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Thursday, March 9, 2017

NY Post: How Gary Sanchez’s amazing feats are raising his ceiling even higher

Nothing counts under the palm trees, but Sanchez’s performances at the plate and behind it are impossible to ignore. He has quickly morphed into a “Can’t Miss At-Bat’’ the way Darryl Strawberry, Alex Rodriguez and Reggie Jackson once were.

Wednesday, Sanchez drove a pitch from Team Canada’s Shane Dawson for one of the four Yankees homers in a 10-4 win.

While Sanchez’s power is real, it isn’t limited to hitting. Scouts are still buzzing about him throwing Tigers speedster Anthony Gose out at second from his knees on a steal attempt Saturday.

“He was [clocked at] 1.9 [seconds] from his knees, are you kidding me?’’ said a scout sitting behind the plate that day. “Gose got a good jump. I looked at another scout and said, ‘What the hell is going on?’ ”

To put the stopwatch times on Sanchez’s throwing prowess, anything under 2.0 is considered good. This spring he has been timed at 1.82. Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez was in the 1.7s.

Sanchez caught 13 of 32 runners (41 percent) attempting to steal last year. The Royals’ Salvador Perez led the 13 catchers in the big leagues who qualified by nabbing 48 percent. Sanchez didn’t qualify.

Is Sanchez the best catcher in baseball today?

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[0] No. But only because Buster Posey hasn’t moved to 1B yet.

Also, fangraphs’ Yankees prospect article is out today:

Given the discussions we’ve had on McKinney, from the above article:

McKinney was a hit-before-power corner-outfield prospect as an amateur. While his body has filled out, the power has not come because the swing really isn’t geared for it. He has good bat speed and hand-eye and I think he’ll hit enough to have some sort of big-league role, but it might just be as an extra outfielder. He’s hit for power so far this spring. If he’s made a substantive mechanical change that’s causing it, though, I haven’t been able to pick it out. He has a 40 arm and projects in left field.

Thanks for the tip in the previous thread, Snugs.

Best catcher ever.

[4] If the Yankees get a protected draft pick this year, we will know who to thank.

Not if, but when.

Dave Cameron thinks the Yankees are underrated, so prepare for the worst.

I have never thought much about it but do all minor leaguers not in MLB camp simply play intra squad games until their respective seasons begin?  I mean they don’t play games vs. other teams low organization players?

I dunno, but why wouldn’t they?  Maybe they don’t take 2-hr bus trips, but wouldn’t it make sense to play the nearby teams like the Philllies minor leaguers?

So, what package for Quintana? And I’m sure that the ChiSox are asking a lot as Quintana is under control at age 28 for four years at $35.35 million.

Fowler, Wade and Torres are having terrific springs. But so are Ellsbury, Higgy, and Pete Kozma.

The proof is, then, in. The Yankees have had a super-soft spring schedule.

[9] There is a MiL spring training that starts near the end of ST.

Arod apparently dating JLo…does she have the Kate Hudson magic???

El Gary’s greatness transcends mere human notion of time and space. El Gary is the best catcher simultaneously on all earths in the multiverse, backwards and forwards in time. El Gary is a Grant Morrison super hero come to life.

Speaking of super heroes, go see Logan. Outside of a weirdly tortured metaphor involving lions in the middle of the film, it’s excellent.

Someone on Twitter described Logan as Cormac McCarthy’s X-Men.

[18] That’s a pretty solid description, although it’s a bit less grim/nihilistic. I think it’s the X-Men movie 90s Takeshi Kitano would have made.

From the FG Yankee prospects writeup:

...fawning over the system’s obvious talent ignores its most fascinating aspect: the bizarre collection of pop-up arms. New York appears to be in possession of a player-development machine that has conjured several interesting pitching prospects seemingly out of thin air. Adams, Green, Herrera, and Montgomery were all fringe prospects at best before the Yankees got a hold of them. Now they’re all suddenly potential major-league contributors.  ...

My 2016 snooping yielded two more interesting observations about this org’s processes. First, New York is among the growing number of teams whose scouts use tablets with scouting software during games. Some software programs like this give scouts immediate access to all kinds of data while they’re watching players. Orgs have mixed opinions about how that impacts their scouts’ evaluations. I don’t know specifics about this as it pertains to New York, I’ve just seen some of their pro scouts using it and think the software looks really cool. Second, at least some of New York’s minor league affiliates’ stadiums are set up to collect data not dissimilar to what R.J. Anderson describes in a recent piece, tracking individual player movements. This org seems to be at the forefront of a new wave of scouting and player-development methods.

