach.  He is a pretty good base stealer, I am guessing he is pretty good at reading pitchers’ moves and stealing signs.

A con is that he would surely be given another paycheck for coaching, probably around $3 Million a year, because the Yankees love giving Ells lots of money for very little work.

Ellsbury interestingly just said recently that he’d prefer to remain a Yankee, even if it is as a backup.

MLBTR “If there’s a way out (beyond hoping Stanton says yes to one of the existing suitors), it may come from engaging both the Dodgers and — yes — the Yankees, each of whom Rosenthal says are still “on the periphery.” Bored. Whatever!

Speaking of Boone, the coaching staff, and The Music Man, how many times has Billy Hamilton led the league in stolen bases? Never. He’s been second every full season he’s played. If that’s not a bar bet waiting to be cashed, I don’t know what is.

STOP THE PRESSES! Our updated @NYDNSports back page: Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton picks Yankees, along with Cubs, Dodgers and Astros, as landing spots when he’s traded by Derek Jeter.


The Yankees swing a trade for Stanton.  Ohtani is so impressed that he reconsiders NY and signs with the Yankees. 

(If I was Cashman, I would hire people to walk around Ohtani’s LA hotel wearing NY hats.)

With Stanton this team puts up 200 runs by Christmas.

Back to reality, I’ve been saying all along that a Stanton trade makes sense.  They could do that and still stay under the HalCap. 

Even if they take on his entire contract, they could do it.  They wouldn’t be able to sign Sabathia, but that’s a small price to pay for having the reigning MVP entering his prime come to your team. 

I still say Gardner and Frazier for Stanton.  If the Marlins want, Gardner can go to a third team with the haul going to Miami.

Here’s my crack at AAA.

1B   McKinney
2B   Wade
SS   Torres
3B   Andujar
C   Higashioka
LF   Frazier
CF   Cave
RF   Williams?
DH   Ford
SP   Adams
SP   German
SP   Mitchell
SP   Acevedo
SP   Loasiga

I’m assuming Estrada starts in AA until he can fit in AAA starting lineup (Andujar, Torres, or Wade get sent up.)

[40] - Has any team offered a package near that good AND with salary relief?

[42] Nope and no one will. If they take his entire contract, they could get him for fake prospects. Then if they HAVE to move Gardner (because Smells) flip him and Frazier for a SP.

Would you rather have Gardner, Frazier, and Sabathia or Stanton?  I’d rather have Stanton, but I would understand not wanting to bet on a normal aging curve for such a big dude.  If you could get him for less, then even better.

I’m torn on a Stanton trade.

On one hand, the lineup will be AMAZING (2 potential 50HR guys in Judge and Stanton + 2 30+ HR guys in Bird and Sanchez).

On the other hand, you can keep the prospects and just sign Harper for similar money next off-season.

On that hand though, there is no guarantee Harper would sign in NY. I think Harper will take the money, but the Cubs and Phillies (who will have an insane amount of $) and other high payroll teams will be in play. He might spurn us and then we’d have neither Harper or Stanton.

Miami would take Panik (2b) from SF and just traded their 2b. Does that mean Castro would be a good fit in the trade? I’m ok trading Castro, but who would play 2b until Torres is ready? Do we trust Torreyes as a starter?

If the money can work out that we stay under the luxury tax in 2018, and the trade is either Gardner/Castro, Frazier, and a non Sheffield/Adams pitching prospect I would be okay. Heck, if we can keep Gardner and Castro and trade Frazier, Andujar, Abreu/Guzman/Acevedo I think it’s a no-brainer. I love those prospects, but what are the odds any of them come close to replicating success similar to Stanton? You still have Florial to hopefully join Judge and Stanton by 2019/2020. You still have Torres to join Didi up the middle and while you lose Andujar, I think we’d all rather have Machado at the hot corner. And while I would love to see how Domingo/Abreu/Guzman turn out, Sheffield and Adams are the true jewel pitching prospects.

EDIT: One thought I just had…would Stanton or Judge DH? Because that would greatly reduce their value. While both are fine manning RF, left field is pretty spacious at the stadium. Plus, if Hicks is for real, I’d like him in the lineup. That means Hicks in CF, Gardner in LF. I suppose the solution would be to trade Gardner for a SP?

Good points. I think Gardner would be traded if Stanton came. Or Hicks. Hopefully Gardner if one must be traded.

