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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NY Post: An eerie quiet in the Bronx with Girardi’s Yankees future in flux

Three days after the Yankees’ season ended in Game 7 of the ALCS and a week away from his contract expiring, Joe Girardi’s future with the organization was dancing in the wind.

Girardi, whose four-year, $16 million deal expires Oct. 31, arrived at Yankee Stadium at noon. By 1 p.m., a grim-looking Girardi waved to three reporters and without stopping his SUV, made a left onto River Avenue heading north.

Since general manager Brian Cashman, whose contract also runs out next week, was in the building, it was highly likely that Girardi and Cashman, who have worked together for the past 10 seasons, spoke.

However, the silence that smothered the situation following Girardi’s departure strongly indicated something is percolating.

Hal Steinbrenner, who would have had to authorize Cashman to not bring Girardi back, has been a Girardi supporter for a long time. He didn’t return an email.

Girardi, who has said multiple times in recent weeks his family would play a part in whether he returns, didn’t respond to an email.

Cashman didn’t reply to text messages or a voicemail. None of Girardi’s coaches contacted returned messages.

Not responding to emails or texts doesn’t mean anything, but I do wonder if Girardi is going to stick around.  You’d think he’d enjoy the chance to manage a youngish team with some potential to be a perennial contender over the life of his next contract, but he could also be burnt out and probably doesn’t need either the money or the stress any more.

I’ve generally liked Girardi, even though he’s not perfect.  Of course, no manager is.  I’m still not particularly happy about the non-challenge in Game 2 of the ALDS, and I do think his bullpen management has gotten a bit more formulaic and thus worse but I’m not sure there is a better option out there now.

I guess we’ll see what’s going to happen soon enough.

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There are worse managers out there and I’m not sure there are better ones.  Who would be a replacement?

I’m tired of his inability to adjust when the game doesn’t unfold as he envisioned.  I would prefer someone from the minor league system, or if they can identify a great pitching coach on another team who they can’t lure away because he is under contract, make him the manager.

I’m agnostic on the subject but if Girardi goes I hope they go young and not old school.

Recently, all of the bizarre silence has led me to believe that he actually ISN’T going to return, which is surprising, since they have had his back all season long and now, suddenly, it’s silence. Super weird. It’s as if something happened behind the scenes or something like that.

If they were to replace him, I vote for Jay Bell. He seems like he’d be a good modern manager and he’s already in their system.

Hopefully Girardi comes back, though.

Sic previous thread mentioned Barstool also said Girardi won’t be back.

Nothing would give me greater joy in this life than to see Dusty Baker managing the Yankees next season.

I’d rather see Baker as the DH.

I was pretty upset with Joe in the ALDS, but overall, he’s done a good job and would want him back. If not, only person I want is Acta, which I’ve mentioned before.

Dusty Baker with Jay Bell as his bench coach / successor after a year or two would make sense. I also think Acta could do a good job. There’s also Sandy Alomar, who has seemed to be a great candidate for years. I can understand why some posters would be opposed to Baker, given his questionable bullpen handling, but there’s something to be said for a guy who will absolutely be able to handle the media and the clubhouse, without any doubts. All that being said, I hope Girardi comes back.

Dusty Baker is a goddamn disaster who you don’t want anywhere near Severino, Adams, Montgomery, et al.

No on Dusty Baker.

I think if Girardi doesn’t come back it’s his call, not the Yankees’.  I’m pretty certain that the Yankees want him back.

[10][11] I don’t think Dusty’s the arm-shredder from his Cub days.  He’s seemed to keep his pitchers fairly healthy of late.

[12] Didn’t Dusty give Scherzer an early hook in game 3 vs CHC, then not use any of his best relievers with a 1-0 lead?

[13] Barstool Sports. It’s pretty lousy, and not that trustworthy, but for whatever it’s worth, they had this last night:

I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t want him back. They crushed expectations this year and are set up with the same core for the next several reasons. Maybe Chapman’s desire to see him canned was not a minority opinion?

Also, I can’t forgive Sandy Alomar for 1997.

There was a lot of talk at the end of the season (and especially during the ALDS) that Girardi was thinking of taking some time off from baseball to be with his family and avoid burnout.

