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Monday, February 27, 2017

NY Post: Another piece of Gleyber Torres trade is turning Yankees heads

TAMPA — Had Billy McKinney not been taken by the A’s with the 24th pick in the first round of the 2013 draft, the Yankees were poised to take the left-handed-hitting outfielder from Plano West Senior High School in Texas.

With McKinney gone, the Yankees used the 26th pick to select Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo. He was part of the deal with the Reds that landed Aroldis Chapman. McKinney came to the Yankees in July, when the Yankees sent Chapman to the Cubs in a trade that was highlighted by shortstop prospect Gleyber Torres.

McKinney, 22, wasn’t originally invited to big league camp, but when Mason Williams and Tyler Austin were injured, McKinney was summoned.

CAIRO isn’t a huge fan of McKinney this year, projecting his baseline at .244/.320/.373.  His scouting reports say he’s not a CF, so that line is essentially replacement level for a corner OF.  However, this is just his age 22 season so he may not be done improving. 

Other spring training notes in this article include the Yankees trying Ronald Torreyes in the OF.  Whatever it takes to get that fourteenth pitcher on the roster I guess…

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McKinney had a rough 2016, but he was a top 100 prospect going into 2015 and 2016. If McKinney can recover some of his lost stock, the Chapman trade could look even better.

He’ll need to show some of that power more consistently, since he’s not really a CF and thus far hasn’t reliably demonstrated the pop needed to shake the “tweener” tag. But he’s supposed to be a very good pure hitter and appears to have a good eye.

Still sort of crazy that in addition to Torres the Yankees got other talented players.

[2} Then they ended up bringing back Chapman anyway.

I will never be able to remember the difference between Torres and Torreyes

Yankees stranding a runner at third with no outs in midseason form.

I am pretty curious to see what the “shine was off” players do—McKinney, Tate, Crawford.  Tito Polo may be in this category too.

[7] Which Crawford?

What is the “break even” point on Tate? His mid-rotation ceiling is obviously a big win for the Yankees. But if he ends up being BP only, is middle reliever an overall positive outcome?

[8]  Rashad.  Is there another one acquired in trade?

I only know what I read on the internet, but isn’t the word that even if Tate’s a reliever he’ll be a good one?  I dunno.

Is Evan Rutckxjcdc a thing?  3 innings in an early ST game suggests they Yanks want a good look.  I think it’s three innings…GD is frozen.  MLBAM my ass.

Now I’m watching the TV feed and there isn’t even a box score to go with it.  I know it’s ST but I’M PAYING FOR THIS SHIT.

[10] I think he only pitched 2. Sort of, he was taken as a rule 5 guy last year. He’s had an OK MiL career, but nothing great.

I think the Yankees are giving him time because he’s pitching for Canada in the WBC.

The effed up and extremely limited info alongside the TV feed says 3 innings.  GD is still stuck.

[13] I could be wrong, but I thought they had his name up while Gallegos was pitching.

Box Score has Green for 2, Rutckyj for 1, Gallegos for 2 and Marsh for 2.

You’re right, looks like more GD mess-uppery.


How much he’s up before Refsnyder?

Estrada doing the lord’s work in taking up Cervelli’s oversized helmet slack.

[8] I think a middle-to-late inning reliever is a fine return for Beltran.  The Yankees basically paid $2.5m for Tate.  And the Yankees are the same team who have drafted a utility IFer and a reliever with their 1st round pick in the past.

Estrada’s in a bit of a bind.  He needs to develop more and moving up would probably help, but there are so many other good infielders in the system that he might get lost, and he’s really not the kind of guy worth much in trade.  He’s like the third piece in a trade to a team that needs more MI prospects.

Mason Williams is injured, who could have predicted that. <sarc>

Estrada is only 21.

This is the year to see who among the big signings that broke the bank a few years ago is for real, and who is likely to be chaff. I expect at least two to show the potential, so the farm system will get even deeper. Plus an important year for Mateo.

Do people actually pay attention to spring training games on GD?

Love to see two doubles for Bird today..

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