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Monday, November 6, 2017 Which prospects will Yankees protect from Rule 5 Draft?

The New York Yankees have a bevy of talented prospects. But they can’t keep all of them. See our predictions on which young stars general manager Brian Cashman will protect from the Rule 5 Draft.
First, a quick breakdown of who’s available in the Rule 5, via Baseball America:

With a few exceptions, any player who was younger than 19 on June 4 of their signing year is eligible to be picked if they are not on a 40-man roster after their fifth pro year. Any player who was 19 or older on June 4 of their signing year is eligible after their fourth pro season.

I guess it’s a first world problem when you have so much talent in your organization that you won’t be able to keep it all.  Hopefully the Yankees won’t lose anyone that will sting down the line.

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They can free up a spot by trading Gardner…

Are those seriously the only guys that they are in danger of losing? Huh, I thought that they had some more difficult decisions to make than that. I guess Cash helped a lot by trading away so many possible Rule 5 guys.

Wait, they didn’t even mention Jake Cave! How’d they miss him?

Yeah, that’s a weirdly incomplete list.

[4] Can we make a complete list here?

(5) As long as Mason Williams is at the top of it.

From RAB, here’s a better list of “interesting” Rule 5 eligible players:

Pitchers: RHP Albert Abreu, RHP Domingo Acevedo, LHP Nestor Cortes, RHP J.P. Feyereisen, RHP Jonathan Loaisiga, RHP Stephen Tarpley

Position Players: IF Abi Avelino, OF Rashad Crawford, IF Thairo Estrada, 1B Mike Ford, 1B/OF Billy McKinney, OF Alex Palma, IF Gleyber Torres

And the Yankees as of right now have four open spots on their roster.

Abreu, Acevedo, Torres and Cave I guess.

Out of that list, Abreu, Acevedo and Torres are no doubt choices (and once again Cave is somehow missing from that list).

The Yankees currently have 36 of 40 spots occupied.

19 pitchers
3 catchers
9 IF
5 OF

[8] I think they’ll make some moves to free up some spots too. It sounds like they want to protect McKinney and probably Estrada (although with Torreyes and Wade that seems unnecessary) as well.

there are plenty of expendable pitchers on that roster.

They could probably swap out Cooper for McKinney.

Romine is replaceable and no longer dirt cheap. I would nontender him for another spot.

[11] I bet the Yankees would be very uncomfortable carrying only 2 catchers on their 40-man. Also, while Romine will get a raise, he sucks at most baseball things, so it won’t be a big raise.

I’d non-tender Romine and Mitchell.  You can sign a free agent catcher as “good” as Romine, or just bring back Romine himself on an NRI.

Getting ridd off Ellsbury and Castro is a must for the Yankees’ offseason plan

[8] They won’t protect Cave, I think McKinney is more likely to be protected.

[13] I bet Mitchell could bring a low-A arm with significant flaws and a bit of upside.

[14] Ellsbury yes.  Castro, not necessarily.  I’m not sure Torres is ready to break camp with the MLB team just yet.

[16] Maybe.  I’d trade Mitchell for anything.  Wonder if they can get some international signing money for him.

[13] Agree on non tendering those two. I rather protect Estrada than giving Romine or Mitchell a roster spot

[13] non-tendering Romine doesn’t do anything in regards to his spot if they are just going to use it on a FA (not that I’m against cutting Romine). I’m in favor of cutting Mitchell though.

I would also be willing to cut Cooper, Caleb Smith, Cessa and Herrera.

[8] They apparently already said that they WILL be protecting Cave.

(17)  That logic can be extended to a lot of guys who will just miss the cut for the Yankees, but other teams would like to have on their 40.

non-tendering Romine doesn’t do anything in regards to his spot if they are just going to use it on a FA (not that I’m against cutting Romine). I’m in favor of cutting Mitchell though.

A lot of this, though, is a balancing act. A balancing act Cash seems to be an expert at. So, in other words, someone like, say, Estrada, might be claimed in the Rule V draft, but he might also be able to be sneaked through waivers at the end of Spring Training. Stuff like that.