I agree with SG that the interest between the Yankees and Girardi is mutual. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Girardi is considering taking some time off.

It could also be that the Yankees are waiting until after the WS to make any announcements.

Scott Boras is reading this over and over and just can’t understand what you’re trying to say.

[18] Now the Yankees can sign all the Boras clients for cheap while he is stuck in the mud-like clarity of my rambling post!

To clarify: I think the ball is in Girardi’s court. He likes his job with the Yankees but isn’t sure that signing onto another (likely 3+ year) deal is the right move for him at this time.

Not dusty not dusty not dusty!!!

There were quite a few games this year where we were all very unhappy or scratching our heads with Girardos in-game decision making. I often wondered if players felt the same way. I can’t prove it, but it did seem to me that after a weird decision that knocked them down they would not get off the canvas. (No proof just my memory.) so maybe the players also grumbled amongst themselves or to
Cash man.

A media savvy guy who can ego strike combined with a good bench coach would be great. There has got to be some guys who can do this stuff in the minors. Someone good with kids since that is where the near future is.

I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t want him back. They crushed expectations this year and are set up with the same core for the next several reasons.

It does seem hard to believe when they spent the whole season acting like it was a certainty that he was coming back, but in the last couple of weeks, it was suddenly radio silence on Girardi’s future. I think something behind the scenes happened. Hopefully not, though, and this is just posturing before the inevitable new deal.

Heck, CASH isn’t even technically re-signed yet.

Yes cash yes cash yes cash.

Tony Pena’s a possibility.  Also Dusty has apparently opened up to data as well.

A-Rod would never happen for a million reasons but I would fucking love it.

Francesa has been saying for months that he wasn’t sure that Girardi wanted to return.

Dusty Baker!? What are some of you thinking.

[23] He WOULD be the first Dweeb-American to join the MLB managerial ranks. A real point for diversity there.

I am the lone Baker supporter. I think he’d be fine for the two year maximum window before a younger successor takes over.

Dusty Baker is literally the coolest American. If a Hollywood script writer needed a shorthand way to tell the audience a character was legendarily awesome, he would dream up something like the character having invented the high five. He would then delete it because it would be too outlandish as to be believable.

Dusty Baker literally invented the high five. He also manages baseball games with a toothpick in his mouth.  He’s the only answer to the question “How can next year’s team be more likable than this year’s team?”

Clay, wasn’t criticizing your writing wink

[16] Chapman wants Girardi fired? Where are you getting that from? And why would that even matter if its true?

I am not a big fan of Girardi, I agree with many of the criticisms here, but I also agree with a few people that there are probably no better options.  Over the course of 162+ game season, all managers are going to overthink things at times or freeze at other times.  At least we know what we have with Joe.

Game 2 in the ALDS was nearly unforgivable - except that the team came back out and played passionately and energetically the next three games, when nobody would have blamed them if they came out flat or hungover after that nonreplay debacle.  Maybe some of that has to do with Girardi.  I can live with that.

[0] and [1] are basically my thoughts. 

I wouldn’t say I love him but I do like him and there is no one I’d want more thus I’d keep him.

Chapman wants Girardi fired? Where are you getting that from? And why would that even matter if its true?

He liked a tweet after Game 2 of the ALDS saying the Yankees should fire Girardi.  He later took it back and might have even apologized. 

As for your last question, it doesn’t.  At all.

Not sure how much of this is on Joe but one thing in his favor is that from 2013-2016 he was given a roster that should have won less than 82 games each year. Those teams had negative run differentials, as expected, but each year they finished several games over .500 and even had that surprise Wild Card game. Granted this year they underachieved W/L-wise based on run differential, but 91 games won was still better than most expectations. And while we criticize some of his bullpen moves, I can’t help but think he’s still better than 95% of current managers in that realm of managing.

While the non-review in Game 2 could have been a legitimate case to fire someone, the team did overcome that to be a win from the WS. And that’s such a unique case it admittedly might be tough to rationally fire someone on a review decision of all things, compared to bullpen management, clubhouse chemistry, handling the media, etc, etc.

