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Thursday, February 9, 2017

NY Post: How Yankees decided this was best way to spend last dollars

Hal Steinbrenner did not intend to expand payroll again this offseason after the Yankees secured Aroldis Chapman and Matt Holliday at the Winter Meetings.

Money to allocate elsewhere would have to be moved off the payroll by trading Brett Gardner, Chase Headley, Starlin Castro or Michael Pineda.

But as free-agent prices began to fall precipitously in recent weeks, on relievers and sluggers in particular, Brian Cashman asked if Steinbrenner would consider expanding the budget a bit to capitalize on sudden bargains. The Yankees owner agreed to allow one more signing in the $3 million to $4 million range.

That left the Yankees short on two lefties they liked: Boone Logan (who got $5.5 million from the Indians) and especially Jerry Blevins (who agreed at $6.5 million with the Mets). The next level of reliever, a group that included Sergio Romo (who got $3 million from the Dodgers), did not entice the Yankees quite as much.

Is it crazy that Boone Logan got almost twice as much as Chris Carter?

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Is it crazy that Boone Logan got almost twice as much as Chris Carter?

Supply and demand.

Given that the Marlins are apparently worth $1.6 billion, meaning the Yankees are probably worth closer to $4 billion, now I’m angry that they didn’t give Chris Carter $30 million.  A game.

[2] I kind of wish the Steins would take over the Knicks and let Cashman run that team, too.  They are an absolute mess.

Oh man, Cashman would be the greatest GM the Knicks have ever had.

Why did the team sign Carter, who they don’t need, but not sign a SP, who they do need?  Maybe Hal Steinbrenner didn’t give Cashman enough money to sign a SP, so Cashman spent what Hal gave him as best he could to help the team.

If this right, it’s no way to build a winner.

They’re not trying to build a winner. They’re trying to build a somewhat competitive team while they wait for some big contracts to come off the books so they can get under the tax threshold next year. Like it or not, that’s the path they are taking. We can only hope that in 2019 Hal is willing to exceed the threshold if there are FAs available that can make them a serious WS contender. Even then, Hal is going to give Cashman a budget. Every owner gives his GM a budget.

John, I think you’re right.  But, I don’t like it.  The team is committing to two more mediocre years before they try to have a championship team.  I was hoping they would get under the threshold in 2017 and try to build a winner in 2018. 

Also, I’m worried that they won’t get under the threshold in 2018.  By moderately exceeding the threshold each year, they can produce teams that won’t be awful, but which are unlikely to vie for the championship.

[7] I think they’ll be close this season and a contender in 2018.  I like the direction and once that budget clears a bit, they’ll be dangerous. The only things that they were spending for this month would be dirt cheap bargins.

The Carter signing doesn’t really move my needle, but it’s not terrible and RH power is a big benefit in DNYS.

Also, maybe the Yankees are pretty happy with the pitchers that they have moreso than the 1B/DHs that they have.

Early reports are that Pablo Sandoval is in the best shape of his life.

[11] Improvement over “pumpkin.”

[12] It’s all about weight allocation.

They were never getting under in 2017. Not since they resigned ARod in 2007, anyways. I fail to see why a one-year contract to someone who they can cut, trade, or actually use if need arises, has any bearing on what the team does in 2018.

[14] It’s my understanding that the way the penalties work, it’s very important for the Yanks to come in below the threshold once.  I believe that coming in below the threshold re-sets the penalty scale.

Signing Carter makes it that much harder to get under the threshold in 2017.  So, it’ll be urgent to get under the threshold in 2018.  The 2018 threshold will limit their ability to re-sign Tanaka.  It will limit their ability to sign expensive free agents.

Signing Carter for $3m is not the problem. It’s the $21m thet are paying ARod.

Your argument would make sense if they weren’t already over the threshold for 2017. Since they were before Carter, and it’s a one year contract….

I think the AAV for Rodriguez is actually $27.5m, but yeah, there was never a chance until 2018, once they extended Sabathia, short of just tanking.

Don’t they have to be under for two years to reset?  Or is that changed by the new CBA?

(18) The luxury tax calc is an AAV. $275/10.

Only 6 Yankees on BA top 100.  Outrageous!

None in the top 3, 1 in the top 30, eh.

[23] Where is Torres? Top 30?

Just glancing at the list. It looks like BA weights pretty heavily towards proximity/probability, at least in the top part of their list.

Torres is the only player in the top 10 who isn’t expected to debut next year.

They have a risk rating, but it wasn’t listed with the tool rating, which is too bad. It would make the list seem a bit less arbitrary.

Yeah, it struck me that Torres is the only top 10 guy who’s not expected this year.  Let us never forget the cautionary tales of Nick Johnson and Jesus Montero, but I’m pretty excited.