[17] Torreyes and Wade could replace Castro. Better defense while giving up a little on offense. Castro by the way has a high trade value, he absolutely could bring back something in return, maybe even the taker could take Ellsbury and 30% of his contract or something like that.

Estrada can hit some though.  If he’s defensively sufficient he could be better than Wade or Torreyes—although we’re talking about a utility guy.  Still it would chap my ass if he turns into a 2-win player for the Padres.

[24] Wade had a really good year at AAA. If you think he broke out, I think you take him over Estrada due to similar offensive profiles and Wade’s superior defense.

[25] Estrada is a keeper, the guy is a solid defender and has hit in every level in the minors

So it looks like they have four locks already - Torres, Acevedo, Abreu and Cave (whether he SHOULD be a lock is another story). They can probably open up at least one more spot (Herrera seems like an easy guy to cut), which would mean Estrada, but they’d have to open up TWO spots to get McKinney protected. Ugh. It sucks.

Someone taken has to be in the others teams Major league roster all year, right? So protecting A ball guys is not a good use of spots?

Yes, in general, lower level guys are less likely to be picked, but if they’re someone like Abreu, someone WILL draft them and just stash them on their bench all year.

[28]  Yeah, except last year the Pads took Luis Torrens from the Yanks, an A-ball catcher but hot prospect, and kept him on their bench all year.  I think he had like 30 AB.  They played with a 24-man roster just to steal the A-ball guy.  Could happen again.  Also it’s easier to hide a live but undeveloped A-ball arm at the back of the pen.  The Yanks will lose guys unless Cashman makes a few deals.

ETA, what Brian said.

While the Yankees WILL lose guys, there is also a good chance that they’ll get some of them back. They got back two guys last year.

I’d keep Estrada over Cave and remove Mitchell, Romine and Cooper from the 40 man.

I’d first try to trade Cooper. The guy is clearly a legit MLB first baseman. Not a starter, per se, but he CAN hit in the Majors. That has value.

Just like last year though there are a lot of first basemen on the market.  I mean I suppose he might bring a non-prospect, but he won’t make a bad team better and a good team will want a better 1B.

That’ll work but need to do it before November 20.

Cave and Rumbelow added to 40-man.

To clarify this. Neither was Rule 5 eligible, but could have elected MiL FA if they weren’t added to the roster. Which explains why Cave was not on any Rule 5 lists.

Cave can play CF. If Cashman plans to work hard to trade Ellsbury, they need CF depth at AAA. Hicks was hurt most of the 2nd half, and Gardner needs frequent days off.

I like Rumbelow. But man, they really have way too many decent relievers. They gotta start trying to deal some of these guys for something, even cash considerations.

[38] I would be shocked if the Yankees don’t make some moves to shed 40-man spots and bolster the MiL a bit.

Have they interviewed anyone for the manager’s job? If so they’re doing a pretty good job keeping it secret.  MLBTR says Cash has 25 names on his list.

Hopefully Ausmus isn’t one of them. Fucking Ausmus. How could that guy possibly be an option? I don’t even, like, hate the guy or anything, but it would make ZERO sense to fire Girardi and replace him with Ausmus.

A young guy new to managing that Cash could mold? Sure, that makes sense.

Brad freakin’ Ausmus?!

NO sense.

The Gabe Kapler quotes from his press conference are hilarious. Including citing Philly’s “tradition of winning.” Good god I hope that’s not the mold for managers now.

They can remove Cessa now, he was activated from the 60-day DL.

Awards finalists officially announced. As expected Judge officially up for MVP and RoY, Sevvy a Cy finalist.

Joe, uh. Joe did not get a MoY nom.

[44] MoY is an odd award in general, but Girardi absolutely deserves consideration.

It’s pretty hilarious how being the Yankees manager really fucks over your MoY chances. Girardi’s only chance would have been to win in 2008. Once that passed, he had no chance. Torre luckily DID win the division in his first year so he got one then, but then only won another one because they won 114 games in 1998!

The Yankee manager will always get you into the top five or so, but it hurts for the top spot, since you’re SUPPOSED to win every year.

[42] Maybe he was referring to the Athletics?

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