Also, I think Harper’s contract will dwarf Stanton’s.

Stanton would be bird-in-hand, of course. Let’s hope if they pass on him it isn’t a repeat of missing young Beltran.

Harper isn’t anything like a lock to be landed.

If they had Stanton, Judge, Bird, and Sanchez in their lineup, they could afford to carry Torreyes in the 9 hole for a couple months until Torres is ready.

They shouldn’t have to give up anything more than Castro, Andjuar, and a lottery ticket prospect or two if they are taking Stanton’s entire contract. Anything above that is an overpay.

Also, I think they would go Stanton LF, Hicks CF, Judge RF. Then try to rest Stanton or Judge in home games (probably DH them then) and put Smells out there those days with Hicks shifting to LF.

TPBG and Frazier would almost certainly be trade bait to get another cost controller SP.

[48/49] I would sign off on that.

I don’t buy into this stuff, but who knows how much a role psychology plays on performance. Gardner seems like the clubhouse leader. I admit there is a small hesitation in the back of my mind in dealing him, even if as a whole I think that’s bogus.

But I also think Didi is ready to assume that role on the team and Gardner is the perfect piece to trade for SP help if Stanton is landed. Assuming Frazier is traded as well, OF is set with Stanton, Judge, Hicks, Els.

I do believe that having teammates who offer veteran leadership does matter to a team, but taking that out of the equation, TSBG isn’t some void in the lineup. The 11-pitch AB in the ALDS shows he brings something to the table on a team that has its share of dudes who want to rip it at the first pitch. Especially as pitch counts continue to tighten up, having those guys like Gardner and Bird who want to work a pitcher deep absolutely matter.

If Gardy is a clubhouse leader, was he pro-Girardi or anti ?

If he was pro, he needs to go as part of Binderpurge.

The best-case scenario would be trade for Stanton, he opts out after 3 healthy years, then you have room for someone like Florial (or maybe some younger FA) full time. Meanwhile you’ve had a 6+ WAR player on a bargain for 3 prime contention years.

(53)  In 3 years, Barry Bonds will announce his unretirement, and he’ll be ready to take over LF.

Brett Gardner just won the not-at-all-racist-why-would-you-ever-think-this-was-racist? Heart and Hustle Award, so I think he’s well-respected, yes (he’s won the Yankee-specific version of the award a bunch of times, as well, but this is the first time he’s won the overall award).

He spoke about Girardi’s dismissal: “I’ve never played for any manager other than Joe Girardi,” Gardner said. “I’m going to miss him. I’ve had a lot of good times with him and we won a World Series together in 2009. I haven’t talked with any teammates about it yet. I don’t really know what direction they’re headed with it, but I just trust that [GM Brian] Cashman obviously is going to take his time, and you trust the process that they’re going to make the right move. No matter who they go with, I feel good about our team that we have going into next year. I’m excited about our team.”


Greatest moment in Yankee Stadium history.

[56] That was a Judge-ian blast!

I would hesitate to trade TPBG of course but if they land Stanton and Smells is unmoveable as we believe, they almost have to do it to clear the logjam and they’ll still need a SP which he could help them get.

It would suck because he will absolutely re-sign for below market value after this season and their D would take a hit but they do have other clubhouse leaders.

[55] That sounds pretty non-Binder-fanatic.


Ohtani to Angels.

And Cashman signing 5 year extension.

My Stanton trade: Hicks, Headley, Ellsbury for Stanton and Prado. I’d move Headley for Prado because the latter has more versatility as a back-up and can hold down third base in April before Gleyber gets the call. Also, because Prado has been on the shelf often in recent seasons, it justifies totally opening up third base in Spring Training between him, Andujar, and Gleyber. I wouldn’t want to move Castro in this deal because I’d prefer having Gleyber and him on the same infield in some type of alignment, opposed to Gleyber and Headley. The outfield defense takes a significant hit with Gardner moving to center and Judge to left. (I think he has more range than Stanton) But maybe the Yankees can swing a move for Juan Lagares for Estrada. I think the Mets win that trade from a value standpoint, but Lagares would fit this Yankees team perfectly as a right-handed compliment to Gardner who can play the ever living hell out of centerfield, and the Yanks are trying to win a title. I also wouldn’t feel too badly for Headley or Hicks, who’d probably both be moved to contenders before July 31st next season.

I sort of like Ohtani with the Angels just because Mariners fans were SO sure they were going to get him (heck, obviously the Mariners GM thought so, too, hence the Dee Gordon trade).