Nick was injuries, the mysterious wrist injury back when, which cost him all but a few AB’s in his first AAA season, if memory serves me.

I believe that Torres could debut sometime in 2017. And if he were a Bosox prospect he’d be ranked #‘s 1 & 2.

RAB “according to multiple reports, the Rays and Nathan Eovaldi have agreed to a one-year contract worth $2M. It’s a big league deal, so he’s going on their 40-man roster. The contract includes a club option for 2018, and since Eovaldi won’t pitch at all in 2017.”

[28] Good for Eovaldi. I thought there was a solid chance that Eovaldi went unsigned this year. I guess no one wants to give up on a 100 mph arm even if it’s gone through two TJ surgeries.

I’m a little surprised the Rays can afford $2M on someone who can’t play.

Brian, You run a knicks blog right? How can the Knicks be so pathetic for a week and then beat the Spurs?

Brian, You run a knicks blog right? How can the Knicks be so pathetic for a week and then beat the Spurs?

They’re a mediocre team, and the thing with teams like that is that they can surprise you every once in a while. Note that their losses were all close ones recently, so they’re really not as bad as they have looked, which is a shame, as they’re really in NBA purgatory. Too good to get a high draft pick, too shitty to compete any time soon.

[32] Here’s another question - is JVG considered a good coach?

Yes. He’s one of those coaches who can at least legitimately do what he is supposed to be good at. What he is good at is coaching defense. He had a Knick team that was playing three guards in the rotation (back when people didn’t do that) with one of those guards being the “never cared about defense” Glen Rice and had them working as a dominant defensive team. He went to Houston and took the same personnel that had the previous year been 14th in the league in defense down to 5th in just his first year as the coach.

He’s one of those guys that could get a cream of the crop coaching gig if he wanted to, but I think he just really enjoys the announcing lifestyle more.

I hate him as a commentator

Yeah, I really miss the 90s Knicks. Oakley, X-man, Starks, Anthony Mason, Ewing.  It’s funny when you turn on ESPN Classic and watch a 1996 game against the Pacers that ends with a score of 88-84 or something like that.

Jeter’s wife announces pregnancy via Player’s Tribune:

“He already has a name in mind—he’s set on it. (We’ll see.),” Hannah wrote. “Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him.”

Man, people can NOT let Jeter’s range go.

I presume they’re naming her Alexandria.

We should all pool our money for a gift basket.

[37, 39] lolz

Check out Tyler Austin in this pic—is it just the angle or is his left forearm the size of a Christmas ham?  Or, an enormous beef salami for our Jewish and Christian brethren?  An astonishingly large yam if you’re Hindu or vegetarian or both?  I mean it’s a big forearm.

[41]  Obviously meant to say “Jewish and Muslim”, but this is the kind of insensitivity we have sadly come to expect from me.

[41] I’m not seeing it. Looks more like a ren fair turkey leg to me.

15. Torres BP top 101 9 Yankees
16. Frazier
43. Mateo
49. Rutherford
52. Sheffield
58. Kaprielian
63. Judge
82. RHP Albert Abreu
101. SS Tyler Wade

[41] Am I the only one who despises the term “Baby Bombers”? So damn hokey.  I recall a time when Michael Kay referred to Ramiro Pena as a “baby bomber”.

I don’t mind it when it describes, like, an actual group of young players all playing together, like Sanchez, Austin and Judge earlier this year.

But yes, Kay’s usage of it to describe any young Yankee player is stupid.

I’d like to see Chien-Ming Wang invited to camp as a short reliever. His velocity was better last season and if he makes the team he could be a likable placeholder for the younger relievers if they need a little more seasoning at AAA. (speaking specifically about Heller & Holder, pun not immediately intended then intended) If you check out Wang’s game-log, you’ll see he had a really good run from about mid-May to late June being used as a one inning guy.

Pitchers and Catchers day.

Inching closer to baseball.

[48] hehe. “Check out Wang.” hehehehe.

[50] .wang is a Top-Level Domain.

I wouldn’t like it if people talked about my dot wang.

Any publicity is good publicity.

Hey SG, can you buy up  I’ll chip in.

[54] It’s a tad over 13 dollars a year, said someone who definitely doesn’t not own

[48-49] Wang, then inching closer.  I am such an adolescent…

[54] It’s apparently not available yet. is available though.

whois for
Registrant Name: hu sheng xu
Registrant City: lin fen shi
Registrant State/Province: shan xi

I think it’s safe to say that none of you yahoos is squatting the domain. is available (and hilarious) though…

Also, if I can get my visions for up and running, you can be sure there will be a Wang’s dongs section.

Try building anything over 3 stories in the shan xi province and see if my name comes up.

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