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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Yankees reliever Rafael Soriano opts out of contract

As the Yankees await word on Mariano Rivera’s plans for 2013, their ninth-inning insurance policy appears willing to walk out the door. Rafael Soriano has opted out of his contract, the team announced this afternoon.

Soriano is due $14 million for next season, but would receive a $1.5 million buyout if he opts out. Soriano could receive another multi-year deal on the open market, after an excellent 2012 campaign.

He will be missed.  Just like the draft pick the Yankees blew by signing him is missed.

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no power heat or hot water since Monday 8pm.  What fun.  Climate change a dirty word.

[1] Still finds a way to post to RLYW to complain. Exemplary complaining, sir.

No Yankee WS games from Serling and Suze either

still no elec at home (out near Kennedy airport)....soriano? sorry but I guess good bye. Time to find a closer internally for cheap - montgomery? so far we spend a little extra on cano and grandy, but will save on Sori, Mo (not gonna pay him 15m again), Swish…anyone know if we can sign some good players for one year? If it is all about getting under for 2014, we got some money in 2013, right? who knows, maybe for the right deals we can get under the cap in 2013!

[4] The Yankees have Joba and Robertson as options in the MLB now, along with Aardsma. Montgomery, Whitley and Betances are all in the upper minors and have late inning reliever/close potential.

Bleich seems to have been converted to a reliever, so he might be an option as well.

Obviously, I’m looking at 2014+ but clearly the BP is the least of the Yankees concerns currently.

[Previous thread, 28] What do you think he’s worth?

I guess I’m just exposing my irrational dislike of him.

I don’t want to give a $60M contract to a guy who is clearly struggling to be average offensively during his peak years. MC in VA used to say that a lot of what we think is pitching is defense and a lot of what we think is defense is pitching.  That’s not to say I don’t recognize defensive value, but I want the compensation to reflect the uncertainty of that value. I’d give Upton 3/$25M if he was the only OF left on the board and was looking for a job.

My idea for Hamilton is far fetched, I know. I just don’t want to solve any problems with Upton, an obviously seriously flawed player.

[5] Soria!

[7] Soria is good, but he’s not on the Yankees. Unless I missed something.

He could be.

[6] I posted an update on the other thread based on SG’s preliminary CAIRO.  Looks like I overvalued him going forward, and I think 4/$40M or so is good.  I’d rather be aggressive early for him than wait until the end.  So we’re much closer than I thought initially. 

Yes Upton has a lot of flaws.  That’s why he fits into an austerity budget.  But he’s a flawed player that still has UPSIDE.  He’s going into his age 28 season.  There are a LOT of players who don’t fit the normal, improve consistently until age 27/28, stay at that level for a few years, and then decline.  Andrian Beltre is one.  Heck, Angel Pagan who some want is another.  Upton is a transition player, he’s not likely to be exceptional over the life of the contract, but he’s likely to be average or a bit better, and be a good player to help transition over to the youth from the minors.  Not exactly a stopgap like Hunter would be, but not a centerpeice.

Now, if they can get Melky for a reasonable deal, that might be better.  But if they aren’t able to get Melky, and aren’t able/willling to trade for a younger (Justin Upton) or surer (Gordon, and KC just got a pitcher so that may be harder) OF, I still think BJ Upton is the best player to get.  Just for a lesser amount than I was saying yesterday.

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