What if it’s not just Chapman? What if it’s also Sanchez?
Not that I know anything, just wondering…

29 Jeff Sessions is the heppest cat.

27. /Batman voice/ Now we are two.

One of my daughter’s favorite stories is how Dusty Baker’s son almost got run over in the 2002 series and was saved by JT Snow.

[37] Soooo…JT Snow for third base coach?

Baker has gotten MUCH better. If Girardi leaves and the Yankees have someone they want to groom for a more long-term job, Dusty could be a reasonable stop-gap.

I would prefer Girardi comes back though.

I haven’t watched as much baseball the past few years so this is crazy to me. Isn’t Baker a consensus idiot??

Update (for those who want to feel old):
Darren Baker was drafted by the Nats in June.  As far as I could tell, he didn’t sign and is going to Cal and will be playing for the Golden Bears.

Bobby Valentine might be available…

If I were Joe I’d be taking a break on a remote island right now and trying very hard not to think about baseball.

Come to think of it, that’s a rubric I use to see if I should change jobs: at the end of a nice two-week+ vacation, am I ready to go back to my job or do I want to go crawl under a rock and never do it again?

I guess Brad Ausmus is looking for a job now. No idea how good he is.

[44] Ausmus might be the one person I want less than Baker.

I want Davey Johnson.

[47] - Damnit, that was my next joke.

So we’re agreed. Arod for Manager, Jorge for 3b coach and…. oh hell, let’s just say Giambi for bench coach.

Elf had knee surgery today, will miss 2 months next season, give or take.

[49] Nun-E for infield coach.  Bernie for OF positioning coach (is there even such a coach?)

MLB headline right now: “Magician on mound for balancing act.”


Jorge coaching base runners sounds like a great idea.

Alex might want to bring in his FOX broadcast partners as coaches.  Hernandez bench coach, Ortiz and Thomas as co hitting coaches.

He could still bring in all of the old Yankees that Jeter doesn’t hire in Miami.

Ortiz supplemental hitting and conditioning coach and clubhouse optometrist.

Is Rich Hill better than Darvish?

[55] Maybe. What’s his vertical jump ?

Maybe Jeter hires Cashman and Girardi out from under the Steins.

That’d require money, and that’s not something Jeter seems willing to part with at the moment.

[58] Also, I don’t think Jeter likes Cashman very much.

Mila Kunis and Pat Sajak are at the game. Good to know.

[60] What game?

Dodgers got 3 runs in 6 innings against Verlander we got no runs in like 100 innings.

The Dodgers are a decent team but they rely way too much on the home run, they need to play more small ball.

We softened him for the Dodgers. Great.

I guess one of the things that kept me from being too upset that we lost to the Astros was my firm conviction that the Dodgers would beat us

The NY expats still with some Brooklyn mojo. No longer dem bums.

Jon Heyman Twitter
“never saw we’d see another mariano. kenley is getting close now”

oh yeah

[62] And those runs are moot.

Also, is there any doubt right now that the red-headed freak is going to walk off the Astros?

[67] Mariano has cast him asunder.

Rich Hill, 4ip, 60 pitches, 1 run, 3 hits, 7 strike outs and they pulled him. Explain?

I really do not like the Astros.

Hey, when did the Dodgers pick up Tyler Clippard?

Dodgers emulating their erstwhile NY brethren.

If Dave Roberts weren’t set on using all his relievers and pull his starter as early as possible he wouldn’t have had to go to Sidney Fields.

Jesus. This is a heavyweight fight.

We’re approaching all time great WS games here folks.

Also, neither of these closers compares to Mo.

On the radio last night one of the guys called kershaw “arguably the greatest pitcher of all time.” Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Or forget the practically scripted Game 7 from just last year.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

I guess this proves Kershaw is unclutch.

The game total was 7.5. There have been 7 runs in extras and 9 since the bottom of the ninth.

Memo to Hal if Girardi leaves please do not try to lure Dave Roberts away from the Dodgers. He overmanaged a probable win into a loss. How do you pull your game 2 starter so early when he’s cruising in order to have to use Sydney Fields and McCarthy.

