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Friday, December 1, 2017

NY Daily News: Why Yankees will likely name Hensley Meulens or Aaron Boone manager next week

It looks like any day now we are finally going to learn who, among the six candidates interviewed for the Yankee managerial job, was the one who most blew the socks off Brian Cashman.

After practicing his rappelling from the Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn. for the annual Lights and Heights Christmas event Sunday, Cashman said Friday he has closed the doors on further interviews and is ready to make his recommendation to Yankees general partner Hal Steinbrenner from among Aaron Boone, Hensley Meulens, Carlos Beltran, Eric Wedge, Rob Thompson and Chris Woodward for the successor to Joe Girardi. It appears Cashman has already made up his mind so — unless Hal has his own favorite that differs from his GM’s — an official announcement will likely come sometime early next week.

Based on sourced information from how all the interviews went down, it appears Boone, Meulens and Beltran all made the strongest impressions on Cashman and his team of close advisers that included VP of Baseball Operations Tim Naehring, assistant GM Mike Fishman and Senior VP Jean Afterman who were part of the process. You probably have to eliminate Beltran if only because it is highly unlikely Cashman would turn the managerial reins over to someone fresh out of the player ranks — which brings it down to either Boone or Meulens, either of whom would be a popular choice if for no other reason than their engaging personalities.

Come on, Bam Bam!

It sounds like Beltran would have had the gig if he coached even a LITTLE bit, but he hasn’t, so it will be Boone or Meulens. It’s also good to know that apparently Wedge was a courtesy interview because other GMs kept telling Cash how great he was, but that he was never a real consideration.

Come on, Bam Bam!

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And then there were four
Rob Thomson has indeed been told he is out of running to #Yankees manager. Finalizing deal to be #Phillies bench coach.

Source: Carlos Beltran has been told he will not be Yankees manager.

I was kind of hoping for Beltran once he emerged, but now I’m all in again on Meulens.

Also, by my count this is the third time Beltran has been turned down by the Yankees…

Hope it works out this time!

Uniformed speculation:
They’ll try to bring in as many of the candidates as possible in some capacity.  With Thomson leaving, they’ll need a bench coach.

So it could be some permutation of:
Boone, manager
Meulens, bench coach
Beltran, hitting coach

or maybe
Meulens, manager
Wedge, bench coach
Beltran, hitting coach

or maybe even a permutation that includes Woodward.

Any one of the four could be manager.  Meulens and Wedge are the best fit for bench coach.  I don’t know if Bam Bam leaves the Giants for anything short of a Manager job.

Whatever disqualified Beltran disqualifies Boone also IMO.

Meulens is supposedly the heir apparent in San Francisco, so I don’t think he would make a lateral move.

[6] Agree that Meulens only comes here as the manager. He’s already got a great bench coach gig sitting alongside Bochy.

It really seems like Meulens is the guy you move on from Girardi for. His language skills and international experience are so unique and valuable in today’s game.

Somebody should open a school for aspiring baseball managers that teaches languages and analytics.

As I think more on the Beltran deal, the less I understand it. You knew he had just retired and had no managerial experience. Why do you call him in only to tell him he didn’t get the gig because of the reasons you knew before the interview?

“Go out and call some games on espn for a few years like Booney, then get back to me.”

They interviewed him because they want him to be in the organization in some capacity.

“Carlos, you have your choice between first base coach or AAA manager.  When the new guy only wins 88 games next year, then you’ll be manager.”

Ken Rosenthal “the Yankees have made their decision on a manager, two sources tell The Athletic. It’s not down to Boone or Meulens; they’ve chosen one of them. We just don’t know who yet.”
A bit too cute, just name the damn manager this ain’t The Bachelor.

Waaaay too cute. Just tell us already

So, Schrödinger’s cat is going to be the Yankees next manager.

I’m thrilled he wasn’t the choice, but I’m sad to see Thomson leave the organization.

Meulens is staying in SF.  So it’s Aaron Fucking Boone.

Jeez, Boone seems like an odd choice.

It’s not Thomson or Wedge, but yeah, this is a weird ass move.

How is Boone qualified but not Beltran? Not happy.

NY Daily News saying it’s a done deal. And I hate his voice.

If we’re going to have a player with no managerial experience, I’d rather it be ARod.

I do hope they throw Beltran the aforementioned option.

And in fact if we have to pluck someone from the broadcast booth, it’s still ARod, with maybe throwing Jessica Mendoza the opportunity to break into managing in the minors.

Totally serious in this, by the way.

Boone might have been my last choice of all the candidates, which probably bodes well.

Supposedly,Cashman talked to ARod about this decision and Alex said he wasn’t interested.

20 Me too.

Boone gave Hank and Hal the best handies.

Boone it is.

Bob Boone was an excellent catcher.  Perhaps that’s all it takes.

Man Arod as manager would have been the ultimate.

The brains, the drama, the entertainment.

Yankees these days are kind of boring.

...and Ray Boone was 3rd in the AL in WAR in 1953.  Does that tell us anything about his grandson’s ability to manage?

Does this make any sense at all to anyone

Keep in mind that I predicated by statement with “If we’re going to have a player with no managerial experience…”

As amusing as ARod would be, I think it would be a disaster because he wouldn’t be able to not overthink everything.

But Boone is going to be a walking bag of cliche, and I don’t know that we have any evidence that he understands data.

[28] Nope.

The spin is that he will be able to relate to young players because he has a nice personality.  Of course, it doesn’t matter that Jessica Mendoza is a better in-game strategies than Boone, based on their Sunday Night Baseball discussions.

And this move shows a spectacular lack of respect for young players - as if young players will put up with routine incompetence because the idiot in charge has a nice smile…

It’s not surprising that Boone interviewed well.  Glibness is a great skill for being a TV analyst and for interviewing. Unfortunately, glibness is not such an important skill for being a manager.

If Beltran really didn’t get the job due to lack of coaching experience, why the fuck did Boone get it?

Boy are the tabloid knives going to be out for Boone every time the Yankees stumble.

Let the girl try !!!

My favorite tweet on this was one that said that he is waiting for Boone to hurt himself playing basketball and then A-Rod will take over as manager.

I’ll say this much, if Boone is who Cash wants managing the team, then at least firing Girardi makes more sense, as Boone is basically 180 degrees from Girardi, personality-wise.

[35] I have to believe that you are following ARod AND J-Lo.

I can’t believe I just used both of those monikers.

[36] Girardi should, in all decency, have been considered and maybe even awarded Manager of the Year twice or more during his Yankee tenure.

Has Boone ever deserved XXX of the Year at anything in his life ?

No. No, he has not.

This is a travesty. A travesty that we WILL NOT STAND FOR !!!!

until we have a 10 game lead on the Townies, I mean. Then he rocks. BUT UNTIL THEN…... !!!!

30 There’s the problem, I’m sure Boone would be great at selling reverse mortgages or aluminum siding or cohosting with Kelly Ripa but I’m not sure how he earned this job over Bam Bam or Woodward.

[38] He earned Motherfucker of the Year in Boston.

So did Bucky Fucking Dent.

Hell, most people from Boston think I’M a motherfucker.

It’s not exactly hard to get called “motherfucker” in Boston.

28. Yes. This is Cash telling the world that managers are puppets of the GM, not all that important and mostly just good for the soft skills.

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