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Monday, November 19, 2012

NY Post: Pettitte may give Yankees timetable this week

The early part of the Yankees offseason has been filled with waiting, since much of what they are going to do will depend on free agents Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda.

Pettitte, 40, could give the Yankees a timetable for his answer this week.

The lefty indicated throughout the season he was leaning toward returning to The Bronx after coming out of retirement earlier this year.

He also said he wouldn’t make the Yankees wait nearly as long as he did last year, when he didn’t make up his mind until spring training.

The Yankees could use an answer soon and would like it to be “Yes,” because even with Pettitte around, they will have questions regarding their rotation.

MAY give a TIMETABLE this week?  This is what passes for Yankees news these days?

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It’s a good thing Pettitte decided to make an early decision this year…

I think his idea of early is “this year.”

If Moose had returned in 2009, would the Yankees have not signed Burnett?

Willoughby or TNYS?

Andy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

Any rumors regarding offers other teams have made to Swisher? Doesn’t seem like teams are falling over themselves for Swisher, or any other FA’s, does it. Melky at 2/16 was under what most here thought. Is there a looming ‘strike’ against average FA’s getting so much lucre? It would sure be nice to see.

Swisher is tied to Hamilton. There’s a “blink first” thing happening here.

Re: Moose 2009. Moose is to me the unluckiest guy ever. His Five 18/19-win seasons (yes I know he finally had ONE 20-wins season), his 6 top-5 Cy Young finishes without ever winning one, his 9th inning 2-out 2-strike perfect game, his never winning a WS, and his not getting to 300…almost like the guy was cursed. And my bet is doesnt get the HOF either.

[5] Melky for 2/16 is exactly what the Fangraphs crowd-sourcing predicted, so I don’t think we can say the market is down just yet.  The same article predicted 4/56 for Swisher.

Can someone please keep an eye out for the Toronto Sun to issue their ‘27 Blue Jays front page ?

[5] Most observers I’ve read don’t think the big FA (of which Swisher is one) will start to go off the board until the Winter Meetings in early December.  As J mentions, there is Hamilton.  Then after that there are a number of OF free agents who are similar in value to Swisher.  I think most you can make an argument Swisher is better.  But close enough that many teams may be willing to pay less for a Pagan, an Upton, etc, to get similar value to Swisher.

[7] I think Moose gets in.  Maybe not right away.  But he’ll certainly get enough support to stay on the ballot for the entire 15 years, and over that time more and more sabremetric leaning writers will get votes.  Guys like Rob Neyer and Keith Law and Jonah Keri, and many others.  All of those guys will be voting for Mussina.  And there are a host of other writers who may not buy into sabremetrics, but can probably be persuaded in lots of ways that Moose was as good as - or better than - a number of pitchers already in the Hall.  Plus even some old-school writers will support him.

My guess, is first year he’ll get between 40%-50%, and slowly climb from there.  Probably after 4 or 5 years on the ballot he’ll get elected.

[7]  Moose’s JAWS score is pretty comfortably in the Hall of Fame range:

I also think his 20-win season will help him a lot with the non-stats oriented crowd.  It gets that magic number on his resume, and I also think voters can imagine that he could have kept pitching and gone for 300 wins if he wanted to.

and if Morris gets voted in (ARGH!) he certainly will. I hope. Actually I just hope Morris doesnt get voted in.

[13] If Morris gets voted in Moose should get in on the first ballot.  But I agree that I just hope Morris doesn’t get voted in.  He’d go in the Jim Rice wing.

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