But really, fuck Ohtani’s representatives for leaking all of the bullshit when clearly the dude just wanted to play on the West Coast all along. Which is totally his right, but don’t make everyone fill out forms when you know that you’re going to be eliminating the East Coast right away.

Trout and Ohtani together on one team is pretty good for baseball, I think.

It’s going to make the Wild Card harder to get, though.

I much would’ve preferred Ohtani to NL.

Oh, definitely, but between the Mariners and the Angels, I’d just as soon see him go to the Angels.

The DH situation is pretty complicated now in LA of A.

I would have much preferred the Mariners.  The Angels suck and everything they do sucks.  I want to like Ohtani.  This makes it harder.  He should have taken the fact that I irrationally hate the Angels into account when making his decision.

Trout, Andrelton, Justin Upton, now Ohtani, with money left over for a starting pitcher or first baseman, or maybe even both depending. Angels will probably contend this season. There also has to be a chance that they buyout Pujols, if they realistically plan on getting Ohtani relatively steady AB’s.

They’re gonna need at least two more starters unless you think Richards comes back A-OK. Or you believe the Parker Bridwell whatever-passes-for-hype

67. Richards was strong in six starts late last season, and don’t forget Alex Meyer, a guy with control problems but enormous upside. Though yes, you can’t necessarily take these guys to the bank. Interesting team though.

Hmm… I wonder how much latitude Mike Scioscia is going to give Ohtani. Scioscia is as old-school as it comes. If Ohtani bitches about his at-bats or how many innings he’s throwing, this might backfire. I don’t see Scioscia catering to a rookie from Japan vs if Ohtani had gone to Seattle, Astros or the Yankees.

“Shohei is humbled and flattered by all the time and effort that so many teams put into their presentations and sincerely thanks them for their professionalism. In the end, he felt a strong connection with the Angels and believes they can best help him reach his goals in Major League Baseball,” and even though he knew he wouldn’t play for 3/4 of the MLB teams he doesn’t feel at all sorry for wasting their time by asking them to write those stupid presentations.

[70] Was that request Ohtani or his agents? It seems that they wanted him to consider more than just West Coast teams but he shut that down pretty quickly.

IMO, there was nothing wrong with what Ohtani or his agents did.

[45] FWIW before Harper made it to the big leagues, he said his lifelong dream is to play with the Yankees.

In their bullshit press release on him signing with the Angels, they specifically say that he never had a preference for the West Coast, even though he plainly had a preference for the West Coast. I just don’t get the unnecessary lies. If the guy had wanted to play on the West Coast to start, no one would have cared!


B-b-but all my Cubs fans friends tell me he is a 100% lock for Chicago because he wants to play with his BFF Kris Bryant.

And my Philly fan friends tell me he said he loves playing in CBP so he will be wearing red pinstripes.

Yanks never shoulda let Eppler go.

I would’ve preferred Ohtani to the Yankees.

Remember when Maddux didn’t want to play for Big Stein? That made sense to me.

[72] I mean most of the league is pretty convinced Harper will sign with the Yankees after next season. The question is who is a better player, Harper or Stanton? And who will have a worse contract?

Harper - (25) - will be entering age 26 season after his free agency, seems all but guaranteed to get more than the 9 years $270M Stanton would have remaining at that point, 1.0/9.9/1.6/4.7 bWar over the past four seasons (missed significant time in ‘14 and was shockingly awful for a full season in ‘16), did play LF half the time when he first came up and has even seen some innings in CF in the bigs so more likely to comfortably transition to LF.

Stanton (28) - 10 years $295M remaining (including buyout), 6.5/3.7/2.5/7.6 bWar over the past four seasons (missed significant time in 15 and 40+ games in ‘16), has exclusively played RF so Judge or he have to move to LF for the first time.

Neither have gained any value from their defense.

Stanton got 13 years $325M but they were buying out his last two years of arbitration so I don’t see Harper getting 13 years but he will likely get above the $325M so he can have the “largest contract in baseball” title temporarily until Trout takes it when he signs his next contract after the 2020 season. So, you are probably signing Harper for his age 26-35 seasons (with assuredly an opt out in there) compared to Stanton for his age 28-37 seasons (Stanton can opt out after age 30 and if he does his contract is currently 3 years $77M which is a ridiculous steal).