[20] The velocity spike thing is pretty new, but if it’s something the Yankees can consistently develop, the rotation concerns may not be as significant as we thought.

Logan kicked ass. (Hat-tip to Laura)

22 Get Out.

[15] Or can we get Kate Hudson and Smellsbury together. If her va-gene can turn ARod from post-season choker into the Centaur, it can at least get Smellsbury to 4 WAR.

[23] Yep. Skipped Logan for Peele’s flick as well.

Guys, Logan really has things to say between the slicing and dicing. But I’m really truly pumped to see Song to Song next weekend! As big of a fanboy as I used to be for Jetes, you can double it for Malick.

Who is MP’s Agent?

25 Yes and no. Loved his first 3 especially Badlands, liked the New World, mixed feelings on Tree of Lifef (that opening?) and skipped his subsequent.  This looks interesting however.

[23-24] I’m planning on catching a showing this weekend.

Clint Frazier’s hair is gone:

[26]  John Galt.

You should see Malick movies in a cinema if you can.  For the visuals obviously, but the sound design is incredible.

[29] Next up! Straightening Pineda’s hat.

Then perhaps working Betances brim a bit more.

(31) Agree

Return to stirrups as well. Trade in the pajama pants. Also bring back cursive and better penmanship so you can read who just signed your ball. My son got Chein Ming Wang’s auto once and he added #40 so I figured out it was him.  Most autographs now might as well be in Korean as you don’t have a clue who it is.

Clint is a good kid but standing out should come “after” you have arrived as a star, not before.

With Kong: Skull Island opening today, I thought you folks might be interested in an article I wrote about the surprising animal that inspired the creation of King Kong.

Just saw Logan last night. Was mostly glad it wasn’t based on the terrible, terrible comics it shared an ancestral idea with.

Super bored with “here’s a kid, but WAIT, this is a kid who FUCKS SHIT UP” stories and peoples’ endless fawning over them, but the kid wasn’t as annoying as I’d feared she would be.

Even with the beats that played out as expected, they were handled well. But for all this fistpumping about how this is the best superhero movie since Dark Knight? The king still reigns supreme: Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher.

[34] I’ll watch about any movie with Dolph Lundgren. Shark Lake? Dolph Lundgren punches a shark? Yes, please.

[33]  I write notes to my daughter with interesting facts and jokes that I put in her lunch box, and today’s was about the Komodo dragon!  Will share this story with her.

26. Formerly expressed relief at not signing Choo.

[35] Would you watch a Dolph Lundgren movie where he is a crime-sniffing hero?

[38] It would be impossible to stop me from watching said movie. Especially if his head was just a giant nose.

I’d be a bit uncomfortable if there were full penetration though.

[39] What if he can smell crime before it even happens?

[40]  Raises all kinds of ethical questions.

So…how big ARE Sancho’s feet ?

[40] Just remake Minority Report shot for shot but with Nose Lundgren in that crazy Scientologist’s role.

[27] I really dug Tree of Life but it was more of a super duper existential Planet Earth than actual narrative story, even by Malick standards. New World didn’t do a whole lot for me. Badlands is my favorite of his.

I thought Knight of Cups totally deconstructed film (from a narrative sense) and romance (how we try narrating our lives as they happen) My favorite film of the decade with Boyhood and my favorite Malick movie other than The Thin Red Line. (Which is right with Goodfellas, Carlito’s Way, Gangs of NY, Assasination of Jesse James among my all time favorite films) I loved Knight of Cups, man. I’m surprised it went so far under the radar, even among film freaks. I think the misleading trailer (man I hate those) contributed to that.

Days of Heaven totally under appreciated and Thin Red Line was better than Private Ryan.

[45] I always find people’s favorite films to be absolutely fascinating. I don’t know if I could give you a top X, but I can tell you that I have watched Alien and Battleship Potemkin more than any other movie.

47. I had a screenwriting teacher who worked with one of the producers of Alien. Apparently the cast improv’d a ton of dialogue. It seems the script was not even well regarded except for the stomach bursting scene. It was interesting to hear but I kind of felt for the writers getting ripped like that. That’s Hollywood though. You can throw a shoe in that joint and hit a writer.

