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Friday, November 30, 2012

NY Post: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Yankees’ Derek Jeter packing on the pounds during recovery

The ankle we knew about. The gut, not so much.

Derek Jeter was spotted at a hotel on South Beach in Miami yesterday wearing a walking boot to protect the left ankle he broke in the playoffs last season. Yet the 38-year-old Jeter also seemed to be carrying another burden — some extra weight hanging from the Yankees shortstop’s normally fit frame.

According to general manager Brian Cashman, Jeter has been in a non-weight bearing situation and will continue to be until January. That means if he has been able to work out at all, it has been limited to upper body because he can’t put any weight on his left foot.

Did you know that in MLB history no team has ever won a World Series with a fat 39 year old shortstop with only one good leg?

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The next two seasons are gonna be ugly. Which of course I have been saying since the 2009 WS…but this time I really mean it.

“Packing on the pounds”

God, what a notorious phrase

A professional athlete gaining weight while unable to work out is absolutely disgraceful.  They should give Nunez the C this season.

Wow, Hanson for Walden. His shoulder must be an absolute mess.

should the Yankees have tried to get D Span?

[6] I don’t think he does much for the team.  I mean, he’s good.  But I don’t know if he improves them enough to be worth what they would have to trade.  Meyer was a 1st round pick coming off a solid season in A and A+; what is Yankees equivalent?  Austin?  Heathcott?  Career year at 28 (BBRef) mostly on best ever defensive stats…

On Martin, it’s not just the Yankees that didn’t want to match/exceed 2/17, it was several teams. Reports are the Yankees last offer was 2/14 or 2/15, and at least a couple other teams backed out of the running for Martin. Now is it possible several teams are undervaluing Martin? Sure. Or maybe, just maybe, they can get a close to Martin-level production from one of the super cheap in-house candidates. At least it’s a much better bet than getting close to Swisher-level production in RF with what they currently have. So, if they had to choose between signing someone for either RF or C, I’m fine with trying to find someone at that salary level to at least platoon in RF and rolling the dice with the catchers currently on the roster.

On Span, he does have 3 years of team control left, but yeah, no way they would part with Austin or Heathcott for him.

The good news is if skinny Jeter is worth 2 wins, fat Jeter should be worth twice as much, right?  Isn’t WAR calculated by the pound?

[10] Only for pitchers.

[10] And Detroit Tiger corner infielders.

If the Yankees offered 2/14 or 15 but Martin opted for 2/17 from a team that is never over 500 I’d guess he couldn’t have been overly happy here or is one’s quality of life now and in the future significantly improved at 2/17?  or are these guy’s egos so fragile?

Olney says NYY never made an offer. Martino himself says the team told him he’s out of their price range.

Hard to begrudge anyone a couple million dollars, and I’m sure agents encourage players to go for the highest offer. Teams probably don’t like to go through the trouble of making a higher offer just to get turned down anyways.

Plus the Pirates’ future may not be so bad as the past. They have Jeff Karstens, who I predict will put up more WAR than Pineda this year.

AND Jose Tabata who RAB once rated as our top prospect over young minor league phenom Phil.

Karstens was just non-tendered actually. Perhaps Cashman will go after the one that got away.

[18]  After I posted I had second thoughts…should I check?...I should pay attention to those feelings.

[19] being non-tendered gave Pineda a fighting chance for a tie.

Yanks claim Jim Miller.  What’s the loophole? Injury prone? Flat ground specialist?  a very limited sample looks pretty good.  ERA+ 172 in 63 innings. What do the more sophisticated metrics say.  Cheap,  some upside I presume.

[21] Walks are the problem, mainly. He might be one of the mythical AAAA players. He’s 30, and his 78 MLB innings have almost twice the walk rate of his recent AAA innings. SG would know better than me if that’s an above average increase, but it’s not a good sign. His FIP is much worse than his ERA because of them.

Watching HBO The Girl.  Not bad.  Rather unflattering portrait of Hitchcock.

I’ve actually been on the Jeter South Beach Diet for some time, and it’s working out great.

That’s the South Park diet.

So Jeter is going to be moved to the bullpen soon?

OMG! Imagine Pineda’s pounds added whilst on the see food diet.

I will not miss Monsieur Martin; is there compensation for losing him? Not having to hear Sterling with his stupid attempt at a French accent when Martin did something with the bat is a big plus.

[27] No compensation.

[23] Some are defending Hitch, including Kim Novak:

Don, I’m kind of hoping the Yankees get rid of everybody so I never have to hear Sterling again.  I can’t see an downside.

Trade what it takes to get Carlos Santana, the catcher.

Wow, apparently now there is a fat Derek Jeter meme.

I am mildly amused, but fully confident that Jeter will show up in camp in shape barring any mishap.

[31] Does Carlos Santana the catcher still exist? I thought he had been converted to a 1B/DH.

[32] I like “CC Sabathia thinks he looks great”

Does Carlos Santana the catcher still exist? I thought he had been converted to a 1B/DH.

You can’t have enough of those. Ask the Mariners.

Also, good grief.  THAT qualifies as fat?  I fucking wish.

ARod re-tore his hip and will be out part of the season. I can’t wait for the ARod is fat photos.

[36] - Yeah, just saw this.  Ouch.

[37] At this point the only way the ARod re-signing can get worse is if he starts beating homeless minorities in the street and posting videos of it online.

[36] “Re-tore”? Are you adding that? I’m not seeing those words in any article; all I saw was “big problem,” which could be the same thing.

[39] Yeah everything I read was that he was having some problems and is going to see the doctor who performed the original surgery.  But not yet any prognosis.

[38]  While leading the nation over the fiscal cliff.

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