If Stanton is really a possibility with only giving up Castro+maybe one real prospect, it’s probably the better call just to get him now, have a monster offense next season, and hope Stanton plays close to last year’s level over the next three and opts out after age 30.

That Harper 9.9 bWar year just screams Smellsbury-esque outlier at this point. He has never ever done better than half of that in another season. He hit 42HR and hasn’t topped 29 in any other season. He had .460 OBP (career .389) and a .649 SLG (career .513 but .595 last season). Maybe someone can dig deeper into his HR and BABIP rates to see if something fluky was going on or he was just that good in ‘15.

I really think Stanton is almost a lock (barring injury) to opt out in three years and getting him for almost nothing of consequence on a 3 year $77M deal would be unreal. Plus, when he opts out after 2020, Trout is also hitting the market going into his age 29 season…

[77] Ohtani doesn’t want to play for Levine. That makes sense to me.

True or False: Currently Hicks value is most likely the highest it will ever be.

78. I think your ages are wrong. Harper is a full 3 years younger than Stanton, which is a huge deal. Those age 25-27 years from Harper are pure gold. Stanton is a few years from Pujols/Canseco/JuanGone big slugger decline territory. Unless he’s training with Big Papi.

True or False: Currently Hicks value is most likely the highest it will ever be.

Trade value? True.

Full value? I think he’ll be a decent bet to do what he just did, only stay healthy (his injuries were not chronic ones).

[82] - What he did but over a full season would have him as an 7.8 bWAR player. I’d take the under on his average WAR at 4.0 going forward. Selling high never feels comfortable but I think I’d sell on Hicks.

The trouble is that every other team can draw the same conclusion—you’re selling high on a great half season, the other half of which was spent injured.

Oakland might be interested, I think they had thoughts of contending for a WC (before Ohtani) and might be willing to take a gamble, but what do you get in return? Very little.

Stanton nixes St Louis if he turns down Giants also one of the teams he designated will have a lot of leverage in a trade.

Rosenthal tweeted SF out also. Hmmm. The other Severino signed with Twinkies for 2.5 million.

Now this from Sherman. “#Marlins and Jeter being backed into worst corner, Stanton won’t accept trades to #stlcards #Sfgiants now #Dodgers, perhaps even #Yankees #Astros can see how desperate Mia is to get rid of bulk of $295M, so how much will they eat?” Weird, wacky, shit. Jeter either has to sell very cheap or assume Stanton’s bluffing and tell him welcome back to Miami Giancarlo.

[87] I’m beginning to think that the MLB really fucked up selling to Jeter’s group. If they have a plan, they are doing a terrible job of showing people that and the optics around just about every move they’ve made from baseball to personnel have been just awful.

So far the only consistent thing about Miami has been the repeated selloffs of the teams. If that’s what it takes for baseball to “succeed” in Miami, it’s time to pull the plug IMO.

If Jeter was hell set on shedding salary he shouldn’t have been allowed to buy the team. Miami->Montreal?

Good luck Derek.
59s60 seconds ago
What a pickle Marlins are in: They want $90 M payroll and 6 guys (Volquez, Chen, Stanton, Ziegler, Tazawa, Prado) would account for $87 M.

The whole thing is a massive joke, all the way back to the bogus contract that they gave Stanton, KNOWING that whoever bought the team was going to have to trade him right away.

91 - Exactly. It was a classic Loria contract. Cheap up front years with backloaded pain he was never going to pay. Only this time he sold before the trade was necessary but EVERYONE knew the deal with that contract. Stanton, MLB, the fans, everyone.

It doesn’t matter who bought the team. The Marlins revenue doesn’t support being able to carry a contract like that. You can’t expect owners to just pay the difference out of pocket.

92 And yet Jeter was not the only bidder. Jeb and others in.

93 - because as shitty of an owner as people thought Loria and McCourt were, they both made a ton of money just because there are a very small amount of franchises and the league overall did really well.

If you just bought a business and the debt is too much for you to handle—you paid too much.

Why? They can trade Stanton which would have to happen no matter who was owner.

What would people give up in players and dollars for Stanton?

Jeter is bumbling through this in the worst possible way.  They’re going to have to eat a good deal of the contract and pray he opts out.

If I were a Stein, i’d eat like $100 million over the life of the contract—you’d probably have surplus value even if he opts in, declines, and you cut him.  In players, I’d give nothing.

Gardy or Clint and pay 2/3 of his salary?

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