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Friday, January 12, 2018

NY Post: Aaron Hicks and Tommy Kahnle reach settlements with Yankees

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman reiterated Thursday the Yankees are going to remain under the $197 million luxury-tax threshold this season, so it’s clear they will be keeping a close eye on every contract, including those of players who are arbitration eligible.

The team settled with Aaron Hicks and Tommy Kahnle on Thursday, with Hicks agreeing to a $2.8 million deal and Kahnle settling for $1.3 million.

The Yankees have six other players up for arbitration, including Dellin Betances, who went through a famously contentious battle with the organization last offseason before the Yankees won.

Didi Gregorius, Sonny Gray, Adam Warren, Chasen Shreve and Austin Romine also are up for arbitration, and a few, especially Gregorius, are in for significant raises.

That’s two fewer players for Randy Levine to flap his stupid gums about at least.

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“Tommy Kahnle’s not a closer! Neither is Aaron Hicks! So they don’t get paid like closers!”

Remember how the Steinbros weren’t even supposed to inherit the team? It was going to be Steve Swindal, but then he got a DUI and Steinbrenner’s daughter divorced him

That Darvish rumor reminded me that whatever deal Cashman does, I am not going to like it.  This will be the case whether it’s a good or a bad deal.  He will be giving up something I would prefer to keep.

How Steve Swindal doesn’t get up every morning and dangle a noose around his neck while he has a real long, hard conversation with himself, I’ll never know.

This thread went dark pretty fast.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve spent a minute of my life wondering anything about Steve Swindal, other than just now, to think “who the fuck is Steve Swindal ?”

Because you’ve been responsibly dedicating each and every minute to productively improving the lot of all mankind, I presume?)

[8]  Your word-portrait is startlingly accurate.

His favorite song and he’s a big fan of the Broadway musical “This Nearly Was Mine.”

[4] I knew there were other people out there who enjoyed Last Exit To Brooklyn.

[8] Yes ! Yes, I have. You’re welcome !

Imagine how fucked up things would be, without my good works. You’ll never know, thankfully.

Machado and the O’s come together on a one-year deal.

[14] I also spend a fair amount of time searching the internet about Jennifer Aniston.

Great news “ Austin Romine agreed to a one-year, $1.1 million deal with the Yankees on Friday, Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reports.
Romine slashed .218/.272/.293 with two home runs and 21 RBI in 80 games with the Yankees”


I feel slashed.

They should have signed Jennifer Aniston. The ticket sales would have covered the cost of blowing by Halcap.

Yankees avoided arb with all eligible players. Levine is so sad.

[16]  Eric Kratz would do better.  But he’s blocked by Mop In Bucket.

16. Pooped would be a more accuarate description for Romine stats than the colloquial slahed, yes.

Jennifer Anniston is attractive in a Norman Rockwell way but she’s kind of boring looking. I picture her doing Reagan morning in America commercials.

Jennifer Aniston is the definition of a butterface.

Agree with all that, but you know people would buy tickets in droves to see her in uniform.

Whoever makes the joke first: you’re welcome.

Jennifer Aniston’s career is built off of nipples FRIENDS.

Every role she’s had since then has been the same exact nipples.

She’s not even the cutest Friend a show that I’ve never seen for more than five minutes.

[27] Well played.

[25] The Friends set must have been freezing.

My wife loves Friends and has it on all the time. You notice things.

27 Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

I must be so out of the cultural zeitgeist, I had no idea. “Asked by Vogue about it this month, she said: “Yeah I don’t know what to say about that! It’s just one of those things, I guess. I wear a bra. I don’t know what to tell ya! And I don’t know why I’m supposed to be ashamed of them - it’s just the way my breasts are. But hey, OG, I’m not going to complain!”

Just listening to Dan Szymborski on Goldman’s podcast:

“The top five guys in the Yankee bullpen could go down for the year with Legionnaires disease and they would still project to have an above average bullpen.”

I have a random feeling in 4 years Mookie Betts is gonna be the next Sox player to don the pinstripes.

[33] I am more concerned they will brainwash him into signing a Pedroia extension. Even if they hang onto him, I hope they have to pay him market value, which at that point will be close to $40M per year.