[81] Yeah, if you use so many pitchers that McCarthy ends up in the game before the 15th you’ve really blown it.

He pulls his starter who’s pitching well after 4, then brings in someone to start the 6 and pulls him after one batter a walk using 5 pitchers in 6 innings of a low scoring game winning the genius award.

Wonder if both skippers bring back their aces in Gmae 4, or if the team up 2-1 punts and runs out Morton vs. Kershaw or Wood vs. Keuchel.

How crazy is it to take a starting pitcher whose dealing out of the game after four innings? Turns out its ‘Josh Fields pitching the tenth inning of a World Series game’ crazy.

Obviously not gonna happen, but I wonder if the Yankees and/or the Marlins would be interested in a Giancarlo Stanton trade.  He is owed 285MM over the next 11 years (so 25.9 AAV) if my understanding is correct.  If the Marlins are looking to deal, would any other team be able to match what the Yankees could offer?  How would Gleyber and Frazier, plus Gardner to plug the immediate hole do?  Is it too much for him?  Not enough?  With all the money coming off the books, I wonder if it’s feasible.  They could technically trade for him and stay under the cap (if Tanaka leaves.)  The mind boggles.

The opt out in 3 years really hurts his trade value.  It’s either 3 years of a great player paid fairly, or 11 years of a player not worth his value on the field.  Maybe that offer is a bit heavy, but that’s probably what it would take to get him (or something similar.)

This is more of a hottest of hot stove season post, so forgive skipping ahead several months for an outlandish trade proposal.

I wonder if Dave Roberts is getting a call from Girardi this morning.

“I know how you feel, Dave.  First blame the pitching coach, then the bullpen coach… then take responsibility a few hours later.”

Amazing game, but yeah, Dave Roberts blew that one. Used up 2 RP on just 2 batters. Let a SP like Maeda only face 5 batters.

[87] The Marlins should not get anything for trading Stanton. 

If the Yankees want to trade for him, offer them Ellsbury straight up.  Maybe some fringe guys on the edge of the 40 man roster that they aren’t going to protect this offseason in addition.  But no way I offer any real prospect for that contract.

And while I say Roberts “blew that one” I think taking Hill out was right move. FG had a good piece on it. Next several batters due up for HOU all killed LHP, something to the combined tune of like .300/.400/.500 over 500+ PA and Hill actually has worse numbers against LHB than RHB. With someone like Maeda available, who is really good and can give length, I think you make that move and get a non-pitcher PA as well. The problem is then taking Maeda out after 5 BF with a lowish pitch count and upcoming off-day.

FYI, Jon Heyman reporting Yanks met with Girardi yesterday and talking again today.

I think Stantons contract is fair. To me, it’s a bit like the Tigers and Verlander. Fair market contracts shouldn’t bring much in return but when the player is a superstar, there is a premium to even get the team to accept any trade. If last year is the real Stanton, he’s even greatly underpaid compared to his production.

The new owners aren’t going to trade their franchise player for an albatross and some spare parts.

91 Those numbers for the Stros hitters are against all MLB pitchers not the number 2 starter on the WS favorite team whos dealing at the time and as recently as late August threw seven perfect innings before being pulled.  Whats the odds that the next four relievers you use before Morrow will be as good? And why do you trust a guy enough to start the 6th then pull him after one walk? Even Betances gets two walks.

According to RAB, Girardi is gone.

Girardi out.

Oh lordy…

Wow that’s crazy. Why would the Yankees not want Girardi back? He’s not perfect but….a players revolt ??


Admittedly one of the people furious after game 2 but have calmed down since then. This is a bummer, because while I want Acta, he won’t be hired and I don’t think there’s a better option out there.

I don’t really get this. Weird move.

It all depends on who is up next, I guess, but it seems like a strange move.  I think Girardi was a pretty good manager on balance.

One thing I will say is that if you want to make a change, now probably is the best time. He handled the older “generation” (2009-2012) and when the team was in a state of flux (2013-2016) but now that the future is here, you either go all in with Girardi for however long Judge/Sanchez/Didi/etc will carry the team or you find someone new at the onset. No half-measures giving him another couple years only to disrupt everything with a new leader by 2020.

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