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Wednesday, February 1, 2017 Yankees reveal which prospects are heading to spring training

The Yankees can start putting names on lockers at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

The team released its list of spring training non-roster invitees Tuesday.

A handful of top prospects highlight the list. Baseball America ranked six of them in its top 10 Yankees prospects list for 2017.

They include shortstop Gleyber Torres (No. 1), outfielder Clint Frazier (No. 2), righties James Kaprielain (No. 5) and Chance Adams (No. 8, lefty Justus Sheffield (No. 7) and outfielder Dustin Fowler (No. 9.)

All members of the Yankees’ 40-man roster will head to major-league camp, which starts Feb. 14.

The question I need answered is this.  Does Frazier have to cut his hair for spring training?

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We need Oscar Gamble’s afro back.  Maybe Oscar Gamble’s afro would care to weigh in?

How serious is the rule? Like what if Frazier just wore a skull cap and claimed his head was naturally lumpy and soft?

[3] “I still like him better than Steinbrenner.”

If Frazier makes it big in MLB it won’t be long till his followers call him Popeye given the massive size of his forearms. That and his mouth seems to be similar. Looks like he needs a pipe.

Somehow, the Mattingly Simpsons reference was NOT a reference to the famous haircut controversy.

I just wrote about it here.

[7] Was the Ozzie Smith Simpsons reference still a reference to his famous disappearance into the Springfield Mystery Spot?

[8] It would have been really great if Barry Bonds had been the one drinking the “nerve tonic” and winding up with “gigantism”.

Everyone used to pull up the the Onion article but I’m always amazed how many of those Simpsons players ended up playing for the Yankees at some point.

Everyone used to pull up the the Onion article but I’m always amazed how many of those Simpsons players ended up playing for the Yankees at some point.

It really IS weird, especially since only two of them had played with the Yankees at the time of the episode.

[12] If I’m remembering right.. Mattingly, Sax, Boggs, Clemens, Canseco, Strawberry?

Didn’t a 7 year old Jesus Montero play for Shelbyville ?

Clint Frazier:  Not a handsome man.

I listened to Jerry DiPoto on the Ringer podcast.  Interesting guy.  He mentioned Ben Gamel three times as the kind of player he’s looking for/potential contributor.  He talked about a lot of his players, but he mentioned Gamel more than Cano or Felix, as much as Haniger.

If I’m remembering right.. Mattingly, Sax, Boggs, Clemens, Canseco, Strawberry?

Yep, six out of nine, and you just know that Griffey would have ended up here for a year at the end of his career, too, had it not been for that whole “hating the Yankees” thing.

My understanding is that his refusal to play for the Yankees stemmed from a policy they had when his father played for them.  Unlike some other teams, the Yankees didn’t allow the players’ children on the field.

Is this true?

I don’t know if they didn’t let the players’ children on the field, but they definitely were more restrictive in general towards kids. Griffey recalled him and Bobby Meachum’s kid getting yelled at and he basically said, “Fuuuuuuck this team.”

It didn’t help when, years later, then-Yankee manager Buck dropped that totally not casually racist nonsense about Griffey wearing his hat the wrong way during All Star Game weekend.

The Knicks are so depressing.

Fleabag is outrageous and funny.  Not for anyone offended by Broad City.  At long last football is coming to an end.

Joe Buck is a cliche machine, no different than 98% of sportscasters.

Football. It couldn’t end any sooner. Or sweeter, assuming the Townies lose. Other wise the whole season was a bust.

Joe Buck…..don’t get me fucking started. I’m already liquored up and about toe be banned by no less than 3 - no, five - sites.

Fleabag was great. You might also like “Chewing Gum” which is quite similar stylistically.

Fuck Tom Brady and the rest of New England

[23] Easy there, big guy. Settle down a hair. That’s the kind of hyperbowl…parabala…That’s the kind of thing I would say when I’m liquored up.

Best leave this to the…well, not the professionals. I can’t measure up to THAT.

Let’s just say th accomplished amatuerm who does this sort of thing out of love, and not for th moeny.

Not JUST for the money, I mean. There’s good money in having an internet presence, I hear. But you have to know a shitton about comic books or politics or fornication, to make it work as a business.

24 And getting into Sneaky Pete.

My understanding is that the Patriots would have won by a larger margin had it not been for the all the points scored by illegal aliens.