Fan Rag “The Pittsburgh Pirates have traded right-hander Gerrit Cole to the Houston Astros in exchange for third baseman Colin Moran and pitcher Joe Musgrove, a source confirms to FanRag Sports. Tim Brown of Yahoo! was the first to report a deal was imminent.”

RAB “The Yankees had been connected to Cole for weeks, but the Pirates reportedly insisted on Gleyber Torres, and that was never going to happen. Brian Cashman & Co. wanted to build a package around Clint Frazier which, as J.J. Cooper noted, would’ve been better than what Pittsburgh actually got from the Astros. Jon Heyman says the Pirates wanted Miguel Andujar as well, and the two sides were never close to a deal.”

pirates wanted at least 1 of andujar or frazier from yankees, the sides had trouble agreeing on others in package and word is never got close to a deal.

Seems like the Pirates got jobbed.  “Oh, the Yankees won’t massively overpay for our starter?  We’ll show them by taking odds and ends from the Astros instead!”

I used to have some vague sympathy for the Pirates, but really, fuck them.  And I’m GLAD the Yankees didn’t get Cole!

[38] I agree that the Pirates got jobbed, but I’m not happy about it.  Looking the other way, the Yanks toughest competitor got better at relatively low cost. Even before this trade, the Yanks were not as strong as Houston.  Now the gap is wider.

I don’t want them taking players they don’t want to spite another team. That’s this case.

[40] I agree. I would not have wanted the Yanks to trade Torres for Cole just to keep him from Houston.  But, now the Yanks have to think about getting stronger. It will be interesting to see what Cashman comes up with.

No one in their right mind would’ve trade Torres for Cole.

Yankees, after passing on Gerrit Cole, now have real chance at getting Yu Darvish for ‘reasonable price’ - New York Daily News (link: #Yankee

I am really not feeling a move to land a pitcher on the decline right now. I love Darvish, but the beginning of the free agent contract is what the team wants and the later part of a free agent contract is the price you pay to get the early years. I’d rather thwy make a move like this when there is a more immediate need in a few years.

I am really not feeling a move to land a pitcher on the decline right now. I love Darvish, but the beginning of the free agent contract is what the team wants and the later part of a free agent contract is the price you pay to get the early years. I’d rather they make a move like this when there is a more immediate need in a few years.

If they sign him now, they won’t be able to sign the next Darvish in 3 years when they need to because theyll still have the aging Darvish they signed this offseason.

I think 2018 Darvish is better than 2018 Cole. So if that’s what happens and they get to keep Frazier and Andujar that’s a good thing. For 2018 and beyond.

They still need one infielder in case the rookies don’t pan out.

[47] I agree that Darvish is a lot better than Cole for 2018. I think the Yanks will make another effort to sign him.  But, don’t forget there are two downsides.  Darvish will get a long term contract which will be a burden in its later years. And, signing Darvish for around $20 million per year will probably mean trading Robertson or Gardner.

Nevertheless I think the Yanks should move ahead on trying to sign Darvish.  The bull pen is strong enough to survive the loss of Robertson.  And, the combination of Ellsbury and Frazier ought to come within 1 WAR of Gardner.

“Also from Crasnick, the Yankees were willing to include one of Clint Frazier or Chance Adams in a potential Cole trade, but not both.  New York was also intent on holding onto its top minor leaguers, as Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Justus Sheffield, and Estevan Florial were considered off-limits in trade talks.
The Yankees’ unwillingness to move its best prospects could be due to a belief that Yu Darvish could be signed for a “reasonable” price, John Harper of the New York Daily News writes.  This could be a contract in the range of five years and $80MM-90MM, which would represent a stunning discount.”

Still would put Yanks over Hal Cap.  If this is correct do they now value Andujar over Clint?

(49) not really. They have an OF surplus but questions in the IF. So better to trade Clint than Andujar.

They clearly do, and should value Andujar over Clint. Clint is an OF on a team rich in outfielders, and at this point is no higher than fifth behind Judge, Gardner, Hicks, Smells (or even sixth if you view Stanton as more than just DH).

