The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli named in Biogenesis records, report says

The ever-expanding web of the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic, which is being investigated by Major League Baseball for allegedly distributing performance-enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez and others, has ensnared another Yankee.

Catcher Francisco Cervelli was identified as a client of Biogenesis, according to records obtained by Yahoo Sports and reported on Tuesday. Also found in the records was Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun, the 2011 National League MVP, who successfully appealed a positive test for synthetic testosterone last offseason, and Baltimore infielder Danny Valencia.

I knew those 5 career HR by Cervelli were tainted. 

This should prove once and for all that steroids don’t help baseball players.

Dear Lord, there really is a chance that Chris Stewart will be the starting catcher for the 2013 Yankees, isn’t there?

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Wait, isn’t Cervelli at this point officially still a Scranton Traveling Wilbury ? How does he get tagged as a Yankee ?

The best catcher on the team is Girardi-y?

I’m really, really hoping it turns out Ripken was juicing.  It will make a lot of heads explode, and that will be fun.

Just goes to show PEDs accomplish nothing.  Bonds and Clemens to HOF now.

Psssst! Arod, Cervo eye drops!

Wow. I wonder if this started because he got demoted. In which case it’s Stewie’s fault, and Joba’s.

Stewie from Family Guy? More likely Meg she’s a total siren.

I like how Braun keeps “accidentally” getting involved with PEDs.

Jesus Montero is now forever linked to steroids. So much for Our Lord and Savior.

I believe A-Rod was mentioned as being Montero’s mentor in some articles back in the day, so yeah, of course.

Remember when baseball players were fat, drunk, and racist?  Those were the days.

[0] Biogenesis anti-aging clinic

List of Yankees on this list keeps growing. Maybe Cashman thought he was sending these guys to the Genesis planet.


I don’t know, anyone else thinking this is starting to smell a little fishy? A couple of the players (Gonzalez, Valencia, and Arod) have categorically denied ever even going there.

[13] I made that comment a few days ago (maybe more than a week.) I said that when you see someone like Gonzalez, who has never been linked to anything, deny it, then maybe it gives Rodriguez’s denial a little bit of credence.

The response I got was “of course they’ll all deny it, why wouldn’t they?”

I’m with you. Is your theory that this guy got busted for something else, and wrote a bunch of players names on a piece of paper to try and weasel out of it?

I really have no idea, j. I mean, why would you randomly pick on Gonzalez and Valencia of all people? If I had to guess, I’d go with the Cervello route, that they had some kind of connection, even a tiny one, to the clinic, and got offered up in a bargain.

Maybe Mel Hall can tell us if the sources are doing anything criminal by POOMA’ing the names.

Unlike Mel Hall, I am not a prison inmate, so I have less experience with the legal system, but I’m sure making up names would have some sort of penalty/risk, especially if he is giving those names to prosecutors. I don’t think they would appreciate being publicly lied to.

I’m not totally convinced either that this is all legitimate. If, say, half of them are provably fake, it would make it more difficult for MLB/the government to punish the actual clients. Would someone think up and decide to use this strategy? who knows! But it’s a little sketchy, and very annoying, the way names are slowly coming out through different news sources.

Braun admitting that he had a connection to the clinic, albeit one that doesn’t indicate actual PED use, seems to give this whole thing more plausibility.  At least to me.

[17] This is also very likely a case where this is a legitimate business that ALSO does illegitimate (steroids) dealing.  Cervelli for example claims he was there to get nutritional supplements that he’s sure were legal, to help him recover from injury.  Of course he could be lying, as could Braun.  But it’s very possible that this guy just put all the names w/ shorthand notes in the same notebook.

The truth (or something close to it) will likely come out eventually.

[4] The fact Cervelli is not a star does not disprove the efficacy of PEDs. Remember they are called “performance enhancing drugs” not “performance creating drugs”.  Cervelli wasn’t sitting on his couch one day and decided: “Hey! I think I’ll give baseball a try.”, i.e., some baseline talent must still exist. Think of it this way: what is zero multiplied by 1 million?  Cervelli may not have reached the majors or been able to catch in winter ball following a full season in the states without the benefit of PEDs, which are primarily used for recovery purposes.

With respect to the HOF, I’m indifferent. I think the arrogance displayed on both sides of the argument deserve each other.

[19] I think that was directed at the people - probably not any here - that think a player like Cervelli could start taking PED’s and in a week start playing like Buster Posey.  And they are out there - I’ve read LOTS of comments over the past few years where a guy will suddenly start hitting in July and be hot for rest of season - and then go back to “normal” next April, and people are like, “Aha!  He started using in July but must have stopped in the off-season!”

19/20 (4) was tongue in cheek.

[20] Also related, PEDs are magical play better drugs. You still have to put in all the work you did before, you just more out of said work.

[17] Why the hell would a young man like Braun go to anti-aging clinic if not for some kind of hormone? That’s like saying he stopped by the crack house to look at the wallpaper.

[23] Probably because his Lawyers reportedly used Bosch as an expert for their appeal of Braun’s positive test.

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