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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

North Jersey: Klapisch: Mariano Rivera may be insulted by Yankees’ upcoming contract offer

Therein lies the potential gulf, according to one team official, who says, “there’s just no way” Rivera can expect to pull down another guaranteed $15 million. With all due respect to their resident superstar, the Yankees will need some assurance that Rivera is still durable and, if not bullet-proof, at least close enough while they groom another closer for 2014.

So it’ll be up to Cashman to craft a face-saving offer, yet one that wouldn’t reward Rivera for spending most of the 2012 season on the disabled list. Will it be $12 million plus incentives? If it’s less, how much less? At what point does Rivera use his equity with the public – that limitless reservoir of popularity – to get what he wants?

I agree that Mo shouldn’t get the same contract he got last year, but I don’t begrudge him trying to squeeze every last penny out of the team that paid $8M to Pedro Feliciano for doing nothing but throwing off flat ground for two years.  Especially since it’s probably going to be Rivera’s last contract ever.

I don’t think there’ll be much drama here.

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I saw the headline and I just shook my head. “Rivera MIGHT BE INSULTED.” What the fuck? Why not just “Yankees offer might be lower than Rivera expects”? Why go to insulted? I mean, obviously I know why, but it still irks me.

Per mlbtr, Kevin Towers has put Justin Upton and Trevor Bauer on the block.  Should we be interested in either or both of them?  If so, what would it take to get them?

Why would you put Bauer on the block?

Keep in mind that the Yankees just paid Soriano $10MM for ‘11 and $11MM for ‘12, and are willing to pay him $13MM for ‘13.  So if you’re Mo, why wouldn’t you expect to make at least that?

I also think that Andy Pettitte is going to want to get paid somewhere closer to his value for 2013.

[3] According to mlbtr, “The right-hander has fallen out of favor with some in the organization.”

[4] Because you’re 43, tore your ACL last year, and have already made enough money to make Croesus blush.

According to mlbtr, “The right-hander has fallen out of favor with some in the organization.”


On another subject, I really, really REALLY don’t want to see Hamilton playing left field for the Orioles. That would make their lineup way too impressive, especially since they could easily add a decent first baseman, as well, and run out a lineup of:

(Decent first baseman or Mark Reynolds)
Flaherty (Roberts, I suppose, if he ever gets healthy, which may be never)

Not too shabby, with room to improve with Machado (Flaherty is not a real prospect, is he?). Of course, Hamilton might never play a full season again, so there’s that.

[3] Because he has some command issues and likes to pitch up in the zone. The stuff is good but combine pitching up in the zone with mediocre command and the park in AZ and you have lot of HRs.

Because you’re 43

Fair, but he was still effective last year before he got hurt.

tore your ACL last year…

Fair, but not an arm injury.

and have already made enough money to make Croesus blush.

Unfair—this statement more aptly describes the Steinbrenner family and the Yankee franchise than it does Mariano Rivera.

But beyond this, is there any question Mo couldn’t make at least $10MM on the open market next year if he wanted to?

Bauer’s an interesting guy, very cerebral about the art of pitching.  I wonder if that rubs his organization the wrong way.  Maybe they worry that he over-thinks things and that it may make him difficult to coach.

Some Bauer interviews.

Fangraphs: Q&A: Trevor Bauer, Pitching Savant

“For my mechanics, I look at video at 480 frames per second to see if I’m slightly out of sequence, or if this is getting slightly off, or if that is getting slightly off, or what’s going on. I look at how the ball actually leaves my fingertips, which you can see at that slow of a frame rate.

I can see if my hand is slightly around the ball, or if I’m staying through it. I look at the axis of the ball and how it’s spinning; how the axis correlates to what movement it’s going to have; and how to generate different axes coming off the hand.

AZ Central: Catching up with Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Trevor Bauer

“Yeah, sometimes. There have been three or four starts this year where I’ve had a really, really hard time focusing in the middle of innings. I’ll start out, I’ll be focused.

Every game I pitch I lose my focus at some point. But I’m usually pretty good at zeroing back in and getting focused again. There have been a couple of starts this year where there’s been so much going on in my head. I’m on the mound and I find myself going through whole innings where I don’t really remember thinking about what I was doing, which is not good.”

But beyond this, is there any question Mo couldn’t make at least $10MM on the open market next year if he wanted to?

Yeah, there is.

My guess is that 10 million is pushing it, but close. He’s definitely going to be ready for spring training, right?

[12] That’s nuts.  Mo send a text to every major league team and says “This is my last year, give me $10MM.”  What do you think would happen?

[12] Very few teams have ever payed a closer $10M a year.

[15] The “open market” question you were answering in [12] would be fulfilled by exactly one team.

Who?  The teams that have done it like the Phillies, the Red Sox, the Mets aren’t going to do it. The Dodgers and Rangers aren’t going to do it? So who?

[17] DET and LAA come to mind. I bet the Orioles might give it a shot, too.

Why wouldn’t the Rangers do it? Or the Dodgers?

All moot. They will sign him, obviously.

I like the new finalists system for the baseball awards. I also approve of them all being awarded on the same day in a televised awards ceremony.

Congrats to Robinson Cano for being an AL MVP finalist!


Relief pitchers
The highest-paid relief pitchers, by average annual value:
1. Mariano Rivera, $15,000,000 (2008-10) (2011-12)
2. Brad Lidge, $12,500,000 (2009-11)
. . . Jonathan Papelbon, $12,500,000 (2012-15)
4. Francisco Rodriguez, $12,333,333 (2009-11)
5. Jonathan Papelbon, $12,000,000 (2011)
6. Joe Nathan, $11,750,000 (2008-11)
7. Francisco Cordero, $11,500,000 (2008-11)
8. Billy Wagner, $10,750,000 (2006-09)
9. Kerry Wood, $10,250,000 (2009-10)
10. B.J. Ryan, $9,400,000 (2006-10)
11. Jonathan Papelbon, $9,350,000 (2010)
12. Heath Bell, $9,000,000 (2012-14)

And we’re talking about a one-year deal.  The Dodgers, Angels, and Tigers, as have been mentioned, all come to mind.  Any contender that could use a closer.  Maybe Washington.

[20] I think Rivera could likely get $10M on the open market, but really not much more than that.  But there are also other issues for Rivera besides pure pay-day.  Does he really want to be his legacy that he left the Yankees and pitched for another team?  Is he really willing to go to the West Coast if it’s a difference between $8M and $10M?  Worst of all, does he want to go to LA, potentially not pitch well, and retire that way?

I don’t think the Yankees should guarantee Mo more than $10M.  Even that’s probably higher than they should.

Justin Upton I think will be too expensive.  In players.  AZ is probably going to want some high-end, ML ready talent.  Basically this is trading Austin Jackson and IPK for Granderson, where you’re getting some young talent under team control with a chance to be above average (IPK and especially Jackson I think exceeded expectations) or better when they reach their primes, for a young, above average (or better) player in his prime.  Who do the Yankees currently have like IPK and Jackson?  Maybe Joseph and Phelps?  Both are fine players, but I don’t think as highly regarded as IPK/Jackson…and Upton is probably more valuable than Granderson was.

So, even IF AZ is interested in CoJo and Phelps, they’ll want more.  Maybe add in Montgomery for a high-end, (near) ML ready reliever.  But now if they aren’t getting ML ready talent, they’ll want some high(er) quality talent lower in the system.  So maybe add in Austin and Sanchez?  I bet the package would be something like that.  So…does that make sense?  Is 3 years of Upton worth that?  Maybe, maybe not.  Especially since those are 4 players you’re kinda counting on to get under the $189M long term.

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