Andujar is going to get a chance to win the 3B job in ST. I would not be shocked were they to not make a decision on Todd Frazier or his ilk until late in ST.

Look at it another way: if you trade Andujar for anything other than a 3B, you then have to go out and get a 3B. You might STILL have to do that if he’s not ready yet, but if you trade him you KNOW you have to. Whereas you can trade Clint and not miss him for a second.

The interesting question is whether they perceive a need for another SP over more certainty at 3b/2b.

Clint has way more value to another team than to the Yankees.

As far as trading Gardner, that presumably means playing Smells instead, which yeah, saves you Gardner’s $11.5m, but also moves you down 3 WAR. So, not a smart move. Better to dump Smells, even if you can’t get someone to pick up any more than, say, $7m of his $21m.

Cash will sign Cole when he’s like 38

Why does Ross, the largest friend, just not eat the other five?

[23] - WTF?

[53] Suddenly all the little nagging questions have resolved into one big one.

[54]  Great body, but her face…

I know what it means but I’ve never heard anyone say that about her before. Angelina Jolie or Kin Kardashian I’ve heard but even then, that’s just internet “Only the most perfect women are even remotely attractive to me” talk. Not, if I was single and she hit on me in real life I’d tell her to fuck off reality.

[56]  I see what you mean, but you have to compare her to her cohort.  Like, Austin Romine is one of the 1000 most talented baseball players on the planet, but…

Famed for beauty =/ actually attractive.

If signing Darvish requires a no-trade clause please pass.

Impossible to say; depends on the terms.

I mean, Yu at 5/80 would be really solid and would still allow them to stay under HalCap if they could find someone willing to take Smellsbury for a couple mil per season.


Yu Darvish signing for 5/80 is slightly unimaginable, but this has been a weird year for FA.

[62] Thanks.

They have more than $22M to spend before they reach the cap. They’ll keep some space for trade deadline moves, but $16M for Darvish would definitely fit. But it’s really hard to believe he’d take that contract.

At the same time, his capital seems to have fallen. He seems to be a pitcher about whom people are thinking “he should get a ton, but I wouldn’t give it to him.” Of course, it only takes one team to break that pattern…

I’m completely confused about the Yanks’ cap room.  MLBTR says Darvish would put them over even at 5/80.

[66] Aren’t there miscellaneous expenses and other stuff besides salary that have to fit under the tax threshold?  Maybe that’s what is being accounted for there.

Yeah, but RAB did a pretty thorough breakdown the other day and had the Yanks currently like 20m under.

The Yankees have 22 to spend, but remember that the payroll that counts is the one they will have at the end of the season. People still taking about saving 6-8 million for mid season trades but this year may be different because they can trade someone at the deadline to save some money. If Darvish can be had for 5/100 they should jump on it and when then at the deadline if they want to add 10 million then they could trade someone to hedge that cost

Seems to me you’re putting yourself at a grave disadvantage when other teams know you HAVE to trade away payroll.

If they traded players away, a prorated portion of their AAV would still apply to their salary cap number.

Man, the more I think about the Cole trade, the less I get it. The Pirates just really didn’t get much back. Even if they turn all of the players into MLB value, that return seems really, really light.

Yeah, it is downright shocking that they decided that they liked that Astros’ offer more than Clint Frazier.

The #Pirates front office valued Clint Frazier of the #Yankees over any of the players they received from the #Astros but they liked the overall package they got from Houston better. Also, Yanks last offer was 3 prospects. #QuantityoverQuality a factor #Astros

Well, then they’re just dumb.

[74/5] A decent amount depends on the other 2 prospects/groups of prospects the Yankees offered. But on its surface, that sounds asinine.

I really don’t think that there is a realistic pairing for the Yankees to put with Clint Frazier that would make their package worse than the Astros’ offer.

I think the Astros just moronically wanted a third baseman and the Astros were offering Moran and the Yankees wouldn’t deal Andujar. Musgrave is not a terrible prospect, but boy, it was a bad decision by Pittsburgh.

[77] Everyone the Pirates got back seem pretty good bets to be MLB players, if lacking in upside.

