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Saturday, March 4, 2017

NY Post: Luis Severino hit 99 in outing, but that’s not why Girardi is pleased

DUNEDIN, Fla. — The Yankees have said there are no favorites when it comes to the final two spots of the rotation. All five candidates will be treated equally and there is no private rooting for one over the other.

Then Luis Severino took the mound like he did Friday at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium against the Blue Jays and the first pitch to Kevin Pillar goosed the speed gun to 99 mph. Two batters later, Jose Bautista made Severino pay by missing on the inner half of the plate with an opposite-field, two-run homer to right on a 97-mph heater.

Catcher Austin Romine, manager Joe Girardi and Severino, however, don’t believe that mistake ruined the day, because the right-hander made progress with his changeup and built confidence in the pitch he must master to be an effective big league starter.

“He threw a bunch of changeups today, threw his slider and his fastball was good,’’ Girardi said following a 3-2 loss to the Blue Jays. “He made a mistake, but Jose Bautista has done that a lot in his career. I thought it was progress.’’

Bautista’s homer accounted for the two runs Severino allowed in 2 ¹/₃ innings, in which the Blue Jays got four hits and struck out four times.

Severino said he threw nine or 10 changeups and was pleased with the action on the pitch that he needs to command so well that he can throw it to right-handed batters as well as lefty swingers.

“The first time it was good and today it was good,’’ Severino said.

Severino may be the Yankees #2 starter this year if he can master that changeup.

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I’m kind of skeptical of Severino at this point.  The Yankees have a bunch of other pitchers with less spectacular fastballs but who can actually command 3 or 4 pitches.  To the bullpen with him.

Pure speculation: I would say Mitchell and Severino have the inside track for those two rotation slots. Also my client just threw a nice first inning in his first spring start. Cha-ching.


[2] Severino for sure. Not so sure on Mitchell, I think Green has just as good a chance.

Donger for Sanchez.  Me like home runs.

From a FG chat:

“Solarte with the Padres: 1260 PA, 110 wRC+
Headley with the Yankees: 1395 PA, 97 wRC+”

And Sanchez gunning them down behind the dish. Have yourself a game, Gar.

So they still don’t believe in the arm of The Sanchize©, so keep running into outs, it is Girardo’s 2017 strategy. That, and 2/3rds of No-Runs BMC.

Girardi’s saying nice things about Billy McKinney.

Man I have been so starved for baseball, any baseball.

Girardi just likes saying his name. Billy McKinney Billy McKinney Billy McKinney…..

What’s it gonna be when Torres comes up?  Gleybey?  Torrey would be too weird.

Super Gary caught stealing with Betances pitching.

[12] Glaybey sounds stupid.  Gleyberey or Gleyee sound even worse.  He has to be traded.  He can never play for Girardi’s

Billy-ey or McKinney-ey?

Gleyber is perfect as is, Binder need to make an exception like I before E etc.  When homers Serling will ” be filled with Glee.”

Gleyby actually works pretty well, I think. I can hear that in Girardi’s voice.

Gleyber looking good.

4k in 3 IP for Boss Tanaka. It’d be fun if, for whatever else happens this season, he takes the step to being a major Cy threat.

The Bucs have a guy named Joey Terdoslavich.  Top, top baseball name.

Zero percent chance his locker room nickname isn’t “Turd Sandwich”

Happy 44th anniversary of the Kekich-Peterson wifeswap, everybody!

Brian, Single digit point loss to GSW after leading at the half? Who is this team?

Brian, Single digit point loss to GSW after leading at the half? Who is this team?

When losing is the best thing that could happen to them, that’s when they’ll start winning games. It’s the Knick way. Whatever you wish to root for, they’ll do the opposite. Hope they win? They stink. Hope they stink bad enough to get a top pick? They win enough to screw THAT up, too.

Oh hey, look. It’s Ivan Nova. Pitching well. After being given away.

Yanks losing to Nova and TRO with an RBI.  This spring is falling apart.

Seriously, I wish Mitchell had had a better outing, but maybe he was working on his changeup or something.

(27)  I’m not surprised at all and I bet he’ll play for a second-division team.  They won’t get anything for him though except an open 40-man spot.

Maybe Mitchell has not yet perfected his splitter and is not quite ready to dominate.

[29] With Refsnyder having no real path to playing time a moderate upside lottery ticket and an open 40-man spot is a pretty decent return.

31.  I think they waited too long to cut bait with Refsnyder. The time to move him was last spring after a good 2015,  and before they traded for Castro. Now he’s coming off a disappointing 2016 and they’re not going to get much for him. I think they’re doing the same thing with Tyler Austin now. He’s an older prospect, coming off a good minor league season, and they just signed Chris Carter to take away all of his at bats.  They either need to play these older prospects, or trade them while they still have value.  If these guys succeed elsewhere, so be it. They can’t be afraid to trade these guys.

Hixie thinks it’s a damn fight.

They probably should have dealt Refsnyder a long time ago, but I don’t think they could have foreseen the tidal wave of prospects they have now.  At one time Ref seemed like okay insurance for RF and possibly 2B; the 3B experiment never worked at all.  I don’t know if Ref would crack the top 30 prospects now.  It’s not really his fault, but he was never hot shit to begin with—the hope was “if we can convert this guy who doesn’t hit enough for RF into a good 2B, we have something.”  Didn’t happen.  Still, the A’s had interest once upon a time, maybe they still do.

You guys see the Arian Foster tweets about fighting a wolf?

[35] If Liam Neeson can fight a wolf, I’m pretty sure Arian Foster can.

I mean, the dude has thumbs!

Rutckyj making his case for a spot on Team Canada.

Terdoslavich just made Graham eat a…well, you know.

He’s not wrong about the thumbs.

[32] I think this is naive. Isn’t it just as likely that the reason he wasn’t traded was because no one was buying his value? I don’t think the Yankees were holding onto him in any capacity, I’m pretty sure if a good deal had been offered they would have taken it. Maybe they weren’t really looking… but maybe a guy who doesn’t hit much at AA and has no real position just isn’t a trade chip.

I think we put way too much stock into guys trade stock going up and down. Teams aren’t basing their trade decisions on one year split between a few levels. They’re scouting other teams and have their info on these guys for years. Of course, sometimes there are discrepancies, but I think in this case Ref just wasn’t ever really worth anything.

[40]  There is the evidence of the (non-trade) with the A’s—Ref+Warren for Zobrist.  Zobrist is a pretty damn good player but it was a rental, Warren was clearly the major piece from the Yanks, but still—it wasn’t Warren + whatever.  Ref can only have gone backwards since then.  Warren, now back, was traded for Starlin Castro.  The pluses and minuses of all this are TBD.  I could give a shit about Castro, but is Ref a better 2B?  Probably not.

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