Thin Red Line really grew on me.  I watched part of it, hated it, then found myself inexorably drawn back to watch the whole thing.

I had zero expectations for New World, because Colin Farrell?, but was utterly riveted and transported.

By the way, totally different film about Europeans encountering Native Americans, loved Valhalla Rising.

[48]  Just threw a shoe and hit TWO.

[48] It was based on a pretty unbearable student film. Dark Star had some serious talent behind it, but it wasn’t very good. Alien is one of the greatest films ever made (for a whole slew of reasons) and I love John Carpenter, but Dark Star…

Alien is so wonderfully visceral, that I can understand why the script isn’t hailed as any great accomplishment. I’m not a huge fan of Ridley Scott as a story teller on his own, but when he’s given a strong framework to visualize a world, he’ll create gold.

[50] Valhalla Rising was great.

Films I’ve seen a lot include double feature of La Strada and Los Olvidados and the combo rates in my top list.  Best of 80s and beyond Goodfellows and Raging Bull.  Best sci fi original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Two 70s movies I recently watched again and loved California Split and original Getaway.

49 Colin Farrel or Clive Owen?

On baseball: Yasiel Puig looks like a different hitter. Completely revamped mechanics. Crushing the ball in Spring Training. I foresee thirty jacks and MVP votes if he stays healthy.

[55] Right back to what he was 3 years ago.

What’s his brother’s prospect potential?

Helluva outing by Tanaka and Super Gary went long.

Gleyber with a home run 412/1127

I’m pretty sure Gleyber Torres could start for the Yankees this year.

Venezuela has some great WBC uniforms.

Torres summer of 2017.

62 I’m in!

Yankee stadium swing.

Favorite movies list must include Strange Brew and Wise Guys. Also Yellowbeard.

Wow, they went full Game of Thrones for the WBC intro.

Happy Purim

Strange Brew holds up?  Loved it back in the daze, but it’s been awhile.

I would punch Malick for making me watch Colin Farrell and Ben Affleck.

New World was great besides Farrell.  Tree of Life was great besides what was the point of Sean Penn.

I’ll have to watch Knights of Cups.

[68] Oh yeah. Epic dialogue.

“Just because I don’t know what I’m taking about, doesn’t automatically mean I’m lying.”

Colin Farrell, now that I think about it, has been good in some movies.  I obviously disagree with villain about New World.  In Bruges was good.  And he was good in that Jeff Bridges country music movie.

I’m re-evaluating!

The Knick

[71] Colin Farrell is fine, he’s just not a great LEADING MAN. Like Shia LaBeouf and, to a lesser extent, Brad Pitt.

[73] His stuff plays better in the pen.

Andrew Miller is a rat dog.  U.S.A.!

[75] That was dreadful.

CC’s ready as rain for the season to start.

CC is ready for dinner too.

CC in classic form today.

79 More like New Wave Indie form.

[80] Is that because he needed a flock of baseballs?

[81]  I think he only needed 15 pitches to give up six runs, so no.  /pedantruinsjoke

Dave Winfield and Randy Johnson

[82] In any case, the Braves ran. They ran so far around the basepaths.

The song’s a joke now because of the haircuts, but go back and listen—the guitar work is pretty great.

84 Two points.

There’s an article at fan graphs right now about Frazier and the haircut policy, and I know we’ve mentioned this and it doesn’t really matter anyway, but in the comments they’re all talking about what happens when Bryce Harper gets signed and has to shave his beard. And everyone there seems to think that it’s gonna be a huge deal, that Harper will be too big for the rule and blah blah.

But I mean, it’s pretty obvious that when Harper signs with the yanks he’s gonna show up to the presser clean shaven, handsome and as excited as he’s ever been. And no one’s gonna talk about it.

Harper, I think, and hope, IS going to be baseball’s next mega-star. But, I think you really misunderstand him if you think he’s going to throw a fit about his beard. Playing for the Yankees, “becoming” a Yankee, I think, is going to be exactly the thing he wants. It is, sorry everyone else, the pinnacle of baseball stardom. And he will be more than happy to shave his beard. And it is going to rule so freakin’ hard.

[85] I love that tune.  Space Age Love Song might be even better.

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