The Yankees package could have been significantly riskier.

I would not have done what the Pirates did, but I can kind of get it if they were focused on a combination of probability and quantity.

High floor/low ceiling guys doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in Pittsburgh’s rebuild though.  “Mediocrity guaranteed!”

[79] Hey, somebody gotta finish last. They are staking out that niche. Because you have to field a team that could beat most AAA clubs in a 7 game series, but you don’t want to get ridiculous and field a team that’s apreciably above replacement level, when you can bank your fair share of revenue sharing instead.

[75 -80] Well we’re the team approaching 3,000 days…

McCutchen gone too, to the Giants. That was a possible Ellsbury landing location.

Has anyone noticed that the post counter on the main page is consistently one lower than the actual number of posts?  Not that it matters much but it’s definitely a new phenomenon.

And hasn’t the time been an hour fast forever?

[83] Yes.

Elfsberry, the gift that keeps on giving.

The Giants still need a CF though. I think Cutch will play left. Their bullpen’s in tatters after Melancon and Law both struggled last season. Maybe the Yankees can make Ellsbury appetizing paired with Holder & Heller, or that sort of combo. Hard to guess what the Yankees would want back in that type of deal. Maybe they could get Panik if they threw in Wade? Four for one? That’d be interesting.

The thing about trading Smells isn’t what you get back. It’s not about the cheese anymore, it’s about getting free from the trap.

Yeah I think the Yankees would take a PTBNL.  If packaging Ellsbury with Holder and Heller gets it done, go for it.  Problem is the Giants also want to get under the cap so they won’t take too much salary.

[16] I’m pretty sure “slashing” refers to the “/” marks separating the numbers, not the idea of slashing with the bat.

[78] Remember that average type players have more value for Pittsburgh, since their pathetic ownership gets priced out of even higher arbitration salaries. Their goal is to have a roster full of average, cheap players and hope a few of them turn into All Stars. But more than a few guys making $10M in are is a problem for them.

[89/91] Not in favor of packaging legit prospects with Ellsbury for nothing. I’d rather trade one of the expensive pen arms, save the same $ and have cheap replacements. The pen became awesome by having cheap awesome guys, not by buying FA relievers.

(83)  I edited a post (45) and it posted my edit as a new post (46). Since then, the count has been one off. Strange.

[93] It’s not getting nothing. It’s getting the money back, which you can then use to get what you want - including hokding onto it so you stay under the cap.

Think of the prospects as pork chops we have to tie around Smellsbury’s neck, to get the dog to play with him.

If the HalCap is that important to the FO I would prefer they get below it to focus on the FA class next offseason. But if Yu really is available for about 5/90 you almost have to do it. Long term contracts for pitchers over 30 who have had TJS is something you normally stay away from. But it’s Yu Darvish. For less than 100mil.

Thing is, no way he signs for anything close to that. If he does, the Players Union is going to battle next CBA.

I bet they’d lose if it went to court. Those long-term deals have been so stunningly bad so often that everyone understands why teams are loath to repeat them. It’s hard to argue that market prices can never go down.

Of course, they might still win at the negotiating table…

New Netflix series idea:

Two thousand years ago, the Siwanoy Indians captured and contained an ancient evil, burying it deep under the Bronx, saving a pristine North America from untold devastation.

When that spells and runes that kept it buried ran out, it was up to Jay Tessmer and Randy Kiesler—part of an ancient lineage groomed for generations to keep humanity safe and possessed of magics long-since forgot in this world—to keep it sleeping. Sealed away from people.

And so, unbeknownst to the greater New York area, what looked to everyone else like mediocre relief pitching was a careful, elaborate prison, woven through baseballs, pregame wind-sprints and, crucially, tacky diamonds laid into oversized rings—a talisman that focused the spiritual energy of thousands and allowed them to complete their spell in the cool November air in the Canyon of Heroes.

But something went wrong. The spell wasn’t complete. Now in 2018, the evil stirs. Jay and Randy have to finish the job. But can they make the team in time? The world waits for the answer to a question it doesn’t know it asked in: Bronx Bomb-Outs.

[94] - You MONSTER!

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