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Thursday, January 25, 2018 Why Yankees’ Miguel Andujar is ready to start at 3B now

Money might not be the only thing stopping a reunion between the Yankees and Todd Frazier.

It could just be Miguel Andujar’s time.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has repeatedly said Andujar, the team’s 22-year-old top third base prospect, could be in the mix to start Opening Day. Cashman has also put Tyler Wade, Gleyber Torres and Ronald Torreyes in the mix.

So far, there’s been little doubt that Andujar’s bat is big-league ready. Between Double-A and Triple-A, the Dominican Republic native hit .315 with 16 homers and 82 RBI and a .850 OPS.

But there were some concerns about his defense. While he has the tools—a strong arm, athleticism—to excel at the position, there were times in which Andujar’s throws would sail and when his consistency on routine plays was lacking.

Andujar and the Yankees worked hard to address the problems when he got called up in September. He worked nearly every pregame with then-infield coordinator Joe Espada.

CAIRO thinks Andujar can be a league average 3B right now offensively.  He projects to hit .263/.315/.425 as his baseline in 550 PA which would be worth 1.8 WAR.  Steamer sees him at .266/.311/.426.  ZiPS sees him at .267/.307/.432 The question is how much of that would he give back with his glove?  If he’s a few runs worse than average, the Yankees can probably live with that.  If he’s Nun-E™ Two, Electric Boogaloo, maybe not so much.

I think the Yankees should roll with Andujar to start the year and hope for the best.  There is upside with him, and they have plenty of other infield options to fall back on if he falters for whatever reason.

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Remember the rumors that Todd was going to learn 2b?

I would feel better with someone like him on the roster. Andujar at 3b and see if Frazier actually can handle 2b (which I doubt).

I kind of like the idea of going with both of them. The compensate for the loss of certainty from 2b & 3b, improve the pitching. And if one or both of them hit realize their upside, you’re that much better. There’s something to this strategy.

So long as the criterion for any pitching improvement is “at least more promising than Montgomery.”

[1] Yes.  Use Wade as a platoon option and Torreyes for defense late in games if needed.

I like that IF, then what should they do with the 22 million left to spend?

I feel much better at the thought of Gleyber at 2B in mid April if not before with Todd at 3B and fill in 1B.

(5) Wait until July and spend the money then.

I like rooting for rookies though it is sometimes frustrating.

What’s your collective take on Montgomery’s upside?

Speaking of 3b and HoF… Scott Rolen.

I know by the numbers he has a good case to make the HoF, but almost 1/3 of his value comes from defense.  He also never had the feel of a HoF player.  To me he was an often injured, sometimes All Star that never felt like a top player in the game.

Someone similar, although less injured, is Adrian Beltre.  Before he went to Boston he was kind of a bust.  Not that he was bad, but he never lived up to the potential he showed in his last year in LA when he did play like a HoFer.  Then at 31 he has a HoF 2nd half of his career but opinions where long formed by that point because if you aren’t a HoFer by 31…

I don’t know.  Two very weird careers by guys playing 3B in this era.

Am I off on my perception of them?

[8] Pretty good.  I don’t want to say Andy Pettitte, maybe a poor man’s Pettitte?

Jordan Montgomery just had a season that would have had him in ROY contention if not for Judge.  He’s not an ace or ace-potential, but like a solid #3 .  I’ll take it.

[9] I agree with you on Rolen, but Beltre always seemed like a potential HOF to me.  Yeah, he seemed like he never played up to his near-MVP level in 2004, but before he went to Boston he was only 30 and had 250 homers and 1700 career hits while playing an excellent defensive 3B.  Granted,  he only had an OPS+ of 105 before going to Boston but he was in the majors at 19 and a full-timer at 20 and that takes a special level of talent in and of itself.

Rolen’s candidacy is more stealthy and I think weaker than Beltre’s because more of his case requires trusting defensive metrics.  He certainly looked like a fantastic defensive 3B when he was playing and does have the eight Gold Gloves, but yeah, he missed a lot of time and his counting stats are a bit lacking.

I’d put both in, but I’m a big Hall guy.

Jordan Montgomery just had a season that would have had him in ROY contention if not for Judge

To be fair, there are VERY few years when a season like Mongomery’s would win you a ROY award, in either league.  Judge’s exceptional rookie season aside, most years he still finishes in about the same position.

But agree with a solid #3 as his upside.

[12] - Yeah, Beltre has a much stronger case, I just find his path weird.  He’s going to retire with outstanding numbers, and already passed 3,000 hits so I’d definitely put him in too (not Rolen, but then I’ve a very smally Hall guy), but at 30 I NEVER would have predicted what he has done.  I’m sure going from Seattle to Boston and Texas helped but if you told me then I would have said “No way” or at least “Not without really good steroids.” and that seems odd to me.

And I’m not accusing him of steroids, that’s not the point, but how many HoF with paths like that outside of the steroid have there been?  Where you say “No chance” at 30?

Welcome to AA, the Trenton Pork Roll.

The Yanks can afford a pretty good 3B man or a pretty good SP, but not both.  Letting Andujar play means that the decision of where to spend money and prospects will be less of a guess.

[15] Just read that story.  What???


Just want to make it entirely clear that Mike Schmidt does, in fact, make my Hall.

WTF?  Does George Costanza still work for the Yankees?

They should arrange an exhibition game (on a Friday of course) with the Nippon Ham Fighters.

[17] I’m all for it. More teams should be named for nutritionally dubious foodstuffs of questionable provenance.

I would prefer to go young at every position, so Andujar is my first choice, but I would get giving Frazier one year, but not two.

I feel much better at the thought of Gleyber at 2B in mid April if not before with Todd at 3B and fill in 1B.

Agreed. The only way I’d be okay with going with a starting pitcher instead is if they pick up someone who’s clearly a 1-2 win upgrade over Montgomery, and Darvish is the only guy out there who fits that description (peak Arrieta is better than peak Montgomery, but we haven’t seen peak Arrieta in years).

Frazier is such an easy call to make. He’ll likely outproduce Andujar in the short term and then you still have Andujar for the long term, if you’d like! Plus, Tyler Austin is currently the back-up first baseman and I doubt that he even makes the 25-man!

Nun-E™ Two, Electric Boogaloo

Now we just need a white girl…

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