That’s what Bernhardt Langer said on ESPN in the post game.

Pats would have lost if the falcons ran the ball once they were in FG range with under 4 minutes left.  And the 2004 Yankees would have won if torre didn’t use Gordon to start the 8th (in game 5).

I think that the Falcons had it a lot more sewn up than the Yankees did.

Hammel to KC for 2 years/$16 million. The Yankees seriously couldn’t scrounge up $8 million for a guy who would be their third best starter right off the bat?

Yes 28-3 in the 3rd q is way better than a 2 run lead heading into the 8th…but we had Rivera while the Pats still has belichek and brady…so call it a draw

Didn’t the Seattle coach also makes a terrible call vs Pats?

[31]  It’s pretty clear the Yankees are only going to take on the cheapest possible starter.  Like if they can get CJ Wilson for like a 500k/1M split deal.  They really are committed to not spending and seeing what they have in the minors, which is both good and bad.

[33] Not that he had anything with the play calling in Seattle, but Falcons head coach, Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator for that travesty.

Gawd, I hate New England anything ...

[31] Yeah I liked Hammel as an inning sponge, and I really think we’re gonna need an inning sponge…

Sounds like Teix is headed to ESPN. Good for him.

[35] Even chowder ? I guess we could call it Freedom Chowder.

[38] even their clams are small and gritty.

Did they pick up “Foul Territory”?  How many episodes did they order?

[40] One can only hope.

Kicking the tires on Chris Carter. This could be the year he finally cracks .240!

Why on earth would the Yankees want Chris Carter?


BB-Ref may need to re-evaluate its filters for No. 9 on that batting leaders WAR list ...

Kicked-“The Yankees and free agent first baseman Chris Carter have agreed to a one-year, $3MM contract, pending a physical, reports USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. The deal comes with a $500K signing bonus and $100K in incentives for 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 plate appearances”

The Yankees already have two 1B and a DH.  He isn’t being paid much, but he’s also not worth much.  Total fucking waste.  It’s about winning less games and hitting more home runs, because fans are totally going to show up to watch CHRIS FUCKING CARTER HIT BOMBS.  I don’t think.

[44] Because all he does is catch touchdowns.  The Yankees need more touchdowns.

Is Glenallen Hill available?

Thats not all.  He was also the creator of “X-Files”.

If they didn’t have Holliday I could see the move.

Maybe people were just nostalgic for a Lyle Overbay type performance.

This is a dumb move. Understandable, since it gives them some insurance against Bird AND Austin sucking or Holliday falling off a cliff. But mostly dumb.

Can we call him “eyechart”, just because ?

Also you know who else was interested in Chris Carter?  NO ONE.  He had no market.  Literally not a single team wanted him.  Last week Stewart was trying to squash rumors he was going to Japan.  The Yankees could have waited a week and had him for an NRI.

Rosenthal “The Dodgers, believe it or not, checked in on Carter, who remains a free agent after hitting 41 homers with an .821 OPS — and leading the NL by a wide margin with 206 strikeouts.”

Checked in on, as in “Would your client take an NRI?” 

I don’t know why but this move really infuriates me.

You guys are all crazy. If Bird is healthy and productive he’s the unquestioned starter at first base. This move places Austin in slight jeopardy of cracking the roster, but his versatility and power will probably get him on there. I don’t think having Austin compete for a roster spot makes adding a proven right-handed power bat for three million questionable. If Carter were given like a three year deal and priority as the starting first baseman, then yeah, I’m with you. Ultimately Chris Sale, Happ, Blake Snell (especially Sale) also provide some incentive for the move. Now against lefties you can play Holliday in LF, bench one of Ells/Gardner consistently, DH Carter, and possibly spell Bird with Austin. (Unless Bird is really mashing, including lefties) The Yankees have stunk against lefties for awhile. (Maybe not so much in ‘15. But otherwise) Having Sanchez, Holliday, and Carter in there against southpaws is a significant makeover from last season. This really will spell the end for Refsnyder though, which is unfortunate, because I think he’s a Major League player. Hope he gets to play somewhere.

Still better than Youk.

You guys are all crazy.

Yes, and?

60. And I forgot to mention Judge as a power hitting RHH.

39: WHAT?!? Get thee to the nearest quahog retailer…

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